Why White People Are Dying Off


White people are in steep demographic decline

White people are declining around the world. They’re watching their nations demographically transform before their very eyes and their political power evaporate. More white people are now dying than being born in 17 states, and as demographic trends progress that statistic will soon include all 50 states.

This is without even mentioning the utterly suicidal birth rates (far below the mere replacement level of 2.1 children per family) in Europe. Birth rates on both sides of the pond have been below replacement level for at least two generations among white people. These are long-term trends that are just now making their impact felt in Europe and Anglo America.

Whites just don’t know what is causing them to lose everything. Scapegoats abound. Them Messicans. Them Muslims. But did white people ever think of looking in the mirror and questioning what their masters have made them into?

Unfortunately, the truth is a very bitter pill to swallow and whites have already wandered too far down the primrose path of social engineering hell to make a painless escape or to vote their way to change. What brought about the ongoing decline and possible genocide of the white race?


Behold, the hairy armpit, Cloroxed hair, and deranged look that is feminism


Feminism rendered the wombs of white women statistically sterile, and is literally attempting to turn them into bad copies of men. It ruined male/female relations in Anglo America. It made women and men compete for scraps off the corporate table rather than cooperate. It transformed women into common laborers rather than moms. It’s creating a massive spinster bubble that will descend upon the land and break the already bankrupt state even further in the coming generations as old women need government care that in the past a family would have provided.

Still, due to 50 years of media propaganda, it is verboten to criticize this hateful ideology. Dresden James, writer, sums up what has happened with this timeless quotation:

When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.

Indeed, social engineers attempt to label truth tellers in the manosphere as raving lunatics. Or slander them with accusations that our brigade is composed of everything from rapists to terrorists. And most whites still have no clue the Trojan Horse that is feminism.

That’s just how well government propaganda has worked. Yet, there are those on the libertarian side who think the government is ineffectual. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Corporate-government complex social engineering schemes have succeeded beyond the elite’s wildest dreams.


The slow, spiritual death of materialism has a firm grip on the West


Materialism killed white culture. Caucasian activity in modern times can be summed up succinctly in the West. It goes like this: White people mindlessly work and consume like zombies. There no room for cultural or spiritual pursuits in nations that only measure the whole of the human condition in terms of dollars and cents.

Here’s how selling out your culture and society works.

There is no monetary benefit to solving any of society’s problems, only in creating more of them. Two maxims rule in the female-driven materialistic economy of today: You have to create problems to create profit, and you have to pass endless laws to create new businesses.

Examples? The government manipulated the nation’s diet in the 1970s, substituting carbohydrate for fat. An obesity epidemic resulted, which made gross national product go up as more people became diabetic. Ironically, heart disease also went up, even though that’s what government meddling with the human diet was supposed to prevent. Anyone who has studied the matter knows humans have been eating fat since we lived on the savannas of Africa, but have never eaten carbohydrate in the quantities we are now eating.

It was quite a sleight of hand, worsening human health in order to make more money flow into the economy. Yet, all whites ever talk about is more money and selling out more of their lives.

An example of passing endless laws is the government passing laws to strip rights from you, and then sell them back in the form of licensing. But that’s not enough. The more the government micromanages (and fines or charges fees for) the lives of the sheeple, the more money can be made to buy more useless crap.

Ironically, the more money a nation produces the worse condition it is culturally in as one can argue materialism and culture are inversely proportional. As one goes up, the other must come down. Or, put more simply: There’s a lot of poverty in the rich neighborhood and a lot of richness in the poor neighborhood.

All of these schemes are hatched so that more money can be generated out of the ether, so people can buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. Unfortunately, when people dedicate their lives to extrinsic goals like materialism rather than intrinsic goals like raising a family, nations die. What we are seeing today is not without precedent.

Greek historian Polybius wrote this during the Hellenistic period:

In our own time the whole of Greece has been subject to a low birth rate and a general decrease of the population, owing to which cities have become deserted and the land has ceased to yield fruit, although there have neither been continuous wars nor epidemics…For as men had fallen into such a state of pretentiousness, avarice, and indolence that they did not wish to marry, or if they married to rear the children born to them, or at most as a rule but one or two of them, so as to leave these in affluence and bring them up to waste their substance, the evil rapidly and insensibly grew.

It seems greed really is one of the seven deadly sins.


Once a subject of SNL sketches featuring Julia Sweeney, androgyny is becoming the norm in traditionally white countries


Put succinctly, liberalism made white people hate themselves, their culture, and their very existence.

Liberalism also made whites weak and apologetic, to the point where some of them are now utterly suicidal. Go to any major city in America and look on in horror at how browbeaten and pathetic many white men have become as a result of liberal indoctrination in the education system and the media.

