How Does She Benefit Me?

Sensual beautiful young couple is having sex on bed

It’s time for men to start asking a question females always have on their minds

It’s a well-established fact women only see men as meal tickets, disposable utility and success objects, and entertainers. Hypergamy – the fact women only look upward in status when dating and marrying –  results from this aforementioned aspect of female psychology.

Women always ask themselves, whether consciously or unconsciously: How does this man benefit me? Unfortunately, most men are all too willing to be used and objectified in this manner. Weak or unawakened men try to bend themselves into a pretzel to make themselves beneficial to women then act surprised when they wind up used.

Beta males/White Knights, and those lower in the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy are always willing to appease women, turning themselves into the human equivalent of an overeager Chihuahua puppy wagging its tail, barking, and staring because his master has a fresh piece of red meat in his hand. Women dangle the figurative red meat known as their sexuality in front of hungry eyes to get what they want, then never give the poor bastard the reward. Or, only let him taste it while cruelly removing the treat from his mouth at a later date.

The awakened, reformed man (or a natural Sigma/Alpha) doesn’t behave like the Chihuahua. For those still going through the painful initial stages of reform after swallowing the Red Pill, here’s some advice.

Always ask yourself the same question women ask themselves: How does she benefit me? This is really the only way to look at women, as lots of experience with them will teach a man they’re more base, animalistic, and less evolved than he is. In many ways, they’re prototype humans, and men are the finished product.

Hardly the goddesses this culture proclaims them to be, underneath the well-practiced exterior façade you’ll find a creature that thinks only of itself, its pleasure and its material well-being. Male traits like ingenuity, loyalty, self-sacrifice and searching for intrinsic happiness (the opposite of materialism) are not a language it speaks.

The problem, when men ask themselves “How does she benefit me?” is modern Anglo women provide very few benefits and a whole lotta baggage. Mountains of cellulite, emotional manipulation, financial exploitation, and other baggage. Let’s go over some of their benefits:

  • Sex (Except when she’s “not in the mood”)
  • Subpar companionship

Now let’s go over some of their baggage:

  • Frivorce
  • Child support penury
  • Alimony (All The Money as Robin Williams called it)
  • High divorce rate
  • Statistically sterile i.e. doesn’t want or like children
  • Solipsism
  • Victim mentality
  • Gossip
  • Predatory nature (Women hunt men, men hunt resources)
  • Uninteresting personalities
  • Bitchy
  • Glib
  • Superficial/shallow personalities
  • Materialistic (Madonna’s smash hit Material Girl nailed female nature)
  • Flighty
  • Disloyal
  • Legally superior to men in the court system
  • Doesn’t know how to cook
  • Often has manly personality characteristics
  • Doesn’t like being a woman
  • Bleached/technicolor hair
  • 2/3 are overweight or obese
  • Has had more wieners than the Oscar Meyer truck
  • Doesn’t date/marry across or down in status, only up

Frankly, this is why bills legalizing prostitution need to be passed yesterday in Anglo American legislatures. That’s way too much bullshit for the average man to put up with for a few minutes of sexual pleasure every few days. Renting consensual sex between two willing adults lets men get subpar companionship and sex without taking on all the baggage that comes with today’s female. Nevada is apparently the only state in the union that realizes this.

What is sex doing on the black market anyway? Why must this culture hide the world’s oldest profession and oppress heterosexual men?

Beyond legalizing the sex trade, the awakened man will begin to look at women differently when he sees there’s much more than meets the eye that comes with the Anglo female package – that may be pleasing to the eye and the penis – but detrimental to every other aspect of his life. He begins to realize what horrible deals most men accept and what horrible treatment they accept from women to temporarily be entertainers and success objects in their lives.

The short answer to the question “How does she benefit me?” or “What does she have to offer?” is: Not much, brother. Since the sexual devolution, women are free to roam the landscape as predators of men with impunity. There are no longer cultural or legal consequences for women completely exploiting men in this day and age.

Each instance is met with a vapid “YouGoGrrl!”

Sure, Game might get you inside the love box, but you had better know what you’re dealing with. A man that practices Game must never allow himself to fall in love or become deluded with the fantasy he can practice Game well enough to keep her around. Because, sooner or later he will slip up or grow tired of constantly putting her in her place and dealing with her drama. It’s at that point he’ll be put through the emotional, legal, and financial meat grinder.

As has been said before at TNMM, the true irony of feminism and the sexual devolution is it turned women into the sex objects they purportedly can’t stand being. All without women even realizing it. What a paradox!

Since their “magical” wet hole is all modern Anglo women are good for after feminism wrecked any other value they might provide, men need to ask themselves questions like: Would she give good head? Would she ride me good when she’s on top? Could I stand being around her longer than a couple of hours? If she’s drinking, does her bitch shield get turned down to DEFCON 3? Do not ask: What could I do to benefit her?

If you want a woman that brings a little more than a vagina and a list of demands to the table, better look somewhere else. Or, reform this insane culture. Good luck with that.

