The Wrong Instruction Book to Life


You are told what your masters think you need to know in the education system

One of the most painful and enraging realizations a man can have when he swallows the Red Pill is learning he was given the wrong instruction book to life. An instruction book intended to make him less than a man. An instruction book designed to turn him into another human sheeple grazing on the corporate-government tax farm, living a life that benefits his masters far more than himself.

He then gets asked why he failed at life, and wonders why he’s worked until he’s broken down and has little to show for it, and is mocked by women who spend their lives polishing the boners of assholes.

It’s because he believed the lies and myths spun by his controllers.

The reality is the world is a darker, and meaner place than many men will ever be able to wrap their minds around. A world where Machiavellian Intelligence rules, and there are literally, lies, myths, and deception all around. The lies and myths are so pervasive they’re institutionalized by the power structure in an attempt to subjugate the masses of Beta schlubs out there. For the easiest way to maintain power and control others is by telling them lies, hoping they’ll never realize the line of bullshit they’ve been fed.

This evil seems to work for the majority of the population. But what about us? The ones who realize we’ve been fed a tissue of lies our entire lives? That we’ve been given the wrong “instruction book” to life? Are we the damned?

The “education” a man receives in the public education system isn’t designed to enlighten him, it’s designed to turn him into a docile worker bee who hates himself, his people, and his history. The next chapter in the instruction book comes from the media, an industry that is so full of shit it is almost literally exploding with verbal diarrhea. They tell him what to think, who to listen to, and how to live. The next chapter comes from politicians who create plebeian myths of “the common good” and “the working man” and “Murica” as a force for good in the world.

Between education system lackeys indoctrinating and conditioning him from the tender age of 5 all the way through early adulthood, to the media feeding him bullshit in his spare time, to politicians expounding on the myths spun by the education system and the media, a man finds himself neck deep in a pile of cultural bullshit. He then moves on to the corporate world.

He is buried in yet more myths and lies that tell him the corporation cares for his well-being, when in fact he is nothing more than an expendable line item on a spreadsheet to them. The corporate world tells him women are better than him, and deserve special treatment. Suppress those nasty sexual urges you have.

They work him like a slave.

In what little time he has to think and read information outside the myopic view of the world presented to him by his masters, he begins to notice discrepancies. Problems with the view of the world presented to him by educators, mediaites, and political parasites. Something just doesn’t add up.

Thanks to the Internet, the last true bastion of freedom in a world that is offended by free men who don’t follow rules, he’s able to openly read and share ideas with others who also notice the real world doesn’t match the cotton candy view of it they’ve been fed. It doesn’t take long before the Wisdom of Crowds phenomenon takes over and a class of men realize they have been totally sold out by their controllers, and sold into a life of bondage.

White hot rage begins to build inside the man who made an honest effort to abide by the instruction book he was given to life, only to discover the instruction book wasn’t meant to empower him, it was meant to put him to sleep and take advantage of him. Some men go into denial upon having this painful, life-altering realization. Others check out of the system. And others try to fight back and wake other men up.

For you see, if you are here reading this, realize my friend, you haven’t failed at life. You’ve been given the wrong set of instructions when it comes to dealing with women and the world. Realizing you’ve been totally fucked by your masters is the path to building new wisdom.

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  • Relampago Furioso is awesome. I have been feeling these things my entire life, since grade school and have been an underachieving “loser’ to nearly all and sundry ever since. Still I swallowed more blue pills than red pills until around 2008 when I found the men’s web and found out how truly deep the rabbit hole goes.

    Now I see the prison everwhere around me. All of those dystopian novels had it right, only they described something that would have been obvious, likely, to its inhabitants Today’s panopticon is far more clever, insidious and subconsciously programme into us, such that it all seems normal and beneficent.

    Now, however, I look around and cannot help but notice the social engineering all around us. In the movie Serenity, the drug Pax was added to the water to pacify the population… only it had adverse effects. Most were frozen in their tracks, dead on their feet. The worst reactions though were the Revers who became violent toward the Federation. These are the Red Pillers who are no longer willing to tolerate an arbitrary authority who ruins lives in the name of “civilization, peace, law and order.”

    Check out the original series, too, upon which the movie was based: Firefly

    Unbelievably, the series and movie were written by Josh Whedon, a rabid liberal. Methinks that he subconsciously understands the situation, but still poops out blue pills on a regular basis. incredible.


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