How To Put A Bitch In Her Place (With Grizzly Wintergreen!)

A very angry aggressive woman is clenching her fists in rage

How to handle the foul temptresses of the West

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Today it is no secret that women in the west are out of control.  As men we are exposed to a constant deluge of female bad behavior.  With no social or legal stops in place to prevent their tyrannical tirades, we as men are expected to “man up” and take all of their incredulous bullshit.  You see that is the problem right there.  Males are still operating within the thought control systems which are designed to hold them down and uplift women.  This must be stopped by any and all means.

The first step is to realize and accept the fact that the system is designed to keep you a little bitch boy who is subservient to women throughout your entire lives.  The modern male must throw away anything which holds him down.  Even if that means becoming the Villain in the eyes of modern society.


I’m better than you because I have a vag

The Chaos Of Female Privilege

Chateau Heartiste recently put out a very informative article here detailing the very numerous ways in which women and minorities are hoisted above the dying host populations (white males).  If you are an Anglo male living in the West, you are quite literally getting bent over and FUCKED in any number of ways so that your lessors can feel eeeeekwal to you.

With this lavish defecation of gibsmedats and handouts to those who did absolutely nothing to deserve it, we see obnoxiously terrible and ungrateful behaviors now metastasizing from those who have been handed a golden goose shitting out golden eggs.  While we evil males get turds to munch on if anything at all.

Indeed it is human nature to place a low or negative value on shit which is given to you for free.  If there has been some commitment on your end whether emotional, financial or time, you are invested in the rewards you receive.  Therefore the items and monies you gain from said investment are actually appreciated by your hind brain.

Now handing this golden goose (our own money and productivity) specifically to lifelong children like females has opened a Pandora’s Box of total chaos and bad behavior.  I am sure that many if not all of the male readers here have experienced the fallout from such disastrous decisions.

Do you have enough hate in your heart yet?

If not it is pointless for you to continue reading further.


Schopenhauer’s timeless wisdom assists the Red Pill man again

Children Must Be Disciplined

Schopenhauer’s On Women puts it more eloquently than I ever could. Here’s what the German philosopher had to say about men and hos.

The nobler and more perfect a thing is, the later and slower is it in reaching maturity. Man reaches the maturity of his reasoning and mental faculties scarcely before he is eight-and-twenty; woman when she is eighteen; but hers is reason of very narrow limitations. This is why women remain children all their lives, for they always see only what is near at hand, cling to the present, take the appearance of a thing for reality, and prefer trifling matters to the most important. It is by virtue of man’s reasoning powers that he does not live in the present only, like the brute, but observes and ponders over the past and future; and from this spring discretion, care, and that anxiety which we so frequently notice in people. The advantages, as well as the disadvantages, that this entails, make woman, in consequence of her weaker reasoning powers, less of a partaker in them. Moreover, she is intellectually short-sighted, for although her intuitive understanding quickly perceives what is near to her, on the other hand her circle of vision is limited and does not embrace anything that is remote; hence everything that is absent or past, or in the future, affects women in a less degree than men. This is why they have greater inclination for extravagance, which sometimes borders on madness. Women in their hearts think that men are intended to earn money so that they may spend it, if possible during their husband’s lifetime, but at any rate after his death.

A woman matures emotionally faster than a man to a degree.  Yet the zenith of her maturity is eclipsed by the men upon their ascent to the fullness of manhood.  In fact it is such an eclipse that comparatively women are like children to us their entire lives.  For this reason alone men in times past who actually had their wits about them had no qualms in disciplining their children.  It was expected rather by society that when an obnoxious female goes a ranting or stomping about, a swift and abrupt slap across her face would be sufficient to quell the rising storm of infantile muliebrity.

Look how far we have fallen!  Today a man can face fines, penalties and even jail time simply for talking truth to a ho.


Working in nightclubs shows a man what spoiled brats women have become

Put A Skank In Her Place

Working as security at nightclubs for many years has given me a direct view of just how awful women can behave towards you.  Especially when alcohol is involved you will see the worst come out in people.  I remember this one very popular bar where I was working the main door.  During my time working at this establishment it was common to hear about male employees getting punched or slapped by females for no other reason than they were told “No.” regarding something.

This entitled “Anglobitch” attitude as Relampago calls it, is prevalent in a society of piss weak cucks for men.  Without a real man to smack these whores around, they become utterly intolerable.  While the vast majority of men are extremely weary to do anything whatsoever to defend themselves against an empowered brigade of yammering cunts. I on the other hand do not give a single fuck.

If a bitch puts her hands on me I have no problems defending myself and knocking her fucking teeth out.  I have zero remorse about any pain I inflict on other people when they step out of line.  Every man should think this way.  Have some fucking self respect and stop letting some Anglocunt run roughshod over your manhood.

That is to say, if you have any left.

So back to this bar.  I am working the main door and it’s late maybe around 1:30am.  Another security guard escorts a drunk kid out and his girlfriend(I’m assuming) is right behind him coming out of the door.  The guard informs the young man that he is inebriated and that is why he was escorted out.  The kid had  no problems with this and was fine to leave.

However his girlfriend decides he had been unfairly treated and now it was time to flex her GrrrllPowa muscles.  Physically she stood only about 5’4 with heels on and weighed no more than 105 pds.  She asks me why her dude was thrown out of the bar and I told her the very obvious reason.

“Nah.  Fuck that.”  She yells.

“You’re gonna let him back in this bar and you’re gonna do it right fuckin now!”

I was somewhat surprised at the audacity of this stupid bitch.  She was staring up at me with a look of pure defiance and contempt.  How dare I impose rules and standards on this perfect princess!

I simply told her very calmly that no, I wouldn’t be letting her boyfriend back in the bar but they were welcome to come back when he was sober.  Once she realized that she was not going to muscle her way back in the bar, a look of pure hatred emerged on her anglocunt face.

