Adopt the Corporate Cost-Cutting Strategy in Your Life


Watch fat stacks grow quickly as you adopt a corporate strategy in your personal life

The arrogant fucks that run the American economy think they can keep you enslaved with your own material desires, and you’ll never realize you don’t need anything they’re selling beyond a humble meal, a cheap roof over your head, and clothes on your back to wear.

They think they can treat you however they want because you “need” their money. But what if you didn’t need nearly as much of “their” money anymore?

Beyond the aforementioned basics, everything else can be “cost-cut” out of your life. Just adopt a corporate strategy. They see you as nothing but an unnecessary “human resource” expense. So, it’s time the John Galts and MGTOW Ghosts of the world saw the merchandise they’re trying to move as nothing but an expense.

Start running your life and your bank account like a business. Hey, you’re in this to maximize the cash flow in both. I’ve never been happier since adopting this strategy, that I learned well from 20 years at different GloboWorldCorps including 15 years in the lying, mainstream (now corporate) media. I can save thousands of dollars very, very quickly since I have no bills.

As someone who nearly broke by neck, and did break the bank chasing after the luxury apartment, nice car, and all the decadent accoutrement the great marketing machine programmed into my mind from childhood, I can safely say minimalism is where it’s at. There is nothing so valuable as freedom.

As John Galt knew: Why work at all? For whom am I working? Am I a slave?

In short, the American man works because he thinks the things he buys will make him happy or more attractive to women. They don’t. He also works because American women, locked on The Hedonic Treadmill only want to use him as a utility to make their materialistic lives spin faster.

The American man is a slave to himself and the illusions the things he buys represent to his psychology. But more so, he is a slave to women and society who do not want him to wake up from the illusions they’re spinning.

So, how would you run your life if you were the financial officer of You, Inc? If you want a lifestyle of freedom, travel, and banging hot foreign women, you cut out every expense that stands in the way of that goal.

You would also attempt to maximize your income. I do it by living in a truck 23 days out of the month, spending my days off in Mexico the other 7 days, and living like a monk while I’m in the States 6 months out of the year. (I’ve elected to be here in the warm season, at that. When winter comes, I’m out.) I’m nothing but business when I’m here. My excellent quality of life outside the Anglo-American insane asylum motivates me.

Here’s how I live when I’m trucking in the States. I limit meals in restaurants to once a week, on payday. Even then, I bargain shop and will not spend more than $10 for a plate. Between paydays, I spend about $1 a meal or less. I never buy soft drinks at truck stops, as I can get unit cost per soda down to about 25 cents by stopping at Walmart or Family Dollar and buying a 24 pack.

This literally saves hundreds of dollars a month.

Entertainment wise, I occasionally buy beers in a strip club, but I refuse to “buy dances” and pay exorbitant fees to get rubbed on by Anglobitches (of all colors). If I can game a girl into bed, that’s great. If not, it’s back into the truck with my cash still in my wallet, and down the road my happy ass goes.

My 7 days in Mexico each month gives me all the entertainment I really need with sexy señoritas rather than hateful Anglobitches. And that’s a free trip to Mexico each month, since national trucking companies will allow you to take time off anywhere in the U.S. that they do business. I request time off on the border each month.

I don’t have a car payment. I pay $200 a month for rent for my apartment in Samaná, but otherwise I don’t have any living expenses. (Note: The savings on food basically means I get a free apartment. See how minimalism works? Fuck the national obsession with recreational eating.)

This means I can accumulate a fat stack of cash in no time. Living abroad only costs me $5,400 a YEAR for basics. But I like to live it up in countries that actually treat me like a man should be treated, so I’m planning on saving up about $20,000 this year. That keeps me below the threshold to have to pay on my student loans (corporate strategy, cost cut wherever possible!) and yet furnishes me with an awesome quality of life.

In short, this is my plan. You need to design your own. But hopefully this will provide some inspiration for the men with the mental horsepower to realize they’re being fucked hard by the Anglo-American gynocentric system, and the will to escape it any way they can.

Hey, I’m only doing what corporations do.

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  • This was one of your BEST articles yet! You had me laughing and smiling as I read it…


  • Riccardo, Rome Italy

    Hey Relampago, I wanted to ask you:

    beyond just saving 50% of what you earn to spend it outside the US for six months, are you also investing some of it or just saving with the intention of retiring, say, 20 years down the road?

    Are you trying to retire early? Are you building a retirement fund?
    Or are you spending all you make during your “free” six months??

    Thanks for the great inspiring articles!


  • Damn man I love your articles on minimalism. Every man can be more free with this information.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Hey man, love the site. Very interested in your trucking strategy. I passed my CDL five years ago but haven’t driven commercially as my career went a different way. Still have it my warbag for later though.

    Had a few questions for you:

    I take you’re not an owner/operator, so did you take smaller piecework jobs upon getting your license or did you land your present gig right away?

    Is your company a big carrier or a smaller local one?

    Are you paid hourly or by the mile? And what’s the average rate? How are your benefits?

    What do you normally haul? Produce, steel, bulk liquids?

    Here in Canada the max daily hours you can drive is 13. What’s the max in the US? does it vary by state or uniform across the country?

    Thanks for any info you have.
    Trucking is super cutthroat up here in certain sectors so it’s good to see how it’s done elsewhere.


  • ps, I love your site, 200 a month in the Bahamas is so cool! I must come see this place when I retire.


  • diet soda will give you multiple scoliosis..aspartame is a killer poison.. for caffeine may I suggest you put on the big boy pants and drink coffee.. get a single burner camp stove, a coffee pot and a french the water in the pot, then press it.. that is way cheaper than sodas, better for you and the french press kicks ass.


  • Great article brother…but why drink soda at all, even if it is cheaper at Walmart or wherever??? It’s a sugar laden fat creating beverage for the weak minded nit-wits. and what about adding in things like physical fitness any exercises on the road?


    • Relampago Furioso

      I like the caffeine in diet sodas. Keeps me alert. I don’t exercise because I work 70 hours a week.


      • Yuban is about the best unless you grind your own from beans but that requires too much hassel for trucking..


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