Motive Emerges for Clinton Crime Syndicate to Whack Seth Rich

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton

Just how many people have been Arkancided?

Remember Seth Rich? He was the DNC staffer who the media say was “robbed” and then shot twice in the back, execution style. The robbery story never made any sense, especially when none of his valuables (including his wallet) were taken from the scene. In fact, Rich’s death was only one of a trio of mysterious deaths that happened during the Hillary campaign.


Seth Rich was about to leak sensitive information on Hillary, then wound up dead of a mysterious robbery that didn’t take his money

The incident reeks of Arkancide. His parents, no doubt fearing for their own lives have urged stories about the incident to stop.

But something stinks about the whole story and real journalists should be digging deeper. Unfortunately, journalism has been dead in America for a long time. The media continue to focus on the laughable “Russia meddling in our election” narrative and ignoring this bombshell about the Seth Rich case that dropped this week.

It was revealed Rich was about to bust Hillary Rotten Clinton by leaking more of her rotten emails to Wikileaks detailing how the wannabe Madame President illegally shafted Comrade Bernie during the primaries. Then he just up and died one night in the middle of the vortex of evil, Washington, D.C.

That’s a motive in any court of law.

Expect absolutely nothing to happen as the Clinton Crime Syndicate has the blessing of the globalists who really run the world. In the opinions of millions, the Clintons have had carte blanche to rape, rob, and kill during the entire arc of their rise and fall from political grace.

Of course, one has to have an understanding of Realpolitik and not be deceived by the baby talk in the mainstream media to understand how far things have gone. How many other people have the Clintons whacked? How many other politicians deal with meddlers this way? How corrupt is this entire system?

My guess is, most people don’t want to know just how rotten the political parasites that rob them then shit in their face really are.

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