Betrayal: The Essence of Being Female


Women betray. Men in biblical times knew this well which is why they wrote the story of Samson and Delilah

If there’s a one word description to use when summing up the essence of being female, betrayal is one that immediately springs to mind. Women are loyal only to themselves, even though they fool many Betas into believing they “love” them. Whether it takes 20 minutes, 20 hours, 20 days, 20 weeks, or 20 years, the awakened man knows to expect betrayal from any woman stewed and basted in hateful Anglo culture.

Modern, feminized Anglo culture has set free destructive female nature to ravage the cultural landscape and lives of men everywhere in the society. They’re destroying once powerful nations from the inside out with their reckless, self-destructive lives of vanity, materialism, and hedonism.

As Durant and Toynbee knew, a nation cannot be conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. Western nations crumble one by one as women have hollowed them out from the inside.

Men in biblical times knew of the tendency of women to behave in this destructive manner, and successfully restrained destructive female impulses for millenia with their teachings. These teachings have been culturally lobotomized by generations of institutionalized Christophobia brought on by liberalism and feminism.

Biblical scholars at Zondervan give us an apt description of the cautionary tale of Delilah, well-known when churches ruled men’s lives rather than today’s media.

The record of Delilah, the heartless wrecker of a mighty man, is given in eighteen verses; and the description of Samson’s betrayal, fall, bondage and death is one of the most graphic in the Bible. We cannot, of course, write of Delilah without mentioning Samson. What a contrast they present, and how symbolic they are of characters in the world today! Samson was physically strong but morally weak. Although able to rend a lion, he could not fight his lusts. He could break his bonds, but not his habits. He could conquer Philistines but not his passions. Delilah was a woman who used her personal charm to lure a man to his spiritual and physical destruction, and she stands out as one of the lowest, meanest women of the Bible—the female Judas of the Old Testament.

This Philistine courtesan was a woman of unholy persistence and devilish deceit, who had personal charm, mental ability, self-command, and nerve, but who used all her qualities for one purpose and money. She and womanly honor and love had never met, for behind her beautiful face was a heart as dark as hell, and full of viperous treachery. “Her supreme wickedness lay not in betraying Samson to his enemies but in causing him to break faith with his ideals.” Shakespeare might well have had Delilah in mind when he wrote—

O Nature! What hadst thou to do in Hell, When thou didst bower the spirit of a fiend…In mortal Paradise of such sweet flesh.

Deluding Samson into believing she really loved him, Delilah sold him to blindness, bondage and death. The ease with which she betrayed her husband revealed that she belonged to the enemies of God’s people, the people of whom Samson was the recognized leader at that time. The Philistines did not like Samson around because he was the champion of Israel and as such interfered with their practices. Therefore he must be got rid of, and in Delilah, the Philistine prostitute, the Philistines had one who was willing to be bribed to act as their agent. She had one purpose and that was to secure money, and had no qualms of conscience to trifle with love for the sake of wealth. Thus, as Kuyper expresses it, “All the while she kept a police force quartered in her rooms and awaited the moment in which she could surrender her lover into his enemies’ hands.”

Samson became a traitor to himself because he could not resist a woman’s charm. First one woman and then another took advantage of this deep-seated weakness and basic sin of his, and Delilah was the most effective in destroying him.

The lesson to glean from the story of Samson and Delilah follows:

She remains as a warning to all men to beware of the charm and wiles of a wicked, scheming woman.

As any enlightened Western man knows well, all women are wicked and scheming. They will betray a man at the drop of a hat.


Women are loyal only to those men who provide an immediate socioeconomic benefit to them, or to men whose strength will allow their own offspring to survive

Female Nature

The tendency to betray springs from innate female selfishness and solipsism, which is of course, something we regularly observe in women. A man is only a disposable utility the the female mind. Why is this?

It has to do with supply and demand. An attractive woman (or in these desperate times in the West, a female with a pulse) has myriad options of men to choose from. Subconsciously, in the female hindbrain there will be an infinite supply of suitors at her disposal, so one individual suitor, no matter how many sacrifices he might have made for her in the past, never matters much to her in the present.

With women, it’s never what have you done for me. It’s what have you done for me lately?

