Your Options as a Man in Anglo America


It’s a woman’s world, not a man’s world in contrast to every cultural message you’ve been given

Driving around the decadent and decaying USA gives me a lot of time to think. This is yet another reason I enjoy being a truck driver, beyond not having a boss and being able to stash all my cash into savings. (As my best friend says, being a trucker is as close to a pirate you can legally be in today’s world.)

Here’s my latest idea. This came across my mind yesterday as I made my way out of a black strip club and into my truck to head west again. Male options are very limited in modern day Anglo America. Here’s a brief synopsis of the options each boy has as he grows into a man.

1. Follow the system and wife up an Anglobitch. If you’re a top earner or have 1% game, you have slightly better than even odds of keeping your woman and not getting frivorce raped. However, slip up on your earning potential or game or both, and there’s a high risk you’ll lose everything you ever worked for. This option amounts to becoming a total slave to both the system and your wife. It is literally selling yourself out.

2. Follow the system and become a despised Beta male. The sad truth is, most men who follow today’s system will become nothing more than disposable utility objects in today’s sexual jungle unleashed by feminism. There is nothing that makes women more frigid than a man who has his shit together, shows up at work on time every day, and pulls down a decent living. Especially since male the provisioning strategy has been cucked by the welfare state. You’ll get a steady income, food on the table, and a fairly nice McMansion or McApartment to live in, but you’ll be totally beholden to your employer and chasing a mirage of “someday” retiring and enjoying the good life just as you’re ready to kick into the grave. Expect to masturbate a lot.

3. Drop out and go MGTOW. Some men decide to swear off women and drop out once they learn about the realities of women and the world and not the cotton candy fantasies shoved into their brains from childhood. This is another option for today’s man. Going MGTOW is much easier in societies that have legalized prostitution, since men can get their sexual needs fulfilled without taking on all the risk and baggage that comes with having a female in their lives.

4. Drop out and Go Galt. I’d also like to add going rogue to this option, since I’d say this option is closest to what I’m doing. I designed my life so that I can do pretty much whatever I want. I participate in the grotesque, materialistic economy and society in a mercenary manner – only so I can extract a living from it. The trick was finding the right balance between making my cash and not paying what I earn back into the system. Hence, trucking was the perfect option. Live in the truck, save everything I earn, and live abroad half of each year. I’m also a ruthless player of women since learning about their natures and what really makes them tick. And I feel absolutely no remorse for playing the game. As the old maxim goes: Don’t hate the player, hate the game. This option eqates to doing whatever the fuck you want.

Of course, if I knew this at the start I could have lived a much better life from the beginning, as I’m sure thousands if not millions of other men could have if only we had known these were our options. But we all had to be deceived so we could sacrifice our lives for someone else’s benefit.

I had half my life robbed by the system. How much of yours was taken away?

That said, those of us who were initially taken in by the ruse can say this: We didn’t fail at life. We got deceived by being given the wrong instruction booklet and being told big lies our entire lives. And now, there are those of us who figuratively burned that motherfucking booklet and are writing our own.

It is essential we educate the younger generations of men about their options. I know I’ll be educating my sons and purging as much of the socialist indoctrination as I can from their minds.

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  • I’m a Trucker myself, I wasted my youth with materialism, pursued relationships with disgusting Anglobitches all the while killing myself as an Ironworker… I allowed myself to be court-raped by a horrible woman, who used the legal system to temporarily ruin me. The economy collapsed, I lost everything… Fuck it, I became a driver… Best thing ever! Now I bang chicks, and they get NOTHING in return from me. I travel the U.S. earning $ for ME! I am spending this winter in the Philippines! At 45 years old, I only wish I did it sooner!


  • Your Friend The Death Star

    “Drop out and Go Galt.”

    I demand that my unique identity be respected by referring to me with the appropriate personal pronoun …

    Which, of course, is “Fully Armed and Operational Battle Station”. 🙂

    “What is your one purpose in life?” “To explode, of course.”