Not to mention the success the elite have had at using liberalism to confuse men and women about sex roles and biology, rendering them both increasingly androgynous. The result? A barren ethnic group, rendered that way by a doxy pumped into at least two generations’ minds by presstitutes, Hollywood marionettes, and pliable public school teachers.

Oscar Wilde knew human nature quite well.

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

It seems the elite know this troubling wisdom quite well, and use it to manipulate the masses.

Most people attempt to make their lives look just like the illusionary confections from media and Hollyweird. The illusion sold to the masses on most mainstream sitcoms and movies is of characters who live easy lives in which one would need to earn $100,000 a year to maintain the standard of living on the screen. The median income in America is now $43,000 a year, and stagnant. They also try to mimic the freak show they see on TV.

More than anything, liberalism is debasing all the foundations of European culture on both sides of the pond. This will prove fatal to both the culture and its founding ethnic group.

This is all without even mentioning how liberalism destroyed Christianity, which for better or worse was the bedrock of European and American culture.


George Carlin offers two solutions to the ongoing decline of the white race, which incidentally, he spoke of just before his death

The Carlin Approach

One can become upset at what’s happening, or can separate themselves from this death cult and watch it implode of its own volition. This is what one might call the George Carlin approach:

When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.

Carlin knew the freak show—which this author believes is made worse by feminism, materialism, and liberalism—was going to consume a once mighty ethnic group. When speaking of what material he was working on just before his death, Carlin told interviewers he was writing about:

The rise of Russia, the rise of China, the Islamization of Europe, the decline of the white race. It’s going to be an amazing story as it develops and I just wish I could see it all. I’m 70 now. I’ll probably live between 90 and 100 I think and I’ll get to see some of it but it is an interesting, exciting thing to watch if you can detach yourself emotionally. And that’s the end of that.

Unfortunately, he died before we could hear his prognostications on the ongoing demise of white people.

Adopting the Carlin philosophy basically means standing by, watching the tragicomedy unfold, and documenting the demise while trying to turn your own life to the fullest. In my case, it was abandoning a sinking ship for a more fulfilling life abroad.

In case that doesn’t satisfy you, Carlin also serves up the only alternative, more pertinent now than ever before now that Trump has apparently abandoned his base as he lauded the passing of Obamacare Lite and the border wall remains in limbo with the newly passed $1 trillion Republican budget.

If I had to say to you what is the answer I would say massive bloodshed. I really would. I don’t really, honestly, deep down believe in political action. I think the system contracts and expands as it wants to. It accommodates these changes. I think the civil rights movement was an accommodation on the part of those who own the country. I think they see where their self interest lies, they see a certain amount of freedom seems good. An illusion of liberty, give these people a voting day every year so that they’ll have the illusion of meaningless choice. Meaningless choice that we go like slaves and say: “Joe I voted!”

The limits of debate in this country are established before the debate even begins. And everyone else is marginalized and made to seem to be either communist or some sort of disloyal person…a kook…there’s a word. And now it’s conspiracy… see? They’ve made that something that should not be entertained for even a minute. That powerful people might get together and have a plan… Doesn’t happen! You’re a kook! You’re a conspiracy buff! So… the only way you cure that… death, bloodshed… I don’t advocate it… but I see that it’s really the only answer.

What do you think the answer is?

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  • Here’s a tip. Don’t enlist. If forced through the draft, refuse due to obvious and rampant anti-male sexism of a ‘male-only draft’, gender inequality, rampant misandry and blatant male disposability.

    At that point, women will be forced into the draft and they’ll be the ones to die by the hundreds of thousands, for their own lives, for a change. Only then will women learn that women are not the primary victims of war. Only then will women gain a sense of responsibility for civilization through the cost of their own lives, not strictly men’s lives. You see, only then will they have any skin in the game, which will force them to think more nationalistically, like men. Without this change, women and the state will continue to feel entitled to the disposal of men for women’s and the state’s advancement, thereby nullifying men’s rights entirely – which is really the intended outcome for the majority of men by women and the state.


    • Tim, reading back through your comments for the second time…I find you to be one of the most honest and well-thought out commentators on this blog. Honored to dialogue back and forth with you.


      • Like you do mine, Zan, I ponder the words and meanings of your comments carefully. I truly do. I’m not always intellectually honest, but when I’m not, it’s usually quite self-humiliating. Sometimes, you almost get me. As you probably surmised, I don’t really blame things on men or women. This is just how the world works. All of human history is a war to take from others what one group or individual wants and/or needs from another group or individual. Oh sure…there are periods of cooperation in between, but eventually, people get greedy, entitled and/or stupid and another war starts. Who would I be to blame anyone, really. Just when I think I know a lot, I realize how little I actually do. Tis what follows the finger pointer’s proclamations that eventually makes the finger pointer look a fool. Been there, done that, a little too often I’m afraid. Pride. Tis the deadliest, and sometimes most self-humiliating, of sins.

