It’s Over for the West


The Hail Mary, last-minute nationalist surge has ended in the West with the election of this weakling

France just decided to commit suicide. Not that the rest of the Western world isn’t contesting the once upon a time home of liberté, égalité, fraternité for the honor of which nation can die the fastest.

By electing NWO globalist Macron rather than Le Pen to the French Presidency, the last-minute, weak-willed nationalist surge which resulted in Brexit and the election of turncoat Trump has crested. There will be soaring political rhetoric from nationalists in the coming years, and vows to not go down without a fight, and blah, blah, blah.

Nothing is going to change.

The fat, bloated blimps in America don’t care their nation is being dissolved and turned into a socialist hellhole as long as they can get to the next barbecue or buy a new iPhone. Europe is cucked beyond all repair by self-loathing white people.

It’s hard to beat the worldwide propaganda machine. For a while, it looked as though survival instincts were awakening in a Western world bleeding to death from half a century of liberalism, feminism, and corporate greed.

We have failed.

The loss of Le Pen has confirmed the citizens of the West would rather continue to shop for shit they don’t need and continue to enjoy the genetically manipulated bread and lowest common denominator circuses their masters shove into their mouths and eyes, as electronic chains are slowly slipped around their ankles. It’s amazing to watch the world as we know it dying, a wordwide tyranny arising, and realize nobody seems to give a fuck.

Meantime, as Macron assumes the reigns of power in a France that will be dominated by Muslims in a couple of generations, the Trump administration has obviously been infiltrated as he is doing the unthinkable, everything from cheering the passing of Obamacare Lite by the Republicrats, to not funding the border wall, to the President himself declaring that he’s a globalist. Oh yeah, and he’s still a nationalist. WTF kind of double speak was that?

Brexit still remains a wild card, but the cynical bet is it will end up being nothing more than symbolic, last-minute opposition meant to serve as a palliative to those Western men who would rather try and vote their way to change rather than forcing it.


The surveillance state ups the ante along the U.S. border, which remains wide open

Are you ready for your NWO bar code and chip implant yet?

Speaking of blimps, and not just human blimps, the U.S. is now flying airships 24 hours a day along the Rio Grande to “protect the border” that they’ve left wide open for two generations and where illegals continue to stream across unchecked.

How long before these airships are flying over your house watching everything you do? You know, for your own safety. That line of malarkey.

From here on out, it’s just waiting to see how our new masters treat us. Our elected officials, even those who supposedly represent national interests, are ineffective and limp-wristed at best, and traitorous at worst.

As Aaron Clarey says, enjoy the decline. It seems we won’t be reversing it anytime soon. We are reaching the bottom of this roller coaster ride to the New World Order with increasing speed and efficiency, not decreasing. The drain circles faster and faster as Western culture is drained and a murky, socially engineered world replaces it. How am I dealing with a globalist-dominated world that’s becoming more tyrannical by the year?

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

I like the Albert Camus philosophy quite a bit.

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  • I leave my last post on any MGTOW site, because truthfully, I have tired of casting pearls before swine. I have posted MGTOW gold on site after site. Replies, if any, are infantile Red Pill Rage. I have tired of trying to save the unsavable. My journey to complete monk is now complete.

    MGTOW has nothing more to offer me. I have achieved the completeness of the philosophy. I now understand.

    I could continue on, but it is best not to. Cheers, and goodbye.


  • Well then. How did we all really thing this would play out? Me personally? Exactly as it has.

    All upon the earth was created by men, not women.

    When you drive down the road, all that you see, including the road, was built by men, not women.

    All of women’s rights and privileges over men were bought and paid for through the trafficking, exploitation, manipulation and disposal of men’s lives for women’s and the state’s advancement.

    Women and the state see men as disposable utilities and will annihilate their own sons to enrich their own bank accounts – so they milk men for all their worth – up to and including their lives.

