The Tough-Talking, ‘Murica Loving President: The Acting Role of a Lifetime


Best buddies, then suddenly, worst enemies – a storyline befitting a soap opera

Trump is full of hot air.

That’s the conclusion many are coming to after observing, with an unjaundiced eye, what he’s been doing while in office. Trump has either been compromised by the military-industrial complex and Deep State, or he’s playing the role of a lifetime as scripted for him by the power structure from the beginning.

My hunch is on the latter.

The NBC television star turned President has gone from playing the badass boss on The Apprentice to playing the badass boss of America. Trump’s role is to play the deplorables’ tough-talking, ‘Murica-loving President, appeasing the gelatinous blob of shopping and eating machines known as average voters while the globalist agenda chugs along unnoticed by them – but happening right in front of their myopic eyes. The Don is tasked with keeping them distracted with MAGA, flag-waving, tough-talking homilies while continuing the agenda of the globalists behind the scenes.

Evidence is mounting this New York liberal suddenly turned conservative is doing to the right what Obama did to the left – fool them, cruelly and with stunning sophistry. Just as liberals thought Obama walked on water as he earned Nobel Peace Prizes while dropping bombs, gave them “free” healthcare that in reality cost them the farm, and preached about unity while pursuing policies of racial divide and conquer, conservatives also think Trump walks on water.

His signature campaign promise – the border wall – is, at best, in limbo. Notice Trump doesn’t talk about it anymore. He promised to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, then did a victory lap when a RINO Congress only polished the turd known as Obamacare. He said he was a globalist (and a nationalist – huh?) in late April. He convinced conservatives they won by pulling out of the Paris global warming accords but the hidden truth is he’s only renegotiating the deal on global taxation and wealth redistribution. He’s going to be rewarding Silicon Valley with more H1B visas, lowering wages for the American worker and bringing in even more immigrants. The techies, who bashed The Don relentlessly during the campaign just came out of George Soros-linked Jared Kushner’s office singing his praises. Trump’s military just shot down a Syrian aircraft fighting ISIS, riling Russia and making it even more obvious than it already was the US is playing the War on Terror from both sides.

Yet, you talk to the average Trump supporter and they’re oblivious about any of this. They only see the shadows on the wall in Plato’s cave, never the puppet masters. They cling to the cult of personality around Trump with Jesus-like fervor.

All I know is, there’s a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach about this character. I didn’t vote in 2016 for either candidate. I am prouder of that decision now than ever before. Something just seemed “too good to be true” about Trump falling out of the sky to give a last minute, Hail Mary touchdown victory to the average American wanting to see their country maintain its sovereignty and stop its further slide into  becoming the modern day polyglot boarding house Teddy Roosevelt warned about.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Remember, just weeks before Trump announced his candidacy he had a hush-hush, closed door, secret meeting with Bill Clinton. One could imagine their discussion going something like this.

Bill: “The power structure has seen you like acting, Don. You’ve had a successful series on NBC playing the tough-talking boss. But now, you have the opportunity to land the acting role of a lifetime.”

Don: “Beautiful, it’s just beautiful. The show The Apprentice was beautiful, and what I think you’re getting ready to tell me is beautiful.”

Bill: “How would you like to play the tough-talking President? The plan for the next election is to reword Hope and Change into something like Make America Great Again. Those phrases poll well with the rabble out there. And you get to be the actor. Best of all, you get to play the villain in the campaign.”

Don: “That’s tremendous. Just tremendous. I think I could step into that tremendous role.”

Bill: “I envy you, Don. I always wanted to play the bad guy. My globalist friends want you to steam up the deplorables out there, stoking their wildest fantasies. They’ll be so enamored of your tough-talking image and devil-may-care attitude, they’ll never realize what you’re actually doing when it comes to policy.”

And voila, a couple of years later he’s in office and nothing of substance has changed or appears it will change. The Trumpbots are just as clueless as the Obamabots were. As we would say in the news and public relations business, Trump is a master of branding.

People are emotional creatures, not rational ones.

How else does one explain the fact that no matter who we elect, no matter what they say, the same things happen, and nothing changes except window dressing? Don’t expect Trump to Make America Great Again, when in reality, he will do so only in the minds of those who can’t see reality. Meanwhile, the country continues it inexorable decline.

Memo to the clueless American voter: You’ve been had, once again.

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  • Politics is a game to play for the rich and the wannabes.
    Prime Minister Pierre Turdeau (the Liberal bi-sexual, pedophile father of Justin) retired from politics and returned to his profession of private liar, I mean, lawyer and was immediately appointed to the board of directors at American Barrick Resources. At the time AB was a shell company. 8 years later conservative Prime Minister Mulroney (friend of Donald ‘Dimwit’ Trump and nemesis to Turdeau) retired from politics and returned to his profession of private liar, I mean, lawyer and was immediately appointed to the board of directors at American Barrick Resources. By then AB was the second largest gold mining company on the planet. Little golden handshake for the two prime ministers who completely sold out Canada.

    Not long after President George Bush (senior) retired from politics and was immediately appointed to the board at AB. He was also appointed to the board of Cargill. Today AB is the largest gold miner on the planet and the largest destroyer of ecosystems. Cargill is the largest grain handler on the planet and buddies with Monsanto (the Great Satan) who is responsible for more deaths to the ecosystem with Round Up than you care to know. Bush was also knighted by the Queen of England (also known as the Titular head of the English Church which is owned by the Vatican). Holding an office of English peerage is forbidden under the US Constitution, for a public servant, and punishable by hanging. Anybody got rope for 3? Make that 4 including Trump. Of course we need a non-corrupted court of law to pass sentence. Good luck there buddy!

    Politics is a fools game, don’t play, don’t vote, take the Red Pill instead. Things are just starting to warm up.


  • I voted AGAINST Hitlery, but with the knowledge that putting the RINOs in charge was just going to be an economic patch, not a cure. The national debt will continue to rise, albeit hopefully more slowly. The Uniparty has no intention of biting their fiscal masters’ hands, and won’t let Trump do it, either. Gridlock? That’s a feature, not a bug, to the spineless Congress. I never had any real hope that Trump would be anything other than a disruptor, but he’s not succeeding much at that, either.


  • It’s OK. It was him or “The future is female!” candidate. If you voted Yuge, you did good. Ya hear that guy talk real about easy, money grubbing poody on hot mic? Now that’s the guy you want on your side. Trust me. I know.

    He’s just like you and me, only he has billions. He’s so stinking rich, dude is even working for free. Nice hot wife, too. Bish will likely clean him out one day.


  • Chris Stevenson

    Recommend the BBC documentary HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis,
    it explains the role of Trump within a larger plan to manipulate everyone including the opposition.


  • (Sorry, i meant to post this here and not on the other thread)

    Relampago, I am very pleased to know that you are one of the few Return of Kings writers who has seen Trump for what he is, rather than for what his followers make him out to be. Do you use Disqus? I tend to post on there more frequently. Would enjoy waxing with you further on there on this and other relevant matters. God bless you good sir.


  • Trump has always been a Zionist puppet … who do you think gave him the billions to finance his real estate projects?


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