        But this is war, Zan – and war is far from pleasant. No one really wants one – at least not the ones that actually have to fight it – but still – they happen. This is an actual, cold, gender war that’s been going on since the mid 1800s. Women are straining to ‘culturally appropriate’ the spoils of ‘toxic masculinity’ for themselves. They’re like those politicians that love a good mass murderer during war time, but throws him in the brig when one war ends because he’s no longer compatible with ‘polite society’, praying that same survivor/killer instinct will still be with him to save their worthless azzes in the next big one.

        Nobody really wants Western civilization to be overrun. When you hear men say that – it’s pent up anger and frustration being vented, which usually comes from those that have born the full weight of feminist’s and white knight’s greed, self-interest and malfeasance. Tis the much discussed ‘red pill rage’. Thankfully, for most, it passes. People say all sorts of regrettable stuff when they’re pissed off.

        Should men submit to the the spineless cowards that run the state, the greedy corporatists that have sold out their own home nation/peoples and their feminist/gynocentric allies/spies/tattlers pushing their hyper-gynocentric, bombastic, cowardly, inhuman, histrionic distortions of US male history? Men built the entirety of this nation, not women. Men built the entirety of all nations. It was men that fought the wars for women’s and the states privileges over men – but yet the cancer of feminism spreads globally. It was men’s lives that were sacrificed for all that women and the spineless, cucked state take for granted today. Hillary Clinton is a psychopath and nearly half the white women in the US voted for her. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. That’s called selling out your team. That’s called taking a dive, and I don’t really care if all women aren’t feminists. Enough of them are for me and a great many others to no longer care. I know…I know. “But women make the babies! They gave you life!” Yeah – women are no longer the givers of life but rather the grim reapers of life and arbiters of death through mass abortion. Ya see, it’s all about image. It’s never good to play God.

        I expected that from the minority groups, those sure to gain forced wealth and power transfer from whites to themselves (socialism), but from white women? Sure, not all women are feminists, or so some claim. And that’s just it…never take someone at face value. Peruse the general landscape to find the real truth. Most men don’t find out their wive’s true nature until they face them in divorce court – and around 1 million of these men meet their wives for the first time in divorce court every single year, in the US alone. All women are feminists in divorce court. The ones that aren’t are statistical outliers bearing little value in the debate at hand. Trillions in wealth and power have been forcefully transferred from men to women and the state through an incompetent, corrupt, cucked legislature predominantly run by the truly privileged, manifestly malfeasant ‘Harvard’ and ‘Yale’ male ‘graduates’ of the world. They’d better get a refund on that ‘degree’. The universities (breeders of sociopaths) obviously failed to teach them to think. We’re it not for Slick Willie’s deal with Newt to remove Glass Steagall and strengthen the Community Reinvestment Act, the ‘great recession’ would never have taken place…and they called that a ‘grand bargain’…a ‘bargain’ in which millions of peoples lives were destroyed, their life’s work effectively transferred to the 1%. But who did the state bail out? Why the banks and ‘Wall Street’, of course – the very same that colluded with Newt and Slick Willie to destroy so many people’s lives.

        That ‘woman’ is an open man-hater using feminism and gynocentrism and the votes of useful idiots to become the first ‘woman president’. In what war did she fight? She doesn’t have enough money to afford all her ‘houses’? What did she create beyond her own infamous reputation? Her vagina alone entitles her to that kind of power? How many lives did she destroy on her path to ‘womanhood’s greatness’? What did she do other than ride her husband’s coat tails to the top? Her hypocrisy and double standards, like that of all feminists/gynocentrists, is nearly unfathomable. You must have to be a fellow Cluster-B to understand that level of malevolence. Yet tens upon tens of millions of white women voted for her. And I’m not stupid. I’ve been around the block. I know exactly why they voted for her.

        White women are now selling out their men in the same way black women did black men through welfare. If they can’t get the forced wealth transfer from men directly, then they’ll get if from their new husband, the state – through Title IX, Affirmative Action, No-Fault Divorce, Affirmative Consent, etc, etc, etc. Tis why men now pay for women’s healthcare when that healthcare has zero to do with disease or accidental injury. Their comeback to this is, “Well why do women have to pay for testicular cancer?” You actually have to explain to them the difference between disease and life choices. Tis like reasoning with a nest of rattlesnakes. It’s all about forced wealth transfer. Did you see how many white men voted for Hillary – even though any fool could see her plan for the demise of supposed ‘male privilege’? Male privilege – now there’s a hoot. And the male and female politicians all lined up to bribe them through shaming them with the poor women’s victimhood and through the promotion of hyper-gynoenctrsm, apathetically throwing the disposable male under the bus – like always – all to maintain/gain more power and wealth for themselves. “Don’t be a loser! Man up! Be a good man! FIGHT MISOGYNY!” All except for one, that is. My man Trump may be a liar too, but it was him or the man-hating psycho, so I voted for Trump.