    The aforementioned, boys, is reality. All the other ‘stuff’, crammed into your brain, are merely illusions and enchantments meant to keep you off your guard and to elongate your suffer-ring, so that others might benefit from your demise.

    Welcome to your total nightmare. You’ve been sold out by the wealthiest and most powerful amongst you. Tis the way it has always been and it’s the way it shall always be. Different century, new spin, same outcome.

    Hope you’re studying hard, choosing wisely and saving your money, cause you will be sold out wholesale.

    It’s like that movie Braveheart. Even that moron had zero idea what he was up against – and that’s not by mistake, but rather through social conditioning. You probably clapped at the end as he died, sacrificing his life for the proverbial fair maiden. Pathetic.

    You will learn how the world really works, the easy way or the hard way. Your choice. Your downfall. You pick.


  • Actually, The choice was a 45 caliber slug now, schedule rehab (Macron)


    Straight cancer ( Le Pen would have morphed to Angela Merkel)

    France took that slug….

    Unlike Poland, which has yet to suffer a Islamic terror attack. It does not allow Muslim immigration.


  • Rel, good article. I’ve been an attorney for 18 years in America. Our freedoms are disappearing, and fast. 4th Amendment is already gutted. Snowden is a hero. The government now employs an unbelievable number of attorneys working against traditional families (if you understand the policies behind their work). And the military-industrial complex just keeps a rolling along. Men like you are heros simply because you do the unthinkable. Keep truckin my friend.


  • Your defeatist attitude is the problem actually. The government is never a solution to anything so why would they be able to architect my demise? I’ll be fine but since you worship the government, you are probably fucked


    • Relampago Furioso

      Have you taken a look around? Seems to me they’re doing pretty good at robbing and fooling the public and stripping liberties.


      • Cool. Who gives a fuck? I follow God’s laws, not man’s. What can they do to me? Again, you’re weak mindset is what stops you. Some guy in a building a thousand miles away tells you how to live your life and you take it? That’s on you.


    • A fool. Apparently angry, too.


    • What happens when they start taxing the air you breath? Or force a chip in your hand? You can say you live by God’s laws but will God himself stop them from taking advantage of you and your money? Pray about it and get back to me


      • luckily i own several guns, have built a community of like minded individuals, and am well trained and jacked. what can they do to me?


  • MGTOW ghost monk is working like a champ for me. My mind has cleared, my health has improved, and my soul has been restored. I couldn’t go back if I wanted to, and I don’t.

    TNMM, as usual, is right. Most men refuse to awaken, the siren call is all they hear as their culture emulates the Portrait of Dorian Gray. Many of those claiming to be awakened cannot or will not get past the Red Pill Rage as they gripe about modern society on their way to the Apple Store. The willful (or conditioned) hypocrisy of the vast majority of men rivals that of feminists.

    The die is cast. Your body is safe as long as you keep your mouth shut. Your mind is safe only if you have the courage to free it. Your soul is safe as long as you practice, “To thine own self be true”.

    Perhaps “To thine own self by true” is the great internal and eternal struggle of men. To do so, a man must pick a fight with own DNA programming and defeat it, by far the most difficult thing a man will ever do. It is a war of annihilation that is not for the faint of heart. If a man can win that fight, the chains of his social conditioning vanish as the morning dew in the summer sun. The social chains on a man’s mind and soul are an illusion without the binding lock of his DNA and just as ephemeral as the morning dew.

    Monks throughout history have won this great battle. That is the reason monks are at peace with all and with nothing. They dwell in a garden of the mind where the soul has the space and freedom to expand into realms the chained cannot fathom. They try, as TNMM does, to enlighten their brethren while knowing they will largely fail as their brethren cannot or will not face the fight that wins the peace.

    So, as Clarey says, enjoy the decline as there is nothing you can do about it. I believe that to enjoy the decline one must achieve an internal and eternal peace. Without the peace there is no enjoy. Monks understand this. Cheers.

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