Where Did All the Good Men Go?


These boots were made for walking, baby

Where did all the good men go? This is one of my favorite questions from today’s Anglobitches. In short, they went AWAY from your fucking asses. I know this one did, but not before he became corrupted from half a lifetime of abuse by predatory American females.

The cleansing process has begun.

I’m so happy some days I can’t contain myself. Even when I’m in Anglo America extracting money from the economy by living on the road driving my Freightliner – to power my lifestyle abroad, of course – a simple chat just screams cultural differences.

Especially the juxtaposition of a foreign girl or girls telling me how much they like my company, how good our sex was, how good our sex will be, how good I make her feel, what she’s going to do for me and cook for me when I come back, alongside looking at the mean-faced, clipped haired women everywhere I travel here in The Matrix.

And I travel all over the nation, so believe me I get a good look at what’s going on socially. I have a keen sense of observation.

Speaking of juxtaposition, I have to work hard to catch a SMV 6 or 7’s short attention span if she’s an American female. But her personality is so predictable and so boring it’s almost cliché in my mind. Most of the time, I know she’s only looking for how much money she can extract from me or what kind of social status she can glean from our association. I know any relationship we have will be a dead end road, and mercenary at that just so I can get some sex which she feels is bestowing some great blessing on me.

And all safeguards must be taken so I don’t knock her up, or it’s 18 years of slavery as women today take the kids and run.

While I chat her up, I also have several foreign woman alongside her (SMV 7+) in my tablet. They’re thinner, fun to talk to, like being female, and bring joy into my life. They view sex as a normal part of life, something men and women both enjoy doing.  If I were to enter a relationship with them, and she became pregnant, I know there’s an excellent chance she’d want me in her and the baby’s life and wouldn’t dispose of me like yesterday’s trash. They want me and not my wallet in their life. See the difference?

What has this done for me psychologically?

Experiences like these make me realize I do have value as a man and that I was treated like a dog by American women for half a lifetime. No mas. I’ve realized it was never me that was the problem. My adventures outside the feminazi plantation (aka the USA) have shown me it was the women who were to blame for my loneliness and growing resentment of women, not me.

Wherever I go, whether it be Asia or Latin America, male/female relations are not nearly as mercenary as they are in America. The vibe feels natural. When I talk to a chick, I like being a man and she likes being a woman, we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to how the sexes relate to one another, and things just flow so smoothly.

That said, this isn’t because of the women themselves but the culture they’re acclimated to. The culture in Anglo America stinks to high heaven. For some reason, white women seem predisposed to misandry and have a higher dose of Penis Envy than women from other cultures. Perhaps that’s why feminism took root in this culture first.

The importance of culture cannot be emphasized enough. Traditional cultures work, and those that constantly try to pit men and women against each other are doomed to failure. That’s sort of why whites are dying off and their nations are being conquered around the world. They became so effete and so “advanced” they forgot their biology and their humanity.

What can I do but abandon the insanity?

I know one man who won’t be slaving away anymore in a society that hates him, chastises him, and treats him like an expendable utility object. No, I’m going somewhere I’m treated with respect and dignity. And I’m taking the money I earn while I’m here with me.

Have fun at those JOBS, ladies. You won’t have this man or his labor to kick around anymore.

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  • Gods I wish you were wrong. I wish I didn’t have to teach my boys about hypergamy, AWALT, and how to play the game. But of course I am, and will.


  • There are plenty of good men. I have one that I’ve been with for going on 10 years this September.

    This can be done in America, but women who struggle with this aren’t looking for the right things in man. Some are only looking for guys who are well built, with money, and how he ranks in society, and then they wonder why they are unhappy with this guy who becomes manipulative and unfaithful/. Others just take the first guy who shows interest and then they wonder why the ended up with a broke, video game obsessed, couch potato.

    These ladies don’t have any boundaries or strategy. They don’t understand the importance attitude and behavior in men, and they let these guys who were already unworthy walk all over them. They have the power the change this, but they will have to start choosing better men.


    • Eduardo the Magnificent

      It’s simple. Women need to find a man who genuinely cares about them and take care of him. But you’re right, they’re looking for all the wrong traits. Not every man will be wealthy or stacked. That doesn’t mean he’s garbage. Prince Charming isn’t riding into town anytime soon. So, ask yourself who’s willing to put up with your entitled ass? If there’s someone who isn’t a fuck up, snag him. If there’s no one, then the problem is you. Fix it.


  • You’re wrong…..

    Anglo bitches treat their dogs way better than their men

    Especially puppy dogs.

    They get laid more too!

    And probably get better wages, paid leave and a generous gubment pension.

    Then there’s the subsidized healthcare, free room and board, chauferr service…


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