Still Better than Being an Office Drone


As close to the life of a pirate as you can legally get today

It’s time to wake up when I want to wake up. It’s time to have lunch when I want to have lunch. It’s quitting time when I say it’s quitting time. I’m saving around 90% of my take home pay.

And then, I have the best office view around.

I enjoy watching people wink up their nose when I say I am a truck driver. I enjoy hearing them criticize my choice to leave the noose news business. I enjoy watching them fling whatever shit they can fling at me.

For I know if corporate drones who are helplessly dependent on the myths and the debt slavery the system subsists on are attacking me, that I’m on the right path.

Down the road I go.

It’s not long until I’ll be leaving The Matrix again. And they’ll be fighting rush hour traffic to go back to their cushy prison cell, riding their new car in a circuit between their Office Space and back to the clutches of their fatass wives in between feeding her penchant for wasting money on materialism and recreational eating.

And I’ll be sliding inside of some 21-year old in between writing, sunning my white ass on the beach, drinking wine and smoking cigars.

A free man.

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  • What type of cigar will you be enjoying?


  • It’s good that you are proud of what you do.


  • If that is your life you are not free to express your core being which you do not yet even understand…
    You will soon.


    • And what would be our core being?

      Seems he`s closer to living a life closer, relatively speaking,
      to what would be natural for our species. Working you`re self to death within the constraints of the Anglosphere, being a slave to Government and cruel women involves little freedom of any sort.


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        I have to agree with Johnny.

        What?! Has this person heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Most men residing in the west especially the Anglosphere need to have their physiological and safety needs met before one can even start speaking of self-actualization.

        We have had enough of Puritanism, slavery, and the denial of the physical here!


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