What Line Must Be Crossed?


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” -Thomas Jefferson

Talk radio host Dr. Michael Savage, who helped launch President Trump’s campaign, worked tirelessly 3 years to get him elected, and is one of his most ardent supporters is worried. Anguished was the word he used this week.

The Republicrat budget is out this week, and as Savage says, “When the Demicans and Republicrats agree on something, you can be sure of one thing. The American people are being screwed.” Pelosi and Schumer love the new budget.

So it would seem.

The budget includes more funding for Planned Parenthood, not less. It includes more funding for sanctuary cities, not less. It does not include a cent towards the purchase of even one bag of cement for the border wall. In other words, Trump is approving a RINO budget that Hillary Clinton would be proud of. Which brings me to my next point. Commenter James Williams asks:

What line must be crossed before violent revolution is necessary?

To which River Heraclities replies:

The line was crossed years ago – you’ve already been taken over in your sleep – now it is just wait and see how our masters treat us.

I’m not holding out much hope for Trump to reform Washington or to drain the swamp in Washington. I offered only tepid support for him last year, and didn’t vote in the 2016 election because I had a hunch he would be more of the same. Just like Obama, huge promises and low return on emotional, political investment.

What do you think?

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  • The establishment forced him to obey, otherwise he might have ended up like JFK


  • The elite, those at the very tip top with wealth and power, present to the populace a ‘choice’ of candidates. Now, as we all should be well aware, at least at this late stage, it’s really not a choice but rather an elitist game to hold unearned wealth and power for themselves and the joys and freedom of such power must necessarily result in the suffering of the masses. Why? Because the elite want to be able to punish the masses to enrich themselves. It’s all so very simple. Gods and clods. Tis how it all works. Human greed drives all on planet Earth.

    These games have played out throughout all of human history (some 70K+ years) and represent a simple manifestation of inhuman human psychopathy. Were the Nazis from a different planet? Of course not. They simply had to figure out, over dinner and drinks, while dressed in their Sunday best, what to do with the ‘Jew problem’, much in the same way feminizes now struggle to determine the fate of ‘toxic masculinity’ (AKA, men). Lest we forget, 10s upon 10s of millions died in that little ‘negotiation’.

    It’s all a carefully choreographed, rigged game, BUT, ‘we the people’ figured it out. Tis why Republicans rejected the entirety of the establishment and why, unfortunately, the left drew closer to socialism, rejecting their meritorious roots, which were all really socialist based in the first place, ending with the whole of the Democrat Party hoping to force wealth and power from ‘toxic white masculinists’ to the trigger warned ‘minorities’, women and the state.

    But what could one expect with the Democrat Party being based on homosexuality, lesbianism, mass abortion, transgenderism, the annihilation of Christianity, the demonization of masculinity, the hatred of the Constitution, the hatred of whites, the hatred of cops and the politically correct destruction of facts in favor of safe spaces? Free food! Free housing! Free education! Free minimum income! Free healthcare! Free childcare! Mandatory paid maternity leave! Open borders! The problem with White People! We The Democrat Party Demand Socialism! Yeah…we see how that all worked out in the USSR and Venezuela. But the socialist elitists need these easily manipulated, useful idiots if they’re ever going to secretly transfer all state power and wealth to their personal offshore, hidden bank accounts, right? But of course. And so the game continues.

    A new rooster stands crowing over America – and its face has the semblance of George Soros. The battle lines have been drawn. Both sides deeply despise one another and are primed for a battle to the death. But alas, all of human suffering is merely a representation of good against evil, is it not? 7 billion people will die in your lifetime. We might as well make their lives worth something, right? Last time I saw this kind of malevolence for the opposition was at a hockey game. Sodas were being thrown, insults and profanity were being hurled, fists were in motion and the results on the plexiglass were polished off following the melee – so that the battle could begin anew – free of the previous day’s battle scars. It was joyous. Twas exhilarating. Twas ‘humanity’.

    Such is the never ending game of life – but do not fear, for MGTOW are now here. Men built all upon the earth and we have zero problem obliterating every last scintilla – with elitists such as feminists and their band of merry victims relegated to permanent and eternal payback (i.e., suffer-ring).

    Cheers, muh brothas! Tis all good! What would the multiverses be without we humans to liven it up a bit? Just one giant, boring, lifeless expanse of space!


  • Trump is being led around by his entourage. He’s just a new body in an old, old network.

    I was more excited about Trump’s election than any other political scenario in my lifetime. But, I think I am done voting. There are too many snakes in the grass. FBI. NSA. Congress. Corporations.


  • I see today Trump has announced his first foreign visits abroad, Guess where ? Israel and Saudi Arabia two of the biggest terrorists states in the world. Saudi Arabia gets away with every think as the West looks the other way as they buy billions upon billions in weapons each year from the USA/EU.
    It looks like Trump has already sold out. Didn’t take him long 100+ days if Trump has sold out I think millions of Yanks will wake up and realise there if no such thing as a President of the USA. Come the next election millions will not bother to vote, it will fall well below 40% turnout as everyone will wake up to the con.


  • I think that if voting could change anything, they wouldn’t allow it


  • I’m a New Yorker, and I voted for President Trump with the hopes that a true outsider, a businessman NOT a politician beholden to other politicians, would actually bring about real change in DC. Thus far, I see NO ‘draining of the swamp’ We are only a 100 days in so I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet, but I am tempering some of my early enthusiasm.


    • it has always been the same old “tell them what they want to hear” and then system as usual once they walk up the whorehouse steps.The only way we will see any real change is from the ammo box..and I dont think the Americanus Sloboviuos has it in him.


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