The Androgyny Agenda: U.S. Army Issues Guidelines for Pregnant Men


The Marxist gender confusion and elimination agenda is proceeding – now men can be pregnant too

The Anglo world has long had issues with sexuality, from unhealthy Puritan repression morphing into modern, secular feminism to an ethnic group of women who have the most acute case of Freudian Penis Envy in the world. After all, feminism and women trying to be just like men rather than just like their grandmothers originated here, it didn’t originate anywhere else. On top of all these issues, the corporate-government complex sees eliminating sexual differences as the wave of the future. As these problems spiral out of control, sexuality becomes stranger and stranger in this society.

For example, the U.S. military is now issuing mandatory transgender sensitivity training and guidelines for pregnant men. You read that right. Now “men” (i.e. gender confused women) can be pregnant, too, in this gender-bending society. Mind you, this is happening under President Trump. Obama got the ball rolling, and turncoat Trump isn’t stopping it.

Lt. Colonel Jennifer Johnson of the U.S. Army told the press YouGoGrrls like her will be distributing the new propaganda and enforcing the new, Marxist dictates.

This training is mandatory for all uniformed members, as well as Department of the Army civilians.

The gender-bending insanity is further detailed by Fox News:

Female soldiers must also come to terms with taking a shower alongside men who identify as women – even if the transgender soldier did not undergo sex-reassignment surgery.

This means a man can now claim to be a woman and then go take a hot shower with naked women in the Army, or vice versa. The U.S. Army training further details just how embedded gender confusion has become in the military.

Accommodations cannot isolate or stigmatize the TG soldier. As these training materials proclaim, there will be ‘mixed genitalia’ in military showers and sleeping quarters. Moms and dads in America need to know this before they send their sons and daughters to military service.

“Mixed genitalia” is another phrase to add to the insane liberal lexicon. What about when “men” become pregnant?

Transgender Soldiers with a medical condition, including pregnancy, will be treated the same as any other Soldier with that condition.

Of course, the ultimate aim of agenda items like this one in the playbook of global Communism is to eliminate ALL differences in humanity, right down to genitalia. This is the biggest reason, beyond its innate issues with sexuality since the days of Puritanism, that modern American society is merging male and female into one androgynous glob – one baby step at a time.

Ron Crews, director of Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty took the typical, conservative approach to “fighting back” against the new guidelines. Conservatives typically offer up symbolic resistance to new, insane government policy before kowtowing to new legal and social paradigms created by leftists.

That pregnancy scenario is beyond words. This is an example of how this social policy can be used simply to promote personal agendas at the expense of taxpayers with no regard for being what the military is all about. Millions of dollars and training hours have been consumed with lectures on how to deploy transgender personnel in a war zone that has laws against that behavior. Military commanders should be focused on fighting wars, not on how to deal with transgender personnel.

Words, and nothing more from the right once again.

It surely is a strange, Brave New World in America. Perhaps what is even more amazing is how passive the sheeple are about these social engineering schemes wrecking the military and eventually, humanity. Bread and circuses have worked for thousands of years. It seems they’re still doing quite an effective job at subduing resistance to the destruction of both masculinity and sexuality in Anglo America.

Say, let’s head down to the mall and have a big plate at the all you can eat buffet and forget all about this while watching a foosball game. Maybe willful ignorance really is bliss.

One wonders if the populace will lie down and take chemical castration of boys as silently as they’ve taken all the bathroom confusion and gender bending. You know, make them more docile and open to suggestion, like girls.

That is the next logical step (already being discussed in some circles) for the self-appointed shepherds of humanity to take, beyond drugging “defective” boys with Ritalin and confusing the next generation about their sexuality in the media and edumacation system.

They’ll have to kill me first.

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Has anyone though to consider questioning the sanity of those issuing these orders?
    I am serious.


  • I can’t believe this is the same Army I served in . . . At the time, the issue was gays in the military, then “don’t ask don’t tell,” and now this?!?!? It’s unfathomable how many men have had to sell out in order for society to come to this point.

    I’m sure Rel is correct; chemical castration of boys will be on the menu soon.

    They’ll have to kill me first too.


  • 14% of military personnel are women. The vast majority work in support positions so that more men can be pushed to the font lines to die. The vast majority of war deaths are male, but somehow we have 68 female generals now. I regret every day of the four years I served honorably in the military. I’d just as soon spit on a female general than serve a single day again. It’s all about gynocentrism, giving women even more power over men and the state pandering to women for their vote. Women shouldn’t get to decide whether or not they’ll serve in combat – just like men. Female servicemen should be court-martialed for becoming pregnant during wartime. Women have several different ways of blocking pregnancy and female combatants commonly get pregnant when a war starts. If you’re negligent and become inactive during combat as a man – you’re court-martialed for destruction of government property. As it was men that were disposed of in all the prior wars, mandate combat roles for all female servicemen. Let’s start handing out those empty medals to dead women in pink body bags. It’s long, long past overdue.


  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    Well, I’m not surprised. They have been pushing this agenda since Clinton was in office. If that is what they want then make it mandatory for women to sign up for the draft at 18 too…and put their asses on the front line as well. If their fortunate enough to get captured in place that acknowledges the differences between the sexes with a healthy resentment of being droned on a regular basis…their going to find rather quickly who is male and will be beheaded and the other raped.


  • Unbelievable article, Rel, just unreal what this “society”/sick twisted America, Inc., has come to and become. You have already elucidated the roots of this and more in many excellent prior articles and I agree with you 1000%, but please keep ’em coming, brother, you are doing other men a great service.


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