        MGTOW aren’t the problem. MGTOW are the aftermath of the disease of hyper-gynocentrism (feminism) and witless, nutless white knights that will most certainly lead us off a cliff. Shaming MGTOW is a very bad tact. They already know too much – and I’ll make certain millions more know the same in the future. Telling men they’re losers, all for finally realizing how the deck has been stacked against them and shaming men for skipping the all too obvious potential for life destruction that commonly follows the blessed bond we call ‘matrimony’ (lol) is most certainly deeply passé.

        I mean Affirmative Consent? Deny men rights to due process and presumption of innocence and destroy their future on an accusation alone? What kind of monstrous, man-hating gynocentrists and castrated manginas come up with this stuff? Can you imagine the twisted, backwards, biased logic they used to deem that legislation as good and just? It’s as though we’ve moved to an alternate reality in which men simply kiss women’s azzes on command. How can these men not be unfit-to-lead, moronic, limp wristed simps? And the deeply falsified and massaged statistics used to promote ‘rape culture’? How did these lunatics get control of the asylum?

        I hear your appeal, Zan and I fully understand the angle from which you reason. I used to think exactly as you, but no longer. I’m done. I thank all that is good that I finally awoke. Staying naive for too long can bite you in the butt. I’ve been falsely accused twice by a woman scorned, narrowly escaping prison and have even been attacked financially in a divorce, so I know all too well how the legal system has been rigged in women’s favor. My eyes are wide open and still thankfully 20/20. I got lucky, but my nine lives have run out, so it’s now my life calling to warn others, as I’ve done for the past seven years. I’ve written comments by the tens of thousands and I’ve no problem writing tens of thousands more. I will not stand by silently, caressing my good fortune greedily, while other men’s lives are destroyed at the alter of two circles and a triangle. I’m not simply a member of the resistance. I’m a rabid, steadfast supporter. At stake are countless trillions in wealth and power. Nations will rise and/or fall. I’ll not support a society that seeks to privilege a gaggle of incompetent, greedy, misandrists and gynocentrists above me.

        It was the common men that built this country and those same common men are fully capable of taking it down, along with the entirely of ‘Western civilization’. Given the current options, I’ve no problem being among the ones that swing the proverbial wrecking ball. When the invading civilizations conquer the state that now sees me as its enemy, I’ll not shed a tear as they’re beaten, raped, robbed hanged and/or beheaded – even if that means I might suffer their same fate. If white knights, gynocentrists and feminists want a war, they’ll have their war. Who knows…we may even solve ‘climate change’ through war’s concomitant depopulation.


    • Wow, that was a lot to read and digest. Almost everything you said was yes, yes, yes, true, true, true, right, right, right.

      Sorry, to hear all the shit you’ve been through but I trust you’re a wiser man because of it.

      I agree MGTOW isn’t the problem, it’s a response to the problem (a problem that men created and women exploited to their advantage). But, that doesn’t mean that response is the smartest or the wisest.

      I don’t think I shame MGTOW, I just totally disagree with its platform. Because men are worse off because of its prescriptions, not better off. Although MGTOW espouses some facts and truths, it still leaves men more bitter, more depressed and more self-destructive.

      It’s self-destructive to tell men to swear off the very thing they need (women and sex) to be both happy and healthy in life. Again, to swear off women and sex is both unhealthy and unnatural to one’s mind. body and soul.

      MGTOW is very, very negative and misogynist. MGTOW’s solution is an all or nothing, blow it all the hell up mentality.

      MGTOW is not helping men, it’s destroying men. It’s a place where men can go and wallow in their misery, poisoning one another with their negativity and hate, thus insidiously, destroying one another. How the hell can one be happy and healthy by being so angry, negative and bitter all the damn time. That negative mindset only leads to depression and suicide.

      No thank you…. I’m living my life for love, peace, health and happiness.

      P.S. Please prove me wrong.


      • Well, it’s really quite simple. I find flaws in everything you just wrote. Men don’t ‘need’ women or sex to be ‘happy’. Instead, society drills into men’s heads that they need women and sex to be happy and even worthwhile. They sometimes go even further and deem you worthless if you’re incapable of ‘providing for and protecting’ your ‘family’. That, sir, is how social conditioning works. It’s the ‘long con’.

        Sure, sex can be great and men are biologically driven to the female form, but… You said it yourself – that natural ‘desire’ in men to persue women has been exploited by women and the state and, as a result, women and the state are grandly corrupt in their world views; hence men opting out of marriage and ‘family’. It’s all bout incentives and why socialism (feminism) always ends in disaster. Men see this (how could they not) and VIOLA – MGTOW are born! WOO-HOO!