Thus, the predatory female chooses only to associate with the male she sees as the best meal ticket to raise her socioeconomic status, and who will give her offspring the best chance of surviving a Machiavellian world. This decision making happens mostly subconsciously. She will play along with the man she is predating for resources and/or feels, following his lead as long as there is direct benefit for her to do so.

Of course, with no cultural restraints to stop her, as soon as male socioeconomic benefits cease, or decrease beyond what her personal Hedonic Treadmill demands, betrayal usually follows. One can observe this on both a personal and societal level.

Women are not only not stopped from behaving this way in totally insane Anglo culture, they’re now encouraged to do so! Naturally, having no checks and balances on women is leading to a catastrophe for Western civilization.

As only one example of the nature of women to betray, white women were loyal to white men when white men ruled the world. Now that a couple of generations of weak white men have allowed their nations to be conquered by foreigners and themselves to be subjugated by their masters and transformed into supplicating, doughy office drones, white women are betraying them en masse and welcoming in conquerors with both open arms and open legs.  This betrayal of white women with their wombs by either not having children or bearing the children of those they see as conquerers is an integral part of the ongoing demographic decline of Caucasians who are dying off en masse.

Betrayal is so core to what a woman is, women often betray each other. This is why women don’t like other women, they know what each is capable of.

It can be added that among those Western women that bother to continue to the species by reproducing they are often, but not always loyal to their children. Even in this circumstance women are loyal primarily to the survival of their own DNA, possessed by their offspring. This is the only reason women don’t betray their own children.

Never be surprised when a woman betrays you. Expect it! Betrayal is the true essence of femininity. They have betrayed the weak men of the West just as any woman would betray what she sees as a worthless or compromised man, and civilization is crumbling as a result.

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  • At the end of the day… all this boils down to one thing and one thing only….DRAMA. Women LOVE Drama, Drama, Drama…………… I would love Rel, to write a whole article on “Women and Drama.”


  • This relates to Merkel of Germany, betraying her own country, in collusion with other female leaders in Europe. Aided and abetted by the Manginas in Europe, like Macron of France !


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I think that women would be less inclined to betray their men if they knew men would be difficult to replace. The problem is that women are behaving as if there are three or four men to every woman and it is working for them. I’d like to know how that can happen in a population where women slightly outnumber men. We’re getting played.


    • We may be getting played, but the thing is, there are only something like 1 in 10 (at most) single/bangable (no single mom/18-29 age range/non-landwhale/unattached) women for every guy that would like one in that range, at least in the U.S. Yes, women outnumber men in total aggregate, but most of that comes from the late middle aged to borderline ancient age ranges. Nubile, fertile women in their prime (see above) are vastly outnumbered by men pursuing them (and those who would like to pursue them). Not nearly enough young hotties to go around and that doesn’t even really take into account the female obesity/mental illness/single mom/SJW epidemic. Hence, even female 3s can act like they are goddesses nowadays.


  • Even young girls are crazy. Even in rural ranching towns.

    A group of 6th grade girls at my son’s school got together and asked 5th and 6th grade boys to rate them (on a scale of 1-10). The boys were told to be on their computers each night at 6pm, on a particular website, to do the rating.

    The boys obliged the girls for a couple days, but quickly decided it was complete bullshit and started making excuses to their parents not to be near their home computers. The girls were so mad they made the boys miserable at school, dumped dirt in their school lunches, in their hair, etc.

    The girls that were rated poorly reacted even worse to the boys, calling them names little girls shouldn’t even know.

    One parent noticed his normally happy, athletic son was growing sullen and quiet. The boy refused to do his homework or go near the family computer. The boy came home with dirt in his hair for a couple days in a row.

    My wife, who volunteers at the school every week and knows the boy’s mother, worked with staff to put two and two together. Once the scheme was out in the open the principal conducted an investigation, determined the boys had in fact rated some of the girls . . . and punished all of the boys.

    A group of mothers who knew the whole story had to approach the principal before the girls were even questioned in the matter. My wife said to me, “this is why I hate women.”

    I know and have worked with the parents of several of those girls, and they are good, traditional men. I can say without hesitation that these girls did what they did simply because ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT.


    • Our rotten culture certainly did not help. Too many parents inadventantly let the TV, internet, and smartphones undermine what little values instilled to their children.
      As for the principal who blamed the boys, I first thought a woman, but no, likely a mangina.


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