Penis Envy on Parade: Establishment Media Lauds Hairy Women


Some chick named Morgan Mikena is making it her crusade to be a hairy bitch

The West really is becoming a grotesque parody of itself. The Socialist code word “progress” now literally means progressing towards total androgyny. The latest symbol of this so-called progress? Hairy women. Yes, you read that right. Somebody, please make this nightmare stop.

Um, paging Dr. Freud once again. Here are the stats as reported by The Telegraph. Read them and weep.

Almost one in four young  women have stopped shaving their underarms, figures show.  Research shows that there has been a steady decline in millennial women removing hair from their legs and underarms. In 2013 95% of women aged 16 to 24 said they removed hair from their underarms. In 2016, this had dropped to just 77%.

We all know women are über herd animals. So, even though these statistics may well be fudged, by virtue of the media running this story more female sheeple will follow the “Let it all hang out, girl!” trend. Think of the media as telling women what to do rather than reporting on reality, and you’ll have a better idea of how things work in that abominable industry.

But it doesn’t stop with hairy armpits.

Leg-shaving is also falling out of fashion – in 2013 92% said they shaved their legs, a proportion which had fallen to 85% in 2016.

Some chick named Morgan Mikena has become a symbol for the new hairy women movement, as her fitness profile has been featured in several left-wing rags. Her language is the typical, brainwashed boilerplate of lobotomized feminists who believe by that by aping men they’re making a difference and fighting back against the evil patriarchy, when in fact all they’re doing is turning themselves into useful idiots of the androgyny agenda. Here’s what she had to say:

By showing my body hair I hope to make an impact. Stop listening to the voices that told us our whole life that we need to look a certain way to be valued, respected, attractive or healthy. It’s up to every person to decide what makes them feel most comfortable within themselves.

Just when you think things can’t possibly get worse in the West when it comes to quality of women, relations between the sexes, and the transmogrification of women into wannabe men, you’re forced to downgrade your opinion.

Here’s how the presstitutes, forever servants of the power structure, are manipulating women. Never is the fact brought up that women, and especially white women, are eat up with Penis Envy. That’s the only plausible psychological explanation for women trying to not only copy men by turning themselves into common laborers rather than moms and wives, but going so far as to emulate male anatomy by becoming hairier. The elite know well this psychological quirk or weakness that women possess and use it to destroy femininity.

And of course, the evil bastards indulge them in their Penis Envy longings, telling them to become even more masculine. They’ve even provided them with their own plastic peewees at Walmart, as TNMM has reported. It would appear women are being preyed upon by a vicious elite hellbent on sterilizing the human species.

The Brave New World must first make people stop reproducing with each other through old-fashioned sex, and eliminating sexual dimorphism is part of that agenda, before it can take total control of human reproduction. Huxley warned us:

“In brief,” the Director summed up, “the parents were the father and the mother.” The smut that was really science fell with a crash into the boys’ eye-avoiding silence. “Mother,” he repeated loudly rubbing in the science; and, leaning back in his chair, “These,” he said gravely, “are unpleasant facts; I know it. But then most historical facts are unpleasant.” He returned to Little Reuben–to Little Reuben, in whose room, one evening, by an oversight, his father and mother (crash, crash!) happened to leave the radio turned on.

For you must remember that in those days of gross viviparous reproduction, children were always brought up by their parents and not in State Conditioning Centres.

Does this insanity end with a bounce or a splat? Or a slow fade to black? You decide.

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  • funksoulbrother

    Go south. Latinas are still acting like women and not baboons.


  • Makes me puke that she is hairier on her legs than most men. Does she at least shave her back?


  • I live here in England I blame a lot of this on thirsty men. I become more Red Pill as each year passes by and I see more Truth in the reality of the corrupt world we live in. This also includes the Truth about women I am flabbergasted what the modern day man will put up with just go get some fanny. Some men will do just about anything to get some they will go out there and fuck 300lb obese land whales, I have seen blokes whose girlfriends treat them like dogs and they still put up with it. Here in England its getting worst the whole male population is getting more white knighted also social media (Facebook/Twitter) has a lot to answer for. A good looking woman will have dozens of white knights on her accounts (the more friends they have the more they get validated) they walk around thinking their super models and no man is good enough for them they look down at everyone. Its un fucking unbeliable men bending over backwards for every one, the women, immigrants, faggots, the Money Matrix system we live in, its dire here in England just as bad as the USA.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I see this as just another means for women to passively say they don’t care anymore about maintaining their appearance. Add this to the obesity epidemic, full body tattoos, crazy hair colors, and who knows what else. Women see men as being so thirsty that they will accept women under any circumstances. What they don’t see is that there is a limit to it. What will have to happen is that the sexual marketplace will have to be seen and acknowledged to have seized and died before women will react. There is nothing that men can do collectively, it is all in the hands of women.

    As for men being thirsty. I think it is a few that are approaching several women by various means that is giving women a false notion of the depth of demand in the market. To that depth, I remember something James Michener wrote in Centennial about the North Platte River, “It’s a mile wide and an inch deep.”


    • Bobbert Magoret

      Agreed with your points. Who cares about those women anymore, they are utterly revolting, boner-destroying creatures. I can’t wait to see what their next ploy is, though… Hanging aborted fetuses around their necks as virtue-signalling or to attention whore? Their is no limit to how low they will sink.


  • Are you sure that is actually a 100% female? My trannydar is going off the charts with that picture. Anyway, I’m just gonna leave this here:


    • Bobbert Magoret

      I, for one, am all for letting the “women” of this country get even grosser and grosser and more degenerate. Wait, is that possible? Then, finally, maybe even the thirstiest guys will give up on giving them attention and either the guys expatriate to the few remaining normal countries, or the species accelerates its population collapse like we see with Western countries. Either way, fuck it, it is coming anyway, so c’est la vie.


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