        Women and the state only recognize their personal victimhood and somehow ignore how they’ve manipulated, exploited, trafficked and disposed of men for most of human existence – to their own obvious advantage of course. I guess that’s why we value those with a sociopathic mindset in leadership – they’re capable of making brutal decisions with little to no remorse or regret. Now that women don’t necessarily ‘need’ men, now that men have built all of civilization for them, they’re starting to look down at men as a child would look down upon a toy once highly valued at an earlier age. That, sir, is male disposability.

        Now at one time, I would have agreed with you fully. I would have been right with you every step of the way. “MGTOW are a bunch of pimple faced, short in the crotch, basement dwelling losers in need of castration and segregation from polite society!” I view that form me as ‘blue pill’ and I look back on my former self with disdain, humiliation and embarrassment. Social conditioning (religion, movies, cartoons, TV shows, music, schools etc), taught me what I needed to become to be ‘loved’ and ‘admired’ by others, but most especially by women. I was taught that I couldn’t be ‘whole’ without ‘the one’ to complete me. Oh yeah – when I say I was king of the blue pillers, I’m really not joking. Was once a Class A fool of monumental proportions. So how did I transform myself from my former idiotic, idyllic, simpy, azz kizzing, poody grubbing, slot C worshiping state to the man I am today? I read. And then I read…and I read…and I read. After all that, I again read. What did I discover? That society is full of shite!

        Today I’m happier than ever. I’m not lonely, bitter or jealous of men with women in their lives. First though that usually comes into my mind is, “I’m sure glad I’m not him, poor fool.” My ego and self esteem aren’t based upon another’s opinion or view of me. I really couldn’t care less what people think of me, actually. I have a great job, a great career, financial security and a high quality of life. I want for nothing. I desire little. It doesn’t escape me that the fool I once was made what I have now possible – not my current incarnation. That – to me – is the biggest conundrum of all. Am quite the opposite of bitter, lonely, depressed and suicidal. Each morning when I awake, I feel content, free, unchained, fortunate, confident, at ease, at peace, one with the world and feel incredibly lucky to no longer be living one step away from ruination via some gynocentric witch or misandric court. These past few years turned out better than all my years prior. I’m truly and honestly now ‘happy’. Only briefly did I know this level of satisfaction as my former self.

        Nevertheless, getting from where I was to where I am now was easily the hardest and most painful process I’ve ever encountered – by at least 1000 times over. If was brutal, this ‘deprogramming’. It was a complete tear down of my former self and a remolding into who I am today. Twas truly existential. Letting go of that former me was like weening a heroin addict off his much beloved drug. Decades of programming had to be undone. I even backslid from time-to-time, but thankfully self-corrected. I really did love that naive, gullible guy. I sometimes even miss him for a few seconds here and there – but I’d never again want to be him. Nay, nay. His naivete and gullibility, strong build, sense of invincibility masked the the contemptuous moron hiding behind a carefully crafted psychological veil – that which made him a walking target for predatory women and the state. Men wanted to be more like him. Women wanted to be with him. Never did he long for the poody – for the poody validated his entire existence and propped up his lack of self-esteem and self-worth – just as society had trained him.

        So, in short. Society benefits from male disposability and cultural misandry – so society instills in you early the belief that a man is worthless without a woman. Just watch The Titanic if you don’t believe me. Most people cry at the end. Me? My eyes just roll to the back of my head whilst I silently say to myself, “What an idiot.”

        You’re must be mess’n with me, right? You already know all this stuff and you just enjoy hearing it from other’s perspectives, right? You’re just yanking my chain.

        Tis MGTOW that are helping men. Society is just doing what it always does to men – it’s destroying them – well at least the men on lower end of the the supposed ‘hierarchy’ – and all for the advancement of predatory women and the powerful men at the top (CEOs and the State).

        You’re not a chick, are ya? You throw that ‘misogynist’ word around just like a feminist pro.


      • No, Tim, I’m the real deal. I’m a real man. Many will easily classify me as an Alpha male.

        I’ve been lucky with women my whole life. Have I had to deal with some head-cases along the way? Of course, but it never left me hating all women. I just learned from the encounter and charged it to the Game.

        Due to my respect for you, I will concede and say MGTOW can be of some help to some but not all.

        In your case, you seem to have survived and succeeded more than most. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to have to transform oneself from Beta to Alpha. So my hat is off to you.

        I think what you have accomplished, most Beta men can’t. Thank God for blogs like this one.


  • colddeadhandsdays

    Carlin was right. Violence is the ultimate expression of change and it’s coming.


  • Another great article and although I can agree with your surmise, how do you answer those who say all this is the Anglo-American male’s fault….

    How did women/feminism get its power?… Did not the Anglo make give it to her.

    How did we get Divorce Rape in the courts? Didn’t Anglo politicians, like Ronald Reagan sign into law No-fault divorce in 1969?