  • Why even have kids? Seems like a huge expense…


  • Teach your children well. Give them the red pill, teach them game, and let them know they owe nothing to their birth country if their birth country habitually abuses them.


  • Or, do as our forefathers did…leave one’s homeland in search of a better life abroad. Sad, but true.


  • The acclimation of young men to the realities of life is paramount for there ever to be change. Tis why women have taken over the schools and universities to indoctrinate and brainwash boys at an early age with the psychopathy we call ‘feminism’. They’re fighting to maintain their status quo, which is the sacrifice of men’s well being for women’s and the state’s well being. Tis why I spend so much time writing about the MGTOW mindset and spreading the good word across the Internets. If women and the state are to ever care about men and boys, men must deprive women and the state of boy’s and men’s utility. Only this growing, real threat will enable change in men’s favor – hence my desire for the MGTOW mindset to become widespread.

    Have followed the MGTOW mindset carefully since 2011. There are some angry bros in here, which we in the know acknowledge as ‘red pill rage’ or the inevitable rage one feels after discovering one has been severely duped, in this case by feminist inspired hyper-gynocentrism, normal tradcon inspired gynocentrism and women’s true white knight, the state.

    The takeaway for me of MGTOW is, “Never give a woman or the state any legal and/or financial power over your life.” I follow that rule religiously to the extent possible and it has served me very well. Oh…the life damage I’ve escaped/avoided by simply following that one rule.

    MGTOW ‘teachings’ deprogrammed my mind of the illusions and enchantments regarding female nature as well as the state’s nature. I add the state to the mix simply because both women and the state value women’s lives far more than men’s; hence the male only draft—men last in the life boats—men’s lives being sacrificed in war for the advancement of women and the state—the fact that men built all of civilization and now the state is forcing the power and wealth derived from that achievement from men to women—that women get far less harsh punishments for equal crimes—that the vast majority of state and federal spending on health, education and welfare goes to women, even though men pay the majority of taxes and always have—that the vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support flows from men to women—that the most life threatening, life shortening, most laborious jobs have always been ‘traditionally male’—because in our post-industrial, post agricultural, ‘information society’, women are given preference over men in employment, which incidentally didn’t happen when the only available jobs were life threatening/shortening—and because women are given quotas only for the most prestigious, most powerful, most lucrative positions and not the ‘traditionally male’ jobs. MGTOW cut through the hypocrisy and double standards like a knife through butter. They really are a fascinating lot. Much wisdom to be had in their words. Mahatma Gandhi would be proud.

    The MGTOW mindset cuts through all the BS one reads in books, sees in movies and TV shows, hears in music and just lays out the reality minus the gynocentrism, cultural misandry and male disposability. MGTOW is the cure for gynocentric social programming—a deadly, anti-male paradigm in which no man should live.

    Some claim MGTOW to be extreme. If you call men not wanting to give women and the state the legal and/or financial power to destroy their lives (aka marriage/death by taxes), then yes, MGTOW are extreme. But that’s hardly a good definition of ‘extreme’. It’s gynocentrism and the corrupt state that’s extreme (and evil), not MGTOW. MGTOW simply don’t want women or the state to have the financial/legal power to destroy their lives following the wrath of a woman or state entity scorned. That’s not extreme. That’s simply looking out for one’s own best interests. MGTOW thrive in an unjust, anti-male, misandric, socialist/gynocentric world by separating reality from illusions and enchantments and adapting the way men always do.

    Will society ever care about men and boys enough to stop these criminal, sociopathic injustices? Not until a major financial collapse, major natural disaster, war or some catastrophe occurs which again mandates men’s lives be sacrificed en masse for the good of women and the state. At that point, priority will once again be given to men in most leadership roles, empty medals will be handed out, the charade of faux support for men will become somewhat more tangible and the whole process will start anew. Tis how nations rise and fall really. It’s the perennial exploitation, trafficking, usury and disposal of men and the concomitant force of the wealth and power from men to women and the state (via state force) that enables civilization’s fall.

    It should be noted that the above was written in the hopes that some young man might happen by and read it, not for the veteran MGTOW who are already all too aware of these realities.


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