Having no other options and being too stupid and obnoxious to attempt the use of charm she spitefully looks at me and says, “You’re a piece of shit.”

As she sprayed out her little temper tantrum, she slaps me across the face.  In an instant I considered kicking her thigh with my shin.  Like a really really hard charlie horse.  She was so small though that it probably would have broken her.  Well it just so happens that I had a huge wad of chewing tobacco in my mouth.  Grizzly Wintergreen long cut to be exact.  As she stood there defiantly smirking I joyously spew all of my chewing tobacco out onto her face in a dark and nasty blast of spit.  As the dip spit facial plastered her Anglobitch face, my partner on the side door couldn’t help but call out “BOSS” as he watched a real man put a skank in her place.

I see tears start to well up in the tiny cunt’s eyes and she starts blabbing about how she hopes I have a daughter one day who gets a dip spit facial too.  A sly grin curves around my face as I tell her

“I’m sorry what did you say?  You have something on your face hun.”

She is trying to fight off the tears.  Standing there like a petulant child looking stupid as fuck and me laughing in her face.  Get shit on you fuckin skank.


As the Anglobitch cleans herself up, here’s the moral of our story

In Conclusion

Gentlemen the only way to stop female bad behavior is to put them in their place where they belong.  If you are afraid of the law coming down on you or white knights or anything really, you simply need to become smarter, stronger and more powerful.

You need to realize that a woman SHOULD fear a man.  If the women in your life do not have this fear then I must tell you that any bad shit a female does is most definitely YOUR fault.  Men must become dangerous again.  Women behave terribly because there are no men punishing them for their actions.

Isn’t punishment what they are all childishly lusting for?  How many terrible female authors must make up characters like Christian Grey and write libraries of other fem porn novels where the men are domineering and selfish?  How many more women must admit that their number one sexual fantasy is rape?

These hos are chomping at the bit for the pimp hand to break hard on that ass.  Why don’t you give it to them?

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  • The secret is cultivating an aura of dangerousness. You shouldn’t ever have to actually strike out physically. If you appear to be unfuckablewith, then anglobitch will respect you.


  • Piece of Zelda: The Cavern of War

    Man Hate is Great!

    This is my favorite quote on this site, I’ve been reading here for less than a month.

    “Do you have enough hate in your heart yet.”

    Hate is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me, and probably others here.

    Until you truly hate women, you can’t really have success with them.

    Hate drives you to discovery. Hate causes you to learn hypergamy,. Hate exposes the folly of your fear of “what others may think of you.” Guess what? “No one care, so why should you”

    You can truly learn game, because you no longer have any emotional hang-ups about it. You can fuck em while keeping them at arms length

    Hate shows you he difference between beta vs alpha mindset, how its possible to be less angry!

    For Christians, you truly have to hate your pussy-pedestalizing church leaders before you can be free of them. After I finally felt the misandry, the exploitation of young Christian men whose only crime was doing what they were told. How truly useless and debilitating their sermons are to helping a man fulfill his masculine imperatives.

    Hate purges their unless bullshit sermons from your soul. So you can start to truly learn. Which is probably why pastors preach against hatred and revenge. Their sheep become self-aware and no longer need these false shepherds Then you discover “The Predatory Femal’ by Rev. Larwence Shannon”. GREAT BOOK!

    Hate can and has truly blessed my life because it has caused me to demand more from it!

    Hate levels the playing field!

    Check out this article

    What I truly want to know is what happened after you spit on her. Did it adversely affect your job.? Did her boyfriend do anything?

    Liked by 1 person

    • She tried to kick me in the nuts when I was laughing at her. To which I easily deflected. Then out of nowhere a cabbie runs up and he’s like ” I saw her kick you! I’m going to call police!”

      I pointed and said “Do it!.” Then I pointed at her and said “You hear that? You’re goin to jail bitch!” Then she took off running. The dude didn’t do shit the whole time.

      You are correct about the hatred. In fact I just dedicated an entire article about it here

      Sounds like you know the power of HATE my friend. You have joined the dark side. This is good.


  • Eduardo the Magnificent

    I worked in a nightclub for a couple years in my mid-20s. It’s my opinion that, like mandatory military service, every man should have to work the door or security for a nightclub. Why? You’ll have to learn real quick how to tell women NO or get eaten alive. We were a bar that let in minors who were over 18. Oh, the shit these girls would pull to try to get that wristband! Been promised everything under the sun: phone numbers, flashes, make outs, sex, blowjobs, after parties, you name it. But once you give in and she gets that band, see ya! You’ll never hear from her again. She’ll be too drunk to remember you at closing time, assuming she hasn’t snuck out the back with Alpha McPlayer.

    In our state, if a minor gets caught drinking in a bar, the bar owner/manager, bartender(s), security and any other enablers get to spend the night in jail, as well as lose their liquor license for 6 months. It also makes you unemployable forever as far as bars are concerned. I’ve literally told girls “Is fucking you worth a night in jail or unemployment?” I’ve yet to hear an answer to that question. Tell women NO. The worst they can do is not fuck you, but telling them yes can put you in a world of hurt.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Ayahuasquero Viajante

    You´re quite right.
    It´s vital to have the right to discipline women and children physically when needed.

    The fact of the matter is that our parents´ generation failed in holding back cultural changes bred the elite which led to the demise of masculine authority, and now we are obliged to fight back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly. Boomers are such pathetic fucking weak bitches. Makes me sick!


      • I applaud you Jack, this is honestly one of the best and empowering articles I’ve ever read haha !…I too have always had a mentality of: “if a girl is going to act like a bitch and thinks she’s hot shit, then she will be treated like a bitch !”


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