    How did we lose our manufacturing jobs? Wasn’t it the Anglo male who outsourced them?

    Was it not the Anglo males who gave jobs to the females over males… you can watch any sports analysis show and you see females in a position that was once held only by white males…. who gave them those positions? White males.

    Today’s automation is being done by whom? Corporations ran by the Anglo male.

    All American presidents have been, what? Anglo, they had the political power and set the agenda.

    Who heads Wallstreet and all the Corporations…Pepsi, Movie studios, TV studios (including Fox), Drug companies, etc… Are they not all Anglo males?

    Who owns all the porn companies you jack off to? Are they not Anglo-White males.

    I can go on and on… you get the point… so why you conveniently blame women….is it not the Anglo-White male behind the proverbial curtain doing all the destruction but using women and others as the scapegoats.

    Women are at the effect, Anglo/White men are the cause.

    Denial, Deflection, and Distraction is not an effective strategy… just one that will only allow you to feel some temporary relief, like getting high/drunk… but the problem will only grow worse.

    You cannot begin to fix a problem you’re not willing to first willing to admit. Lying about it, will only make it worse.

    The only person to blame for the demise of the Anglo/white male is the Anglo/white male. Full Stop!
    It is Anglo-White males who are destroying white males. Not the white woman or anyone else.

    I know this is not a popular response but it’s the truth…. I’ll leave you with this little piece of wisdom…

    “Women can only do to you, what you allow them to do to you.”


    • Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s the gynocentric and culturally misandric, malfeasant propaganda pushed by governments that made it all happen – and the government (wealthy/powerful white males) used other men’s combined wealth and power to force the common men’s wealth and power from men to women, the state, corporatism and minorities through Title IX, No Fault Divorce, Affirmative Action and now with Affirmative Consent. Both Democrats and Republicans push these narratives as ‘equality’, but in reality it’s thinly veiled gynocentrism and forced wealth transfer from the producers and builders to the ‘perpetual victim class’ and their true white knight, the state. Tis socialism, period.

      We’ve been suckered, lied to, conned, bamboozled, manipulated, exploited, used, hoodwinked and whatever else you want to call it. There’s almost no difference between a politician and a used car salesman. They’ll tell whatever lies they have to tell to get what they want. It’s all social brainwashing. Anti-male laws & policies preclude enlightened men from having a voice and/or expressing their honest opinion, which we know to be ‘social shaming’. We have to write anonymously, or be wealthy enough to survive the inevitable gynocentric onslaught and demonization of masculinity that follows, hence the seemingly untouchable Trump, he which garnered the majority of the white male vote.

      As a common man, you either submit or Democrats, the gynocracy and their powerful male-white knights (the actual patriarchy) will destroy your life to the extent possible – and they’ll use anti-male laws and policies put forth by powerful white males to do it. The white male politicians that put forth the anti-male legislation, allowing for men’s emasculation, forced wealth transfer and the offshoring of jobs, did it simply to buy women’s and minorities votes – to disempower other white males, all so that they could stay in power and gain more wealth for themselves and closest allies. Yup – it was a total sellout. Whilst America’s middle class declined, India’s and China’s middle class exploded, as did white male CEO paychecks and the wealth of white male politicians and their allies.

      Blacks and browns voted 90% for Hillary, so there’s ALWAYS that. She wouldn’t have won the popular vote otherwise – and Hillary is a psychotic feminist, who also promoted anti-white-male sentiment. Blacks and brows lapped that up. She’s the poster child of Cluster B, DSV-V histrionics and misandry. There’s nothing like free food, free housing, free healthcare, free education, free childcare, mandatory paid maternity leave, SNAP, WIC, mandatory minimum income, the debasement of law over the lie of ‘systemic oppression’ and open season on the debasement of white people to attract the mass migration of blacks and browns to America and the garnering of women’s vote (the ultimate socialists). Our government opened these floodgates, through feminism, anti-male policies & laws, the liberal debasement of white people (the Democrat base being blacks and browns), the demonization of men, the debasement of law enforcement, by ignoring The Constitution, through mass immigration and the endless promotion of gynocentrism for one and only one reason – to keep their personal savings accounts stuffed to the brim with other people’s money. And yes – it was powerful white males (the patriarchy) that made it all happen. Californication and The Bad Apple might as well be separate countries now.

      For these reasons and many more, women’s lives are valued far more than men’s, by the majority of both men and women – which is clearly resulting in the ruination of men and Western civilization – and has for several decades. Now that I know this personally, I can no longer enjoy 99% of media. Back in the day, when I was young, naive and gullible, I ate it all up and was king of the blue pillers. But nevertheless, the truth set me free. One can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. In 2010, when the MGTOW message started getting out, suddenly everything became crystal clear. MGTOW was an offshoot of the MHRM and also morphed from a quasi-gynocentric mandate into what MGTOW is today – which is men refusing to give women and the state the financial and legal power to destroy their lives. In other words, MGTOW deny women and the state their male utility and male disposability. I could finally make sense of things that eluded me for decades, all thanks to the MGTOW breakdown of my gynocentric social brainwashing, something even the MHRM still pushes.