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  • I love this post, I bookmarked it.

    This is so true:

    “lots of experience with them will teach a man they’re more base, animalistic, and less evolved than he is. In many ways, they’re prototype humans, and men are the finished product.”

    “Male traits like ingenuity, loyalty, self-sacrifice and searching for intrinsic happiness (the opposite of materialism) are not a language it speaks.”

    “Has had more wieners than the Oscar Meyer truck” lozlzozzlzozlzzz

    Well done Relampago!!!

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  • Fierce Ocean Explained

    Some reinforcement for the Anglobitch inoculater that is this website!

    I love acronyms so I hijacked one from the auto industry: Controller Area Network (CAN bus)

    I’m not a service technician or anything like that but i think these are used to run your car’s safety, security and convenience features using sensors, a small wiring loom, software code and a micro-processor middle-man. ( using your photo-sensor signals to turn on the automatic headlamps at night, auto-dim and shut off when you lock your car and walk away.

    The alternative is to hardwire it, tons of wires, connectors, circuits, timers and other things. Things that are more failure prone and a pain in the ass to trouble-shoot!

    I love acronyms and hate Anglobitches so inspired by this article and another one ” I still cringe when I hear and Anglobitch near”

    (CAN bus)

    The things we hear when an Anglobitch speaks

    Urine? I dont know! every time I interact with one too long either I feel pissed on or I get PISSED OFF!
    Shit. Bull,Horse, Donkey,Chicken ect,. Things she thinks are most important are usually crop fertilizer!

    I’d love to see the acronyms you guys come up with

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  • The way I see it, a healthy relationship needs two things: erotic attraction between the man and woman (part of which consists of male attraction to youth and looks and female attraction to wealth and status) and compassion between them

    Anglo women are generally too ugly for any erotic attraction to take place, and their lack of compassion has been well-documented.

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  • I once nearly married a Latina with the best ass I’d ever seen. She was a nice girl too. I couldn’t have asked for more. The one question I kept asking myself was this; “Would I be in love with her if she had wastoid Anglo ass? What if she had that boxy, soggy Anglo ass? Basically, would I want to marry her if she had a four ass instead of a ten ass?

    So that’s when I realized that I couldn’t marry her. I was going to marry an ass, not a human. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like and respect her. That was there too, but it was the sexual allure that made up 98% of the deal. If I had to look away wincing in disgust when she walked off to the bathroom nude then (all other things being the same) I wouldn’t have even wanted to see her again. I might have dressed and left while she was showering. But since her ass was international top shelf, I was thinking of spending the next 60 years of my life with her. And I realized at that time of my life that attraction is nearly all physical. I can go be in ‘love’ with a 20 year old Filipina tomorrow. It would happen. I could never ‘love’ a 35 plus female who doesn’t squat. I don’t care how much we ‘connect’ on books or interests, etc. It’s all physical. 25 and unders are always in ‘love’ because the physicality is there. Wait til you’re older.

    It’s not only sex, but sex with beautiful women. Like the girl in the top photo. Well, okay, you’d put up with some crap for that kind of tail but not many guys are getting that. Maybe 2% of men over the age of 28 get something that good.

    Okay, so my point is this; There are millions upon millions of men putting up with all the illogic, solipsism, and hostility etc from women and the women aren’t even attractive. To me that is the most depressing waste of a life. If it’s ALL physical then keep your freedom to hit Prague, Manila and Rio with cash in hand. You’ll fall in love hundreds of times over.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I literally LOL’d at this comment. Especially the “boxy, soggy Anglo ass” part. That’s one of the best descriptions of white chicks’ behinds I’ve ever read.

      And I agree, why commit yourself to one ungrateful woman who only depreciates in value while your value as a man increases with age? I tap early 20s ass on a regular basis and I’m pushing 40. (Even the occasional 18 or 19 year old.)

      And those guys that say sex with multiple women won’t fulfill you like coming home to the same sad sack every night are totally full of it. Staying free and chasing hot bitches is what gives me my vitality.

      As you touched on, variety is the spice of life.


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        I agree with your comments above and the statement below.

        “If you want a woman that brings a little more than a vagina and a list of demands to the table, better look somewhere else. Or, reform this insane culture. Good luck with that.”

        I didn’t break it nor am I going to try to fix it! I’m just getting the hell out of here, even if I have to follow your example and split part of my time between the US and a place that treats me like a man — respects masculinity..


  • Holy shit this is spot on.
    Being in my mid 40s, and divorced for a few years, I find every bit of this article to undeniably true. Ex-wife was the classic narcissist/ borderline- hell even the marriage counselor agreed with me on that one if not much else. I was the beta male- did anything for her, loved her, even when she cheated.
    I dated one woman long term, but soon found out that she had major personality flaws and dumped her. I dated several other woman over the last year, the only semi-decent one had serious self-esteem issues, had to let her go, I liked her too much and knew that road would be rough ahead.
    Currently just have a fuck buddy, she isn’t someone I would seriously date, (raging lefty feminist) but she’s a freak* and good enough for a once a week good time. And I bang the ex-wife once in awhile, (I love telling her to ‘get out’ afterwards) and occasionally some of the girls I dated.
    I’ve pretty much given up hope in finding a companion, I also savor my free time and freedom.

