The Crucifixion of a White Nationalist

Just as Jesus was once crucified in the Christian Bible, the elite want to crucify Trump and end the nationalist uprising

How do the elite disperse what they see as nationalist sheeple? By striking at the shepherd.

What is happening to Donald Trump with nonstop Russia and impeachment talk on the media’s 24/7 news cycle isn’t by mistake. You are witnessing the purposeful crucifixion of a white nationalist happening before your very eyes at the diabolical hands of the Deep State. These are the devils who really run the world and control the political whores most people know as Senators and Representatives and Governors.

The media have become blatant propagandists in a manner that would rival Pravda since Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office, and more strident in their New World Order narratives than ever before.

Totally ignoring a bombshell story that just dropped about the mysterious “robbery” and death of DNC staffer Seth Rich – the fact Rich was about to spill the beans to Wikileaks about Hillary’s misdeeds then just up and died, which would be a solid motive in any court of law – the media sound like Jan from The Brady Bunch. Except, instead of yelling Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, they’re screaming, flopping on the floor and foaming at the mouth over a hill of beans about Russia, Russia, Russia.

You should be worried if you’re paying attention to what’s happening. And pissed off.

The ongoing impeachment talk from treasonous RINOs, the Democrat Socialists, and the empty heads in the media is nothing more than the orchestrated crucifixion of a white man, a white nationalist as an added bonus, meant to demoralize all those who are anti-globalist and those whites who don’t want to drink the hemlock of feminism, liberalism, and globalism.

Breitbart reports how the political machinations are already in motion to shaft Trump.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein installed George W. Bush-appointed ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel Wednesday to oversee the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The corrupt Bush family hates Trump. After all, he knocked heir apparent “Jeb!” out of contention during the campaign.

The entire Russia meddling in the election narrative is an utter farce. Trump was not elected because of the Russians. He was elected because The Silent Majority are tired of being sold out and silenced.

Continuing from Breitbart:

Because Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously recused himself from the investigation, Rosenstein is acting Attorney General, with all the powers that entails, for purposes of the Russia probe. As such, Rosenstein has full authority to unilaterally pass responsibility off to Mueller, who will continue the already months-long investigation without reporting through the normal FBI and DOJ chain-of-command.

This is all political rhetoric meant to cloud your judgment and fog the mind. Make no mistake, a witch trial is being organized.

Rosenstein’s decision came after Washington exploded into speculation Tuesday over the New York Times report that a “Comey Memo” showed that President Donald Trump had suggested in a private conversation that now-ex-FBI Director James Comey “let it go” with regard to now-fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Long story short, this witch trial is being concocted so Trump can eventually be removed “for the good of the country” and RINO team player Mike Pence can be installed in his place. It seems Trump really pissed off the globalists with his campaign rhetoric, and even though he’s been either playing along with them or coerced into going along with their plans in recent weeks, such as the passing of Obamacare Lite, the vanishing of the border wall from the dialogue, and a Democrat-approved $1 trillion spending bill, they still want him out of office.

This is meant to teach a lesson to those of you who voted for him. It is a display that your voice means nothing, and we who own your government lock, stock, and barrel will not tolerate dissent.

The globalists are going to do what they want, and we nationalists are nothing but a goddamned inconvenience for them, at least in their minds.

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  • Donald Trump is no white nationalist. During his campaign, he openly and vehemently disavowed any and all affiliation with David Duke who is openly WN. Even Eric Trump said “David Duke needs a bullet in the head.”


  • I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time. but with all due respect, everyone who backs Trump has been suckered by a conman. I grew up in New York, and yes Trump has been hooked into the Russian mob for years. He’s a liar, a grifter and a truly bad guy, and is unworthy of the heroic mantle that his followers have projected onto him. You can even make a convincing case that Trump was selected by the globalists to do exactly what he has done — to discredit the Red Pill community with his buffoonery.

    Trump’s going down due to his own stupidity and incompetence. Don’t hitch your future to this guy. Trump destroys everything he touches, now including the manosphere. If you stay on this sinking ship, you will give your adversaries the greatest gift of all — you will end up discrediting yourself and the Red Pill community will be forever tainted with the stink of Trump’s failure. Find a new leader to champion Red Pill truth, someone who has integrity and honor. Trump was never that guy.


    • So what, AHOLE? We were supposed to vote for Hillary? Why don’t you go Fluck yourself, Mr. Flucking know it all. While you’re at it, migrate to Mehico, N Korea and/or the Middle East, doosh bag. Before they take your head, they’ll rape you, beat you, ransom you and torture you. Then they’ll throw you rotting flesh into their prison food system. You don’t know your azz from a hole in the ground, coming at Trump voters as if you’re all so superior. Suck my dhick, you ignorant fluck.


      • Your unsophisticated response is regrettably filled with venom and no factual refutation of my statement. A cursory study of Trump’s life and business dealings reveals him to be an incompetent businessman better at promoting his name than achieving long term success. As a result of his multiple bankruptcies, he cannot get loans from US banks and has been financed by the Russian mob for decades. He is a mobster playacting the role of white nationalist to further the agenda of his shady backers, an agenda which certainly is not about Making America Great Again.

        I suggest you actually read the books that Relampago lists on this site and learn more about how life works. Politicians manipulate and lie, and frauds like Trump have come and gone throughout history, leaving their followers disillusioned and defeated. Compare the unintelligent and boorish Trump to Red Pill geniuses like Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and decide for yourself who is worthy of being emulated.

        Perhaps when Trump is finally revealed to you for what he is — a conman who throws everyone who believes in him under the bus — you will realize that the Red Pill is about finding your own power in the world, not following some “Great Leader.” Until then, you will be suckered by unworthy charlatans and you will never be free and powerful as the Red Pill calls you to be.


  • colddeadhandsdays

    Good. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing and we know what’s up. They don’t have the votes to impeach. It will be the absolute end of the Dem party if they try it.

    Now the deep state war against Trump is troubling. I’d claim national security over the leaks and lock everything down. Bring in outside security, go over everything with a fine tooth comb. This undermines our very foundation.


    • colddeadhandsdays

      Oh yea…if they remove Trump the country will go absolutely insane. Seriously. Assassinations and violence WILL ensue.


  • The entire Russian thing is beyond ridiculous. Solzhenitsyn wrote about this already in Two Hundred Years together: i.e. the nonstop attack by Jewish elements on the national sovereignty of the host nation.

    Russia refused their shit already, so now the most malicious members of the tribe (who truly believe they are doing God’s work) are using the US like a Jewish wife uses her husband – passive aggressively manipulating him to fight her deceitful battles.


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