      Now, if you try to speak these truths in public, the claims of ‘misogyny’, ‘toxic masculinity’, ‘white male privilege’ and ‘fear of strong, powerful, independent women’ abound. Just attend a MHRM conference if you’d like to see this in action – where fire alarms are pulled and histrionic, Cluster-B-level screams of terror emanate in shrieks from psychotic feminist harpies, all meant to silence the supposed rampant and blatant ‘misogyny’ of men discussing men’s issues. “Scum! Misoynist! Racist! Homophobe! Islamophobe! WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE! You have a tiny penis! You can’t get laid! You live in your mother’s basement!”

      Once you’ve been identified, outed, or doxxed, then these liberal, Democrat, white hating man-haters come after you and attempt to destroy you financially, legally, psychologically and spiritually. They truly are like the Nazis. They get your name and face out on the Internets and brand you a ‘woman hater’ in the hopes that you’ll either become homeless and/or another suicide statistic. They truly do want you dead. Tis the modern day witch hunt. The NH senator that started ‘The Red Pill’ reddit was just outed and was forced to resign. His life is effectively over and our gynocentric, white hating society will see to it that his head never surfaces again. While I don’t see much of use in the PUA mindset, because it’s really just thinly veiled poody worship, they should be allowed their voice and opinion. That’s what ‘freedom of speech’ is all about – lol. The leftist, socialist, Democrat, white hating, man hating, cop hating, America hating mass media did everything in their power to destroy Trump, are still at it every second of every day and will remain so until their desire for Trump to be impeached is fulfilled.

      In the end, none of the above will change until men are not only allowed to discuss these truths, but discuss them openly without fear of life destruction. How many here think that will ever happen? Certainly not I. Most men are too brainwashed to get it until they either luck out or are destroyed through gynocentrism; hence women’s and feminism’s takeover of the ‘education system’ – which have become little more than gynocentric, Democrat pre/re/post education camps (brainwashing gulags).

      But if the system is to continue to the benefit of the gynocracy and the wealthy, white, powerful males (the patriarchy/the state), the common man’s life must necessarily be destroyed and his wealth and power must be forcefully transferred to minorities and women – because it is they, the common man, that represent the greatest threat to the gynocratic, white knight empowered status quo.

      Incidentally, this comment goes a long way in explaining the impetus for my previous comment. The two comments together explain exactly how we got here and exactly where we’re going. The only thing that’ll stop the progression is if men withhold their utility from women and the state (powerful, misandric white males – aka the patriarchy); hence MGTOW.


      • Tim, first of all, I would like to say thanks for the dissertation. You really laid it out pretty good.

        I get what MGTOW is trying to do but their strategy is all wrong. The attitude/energy of MGTOW is all wrong.

        I’ve read many of their sites, posts and seen many of their Youtube videos and although the bitchin’ and complain’ is understood, in essence, that’s what losers do. “Bitch, Blame and Complain. Make excuses.”

        It’s a very feminine/gay approach to a problem. As men, we are supposed to be solution-oriented.

        When I try to have an intellectual/logical conversation with these MGTOW men… the best they can do is make personal attacks like a woman and argue for the sake of arguing.

        Their attitudes are so NEGATIVE, so DEFEATEST, so DEPRESSIVE and so HATEFUL towards women.. it’s no wonder why they are not happy and no woman wants to be with them.

        Women, by nature, want a positive man, a confident man, a man who is fun and entertaining. But, this wisdom is lost on such men.

        Look, the bottom line is I could never do the MGTOW thingy of swearing off women and hating them as a whole.

        Yes, there are some crazy, damaged, mentally ill women out there but if we are honest, there are some fucked up men out there too. We have to make smart choices. Don’t date them.

        I’m not sure if what Rel. is doing is the right solution but I do think it’s a solution. The only major drawback is he will never be able to find true love and happiness through this strategy because he’s only having physical sex, there’s no emotional connection.

        For a man to be truly happy and healthy in life, he must have love and connection with a woman. Nature designed it this way and try as he may, there’s nothing man can do about this, Bio/Psycho/Social dynamic that’s in our natures.


  • It’s coming (re: bloodshed) .. and it is the only answer.

    Either we do it to ourselves (e.g. the national treasure is gone) or we get invaded (i.e. even more than now with illegals) and they kick it off.

    It diesn’t matter .. most will just watch the whole show .. at least till the food runs out .. then they will just starve.

    I see no peaceable solution either.