    *More common than I ever thought…. just about every woman I dated after marriage was into rough sex, furry play, public sex, anal, choking, etc… a lot of repressed shit they never did with their ex-husbands (of course I was a husband once)

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    • stick to the fuck buddies, my friend. But as soon as they push for more (and they will) just cut them off or, as Tom Leykis would say, dump that bitch!


    • Relampago Furioso

      Thanks for the intelligent commentary. I need to do an article about rough sex. Almost every woman I ever fucked got off on it. Women love being dominated, no matter how many tantrums the feminazis throw.


  • women and manginas get your ass somewhere else please. this blog is not intended for you. go bitch and whine elsewhere. Thank you

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  • This reeks of jewish trickery.


  • Lol! Who did this to you? You’re obviously pained. We aren’t that bad. Men have their baggage too.

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  • Rel, you nailed it again…. this one immediately goes into the “Top 10 Articles” category.

    A couple of quick comments.

    1st Comment: Two basic TRUTHS men desprately need to undertand.

    TRUTH #1. “Men are Assets; Women are Liabilities.

    TRUTH #2. As Men get older they Appreciate; As Women get older, they Depreciate.

    2nd Comment: Great list of baggage…next to Disloyal add this (like Chris Brown’s song says “these Hos ain’t Loyal.”

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    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      Truth #2.
      I’m so happy today that I didn’t get married in my 20s. The older I get, the more I realize the trap / con job they are trying to pull. Men are not on a timer with intense pressure to close, women are the ones under intense pressure to deal. Even a man his 90s that bothered to conservatively save and invest his money for half his life is probably better off than most 30=something-anglo-bitches with kids / baggage..

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      • Exactly…. No man should marry before the age of 30. But, even now… should a man ever marry?

        See, today the Fairy Tale ONLY favors the women and not the man. She has to believe in the Fairy Tale because Mother Nature controls her from Menstruation to Menopause, so her time is precious and limited.

        Without Marriage/Divorce and/or Kids, how else can she secure long-term financial support and retirement at a man’s expense (alimony/child support).

        Only when a young man is given Wisdom (The Game) by an older gentleman can he win. But, unfortunately, pussy blinds the young man and he finds himself duped and a prisoner to the system.

        This is why I say…every young man needs to understand The 10 TRUTHS about women (of which I already shared 2). The sooner he understands them, the better, more healthier, more happier life he will lead.


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        Yes. When I was in my 20s I was fortunate enough to have a few older gentleman that were honest and told the truth. i could only encourage it if the man was mature, had some assets, really desired to have a family (children), and was willing to permanently stay out of the US. I’m happy RF is also willing to crush the myth that men have to have million$ or societies permission to leave the US — enjoy life off the reservation.


      • Correct, you were one of the lucky ones, unfortunately, most guys are not s lucky, thus this blog.

        Rel, is doing a great thing here for the young and old alike.

        It’s the 3W formula… 1st, Wake them up. 2nd, Warn them (crush the myths). 3rd, Wise Up! or a WAY OUT…

        And, he’s not just talking it, he’s living it.


    • I am also very happy that I did not marry before 30 and I not really planning to do it in the future. Please share the complete list of “10 TRUTHS about women”.


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      • Hey, Mr. Roboto… I’ll leave you with 3 more but don’t want to get too heavy into them, out of respect for Relampago (this is his blog). He covers most of them in his ebooks and on this blog.

        Nevertheless, here’s 3 more, which gets are the core of who women really are.

        TRUTH #3. All Women are Manipulative (by nature). Yes, all women are, not some but all.

        TRUTH #4. All Women LOVE Drama (by nature). Again, not some women, but all women.
        Women love drama for numerous reasons: #1. It’s their number one tool for manipulation. #2. It’s their favorite form of entertainment. #3. Drama gives women instant Attention (attention for women is like an orgasm to a man). I can go on and on…I trust you get the point.

        TRUTH #5. All Women are Hypergamous (by nature). Click this link and don’t just read it but study it. and pick up his two (cheap as hell) ebooks,
        here and here

        Closing thoughts: The number one reason men are NOT successful in dealing with women is because men Do Not know nor understand the true nature of women. This is what this blog does… it busts all the myths and lies we have been taught and conditioned to believe about women. You have to first become aware of who women really are and then (painfully) accept that TRUTH and then deal with them accordingly, which leads to reason number 2.

        The number two reason men are NOT successful in dealing with women is because men Do Not have a proven set of Success Strategies and Social Skills.

        Hope that helps a ton… by the way… Relampago never ask me to do this…I just highly recommend all his stuff because it’s the real deal and can really help men lead a better, more happier life.


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