Why You Should Never Help Women


A bitch in need is no friend indeed

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Unless you are a rapacious refugee just plopped down on the shores of the cucked west looking to score some easy snatch, a man should never do a fucking thing towards helping the women around him.  As men it is a very natural instinct to want to help those you feel are weaker than yourself.  Indeed it is only our biology which kicks in at the sight of a helpless tart fumbling about in vain.  But, as a white man living in the West it is extremely important that you understand.  You must face the hard reality and accept the cold truth of your existence.

Here’s the truth.


Women hate weak men

Your Women Hate You

Ever since those STUPID FUCKS at the turn of the 20th century gave a bunch of ugly crones the right to vote, men have been losing big time at the game of life and civilization.  Now, why would any person in their right mind grant an equal legal status to grown up children?

Would you allow a 5-year old to have an equal say as you in the matters of your country?  You wouldn’t even allow that in your homes would you?  I sure hope not!

Some have said that feminism and all the rancid garbage that came along with it was simply a giant “shit test” which men fabulously failed at.  Our great grandfathers must have been stark raving mad!  Have you ever wished that you could time travel back to the pinnacle of women’s suffrage and beat the dog shit out of every fucking bitch male who disenfranchised themselves and EVERY generation of their own sons afterwards?

Just give me a bat and a time machine.

Yes, helping women usually means doing so at your own detriment and the defilement of everyone’s future.  All these “Christian” men talking about doing the right thing and making everyone an equalized Fag-O-Tron.  Apparently, our great grandfathers did not read the book they so fervently claimed to believe in.  You know, that book called the Holy Bible.  The book that says women need to shut their fucking mouths?  The book that says a woman is never ever to teach a man anything.  Yea, that book!

The one where it says there is not a SINGLE wise woman on this entire goddamn earth!

Any man with half a brain knows women are solipsistic children and empowering them was at the cost of everyone’s future and even millions of innocent lives murdered at the fickle whims of dish rag whores who loathe the fruit of their own blackened wombs.

Yes, weak males of the West, your women do fucking hate you and I don’t blame them!


“When I think about you, I touch myself,” says the woman who is thinking about an asshole of a man

Get Angry, Get Violent

Most men who have swallowed the Red Pill know some heart crushing truths about women.  They know that women get Slip ‘n Slide wet at the thought of serial killers littering their homes with heads on pikes while tying them up and fucking their brains out.

Anders Breivik was probably not looked at twice by the women of his own country.  Not until he ran out of ammunition splattering the brains of drooling Marxist children across an entire island did the women begin to take notice.  Ever since he indulged in a massive orgy of murder, slaughtering poor and pathetic  “innocent” children, women can’t get enough of this guy!  His prison cell is flooded with letters from young women pleading and confessing their undying love for a COLD BLOODED KILLER.

Wake the fuck up guys.  Stop helping women!

Not only do they hate you for it, they will only keep asking demanding for more.

It will never be enough! 

Not until that little wee wee is chopped off and a swarthy bull stud from a 3rd world monster dump is cuckolding you on camera for an amateur porn site.


Never do nice things for women you want to keep


Realize today that males, even yourselves, your parents, grand parents and nearly every dude around you is a weak bitch.  Accept the cold truth my friends. 

Then get really furiously angry at the deception you have taken as truth.  Stop this very instant being a passive observer in the direction of your life.  It takes aggression to get what you want.  It takes balls and no remorse or apologies.

The wolf devours the sheep.  Can you blame him?  He’s hungry and the stupid sheep just sit there waiting to be ripped apart.  When you help a woman today, you personally ram the butt plug inside your own bitch boy butt. 

You say to the world “Rape me”.   Just like Kurt Cobain.  Smells like Teen Spirit ya’ll.

Realize that everything about the society you live in, the pop culture you suck down like a fat lipped knob slobber exists to humiliate and destroy you.  A woman is going to take everything you give to her and excessively demand more.  She’s got Big Daddy State Corp, Mr. White Knight himself watching her six at all times.  You don’t wanna play ball?  Better get that asshole ready for penetration.

Let’s face it.

You’ve been taking it your entire lives.  Just getting absolutely ram rodded.  Unless you truly desire upheaval within your mind, body and spirit I want you to say “Thank you!”  every time women, the government or anyone viciously hate rapes your punk ass.  It’s just not polite to take a furious pounding without the enthusiastic thanks of an ass freshly fucked.

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  • thefifthestateusa@gmail.com

    God Bless You Sir!!! Finally someone has the balls to speak the truth!! Women are worthless cunts.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I used to help women because I liked it, I mean I like to be nice it´s my nature, but anymore. Everyday I am more and more selfish I think modern women are just creating the men that they deserve.

    Liked by 1 person

  • colddeadhandsdays

    Useless as tits on a lizard.


  • Um, yeah, weird rant…primarily because it was so generalized and vague Having a bad day?


  • FunkSoulBrother

    I for one am just sick to death of having to bend over and give a leg up to women who are not qualified for a position. And then be forced to treat them as equals. They never grow up. Until women are forced to get over the same bar as me, all the same qualifications, pay all the dues, assume the same risk, work for the same perks and nothing more…until that time there will be no equality. So we know that will never happen. And women will continue to assume all the benefits with none of the dues. And if you don’t go along with it, you must endure endless guilting, and shaming, and name-calling, and social and psychological tactics too numerous to name to get you back in line. I recommend any support you can find that helps you build your mental toughness from now on.

    Liked by 1 person

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