  • When you really think about it, many 10s of thousands of years ago, we didn’t look anything like we do now. We really didn’t look like anything more than a few cells climbing out of a cesspool, and then we evolved over 10s upon 10s of thousands of years more. We call this “human evolution”.

    In the grander scheme of things, we’re all really ‘still in the womb’, so to speak. The Earth has been here for billions of years. We’ve ‘progressed’ from single cells to cave people, from cave people to tribes, from tribes to communities, from communities to kingdoms and the agricultural era, from there to the industrial era and are now we’re supposedly an ‘information society’.

    It was men who were trafficked, exploited, used, manipulated and disposed of for ALL of women’s and ‘the state’s’ advancement – the state being the most powerful men and the birthplace of gynocentrism itself. Women being ‘dependents’, they gravitate towards to the ‘hostess with the mostess’. If you’re a guy thinking, “Wow, so all I have to do is get rich!”, think again. You can read all about it here on The New Modern Man.

    When you think about it, it’s amazing that we’ve lasted as long as we have. Simply, F’n amazing. Think for a moment of the kingdoms long dead. Think of the world wars and the tens upon tens of millions simply murdered in the name of someone’s ‘ideology’. There are frequently near earth misses by asteroids that took out the entirely of the the Jurassic era and most other life on earth along with it – all in one fell swoop. Boom! Gone! Think of the wrecking power of all the intercontinental ballistic thermonuclear warheads sitting there, on high alert, just waiting, impatiently, to be freed from their imprisonment to unleash the dogs of Hades (nuclear winter). We humans really do hate one another, vehemently. We only cooperate because not doing so brings us all down – together. We survive because, at least at this point, we need one another to survive. That’s the only real reason for the anti-feminist movement. Some women can see the overall negative impact feminism is having on women as a group and they’re frightened by what that might mean (the impacts of the loss of masculinity on women, per say). It’s simple self-preservation from the anti-feminist standpoint.

    But then, there was a day when people thought the Earth to be flat. To deny this meant that ‘the world’ came after you, labeling you an enemy of the state and a heretic…all with torches and pitchforks at the ready. You might have even been burned at the stake for witchcraft (some detractors actually were). Tis now the paradigm under which those with the disease of ‘toxic masculinity’ now live. The script has been effectively flipped. If you deny the glory of gynocentrism, you’re the witch of days long past. History…it has a way of repeating itself.

    We’re one solar system in a galaxy possibly filled with billions or trillions of solar systems…our galaxy is one of potentially trillions of other galaxies in our individual galactic super cluster…of which there may be trillions of other interconnected galactic super clusters…all within a universe that might potentially be a part of trillions of other universes (multiverses). It’s said that there are more atoms in a grain of sand than all of the planets in the universe – but there are more planets in the known universe than all the grains of sand on Earth. I guess everything IS truly relative. If other, move advanced civilizations are out there, maybe they want nothing to do with us. Whilst we progressed from a few cells floating in a cesspool to our current ‘information society’- they may have figured out how to transfer their consciousness into pure energy or light waves. Maybe ‘they’ve’ been with us all along and we’re clueless to their presence because we don’t have the capacity to understand their existence. Maybe that’s why some people claim to have seen ghosts and that same reasoning could have been the impetus for all the Earth’s “Gods” (of which there have been many).

    What’s coming? Who knows. My personal take is that most jobs will be replaced by robots that build and maintain other robots. Globalism means that labor will come from the cheapest labor pools possible (pre-industrial, pre-information society slave labor). The 1% must certainly be fed. One can never have enough mansions, castles, yachts, Mercedes or Lambos. Mass immigration is merely the consequence of falling marriage and birth rates (feminism/histrionic misandry) and globalist’s desire to mass import the cheapest labor (slave labor) possible. There’s a depopulation effort for sure (climate change) and maybe that’s why the monstrosity we call ‘feminism’ is so heavily promoted by government (and deep cultural misandry). Maybe there’s a rich cabal of people sitting about a conference table discussing the merits of using things like feminism to depopulate the Earth vs letting everyone simply starve to death like the Nazis did with the Jews and concentration camps. After all, the Nazis were humans, too. Maybe the technology will be invented to give birth to new and ‘better’ humans in a form of advanced petri dish. Maybe this same cabal is doing this because if they don’t, all of the natural resources will dry up and they’ll have no way to continue living their astonishingly ‘privileged’ lives without robots that can simply be shut down and that don’t use much in the way of resources. Or maybe we’re all so short-sighted that we’re actually ‘the cabal’ doing it all to ourselves…not simply ‘The Jews’ or some other boogy man. Who can really predict the future? Certainly not I.

    Watched a movie some time ago that seemed to get it right, but only from my personal viewpoint. It was called ‘Snowpiercer’. It’s doesn’t go into a lot of detail on how things ended up the way the movie depicts, but I think it does a good job explaining how we’ll all end up. Me thinks we’re too big for our own britches, so to speak.


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