The Simple Pleasure of a Good Cigar and a Stiff Drink


Just add a beach and a sexual escapade, and a man has heaven on earth, in my opinion

While it gives me no pleasure to document the ongoing decline and disintegration of the West and the waist-deep bullshit the average man has to wade through from the propaganda ministry on a daily basis, I must admit I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.

I learned to let things go.

Writing is my catharsis, where I let it all out. After that, I return to my daily life trying to make it as pleasurable and worthwhile as I can now that I’ve freed myself from both the prison of the mind and debt slavery.

One of the simplest and most satisfying pleasures is heading down to the beach when I’m in the Caribbean, or a scenic overlook when I’m stateside, with a bottle of red wine and a quality cigar in tow. In the Caribbean, naturally I avail myself of the hand-rolled Cuban cigars available on nearly every street corner. I also enjoy a nice, stiff Caipirinha if I don’t take the bottle of wine with me. This is an experience that costs maybe a few bucks and brings me great pleasure.

Stateside, a $20 bottle of wine and a $10 cigar will do. It’s the pleasure only a dedicated minimalist can appreciate.

I was never too interested in the vivisecting world of cigar, wine, and liquor snobbery that pervades the materialistic West. The simple pleasure of doing something for the fun of it seems lost on the poseurs, constantly trying to one-up each other with their competitive conversations and conspicuous consumption. The real talent comes from being able to enjoy both the high and the low experiences in life, something these guys will never know.

I have more fun spending $5 abroad than they can have spending $500…never realizing it’s not about how much money a man spends but his state of mind.

Sitting under the cove palms, listening to the crackle of motorcycles in the distance, watching the waves crest then splash ashore, enjoying watching children play at the beach, and appreciating my newfound freedom away from the corporate plantation are some of the happiest experiences a Red Pill man can have.

And, unlike my life as a citizen turned migrant worker in the States when I’m accumulating money for my next set of adventures abroad, when I’m truly “home” on the lush Samaná peninsula, most days I can wander around and find a chica who’s ready and willing to have some adult fun with me.

What could be better? Feeling good after smoking some rich, unfiltered tobacco, a nice buzz, and a satisfying sexual release with a dark-skinned hottie? The stress melts, and I cherish the simplicity of being able to do this more than I ever did the Gilded Cage of materialism I found myself in during my 20s.

What’s your pleasure?

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  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    “I have more fun spending $5 abroad than they can have spending $500…never realizing it’s not about how much money a man spends but his state of mind.”

    So true. Most Americans will eat, drink, and spend themselves into massive debt and oblivion but will never be happy.


  • The older I get, the more physical I get—forests, oceans, mountains, lakes (if they’re big enough). Barbell, good food, single malts, cigars, good tea, decent clothing on me, good sleep, young female bodies (overseas). The only socio-cultural element that has paid off for me is reading high end fiction. Nearly all other socio-cultural elements have disappointed; social approval, status, popularity, the ridiculous Disneyfied search for long term, pie in the sky, ‘she’s the one’ love. Long term friendships, the old hometown narratives, family. Socio-cultural paradigms fade, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

    Waking up and living the day in a strong, positive physical manner will always work. If you’re at the end of a day well-lived (exercise, good food, good outfit, good focus on projects or work) and you’re kicking back with a young beauty then that’s a great day. That beats any of the decades long socio-cultural narratives that so many people waste their lives on. Guys waste decades on fat, decaying women to invest in that Disneyfied last moment of proclaiming ‘love’ right before flatlining. It’s ten thousand plus days are thrown in the shitter for that false, Hollywood moment. Better to have a nice stogie and a scotch followed by some late twenty year old tits in your face TODAY.


  • Agreed. Hipster consumerists posing as men will never know what you’re talking about. The simple pleasures in life. One of my all-time best moments was sitting on the hood of a Humvee dressed in the same clothes I’d worn for a week. I had just led the graduation exercise at Infantry Officer Basic Course, a night-time deliberate assault mission, and was finishing a box meal and a coke. A buddy sat down next to me and handed me a cigar as the sun rose.


  • Backdoor to Hollywood

    The minimalist lifestyle is quite liberating… one can only hope that corporate enslavement never reaches the shores of beautiful Caribbean islands (and every other tranquil environment, for that matter)…


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