The Digital Vagabond Series: Banging Nikki the Hood Chick


Hood chicks can be incredible fun

Hi, my name is Johnny Roadmaster. I am a fictional character, Rel’s “alter ego” of sorts and I roam America as a digital vagabond in the early 21st century. I’ll be sharing some of my stories of adventure and sexual conquest with you. My first installment is one of my favorite memories from the past year.

Here goes…

So, I find myself in Portland, stuck there because I’ve run out of DOT hours in my big rig. I decide to spend the night on the bad side of town, parked beside a series of bars. I specifically picked out this area, since I’ve had extensive experience running around on the so-called “bad side of town” in cities nationwide.

Let me tell you, the bad side of town is where all the fun is.

I pick the second bar in the row of bars. It was run-down looking from the outside. Aged bricks that had seen better days, industrial plants nearby, broken streets, dingy windows. Perfect.

It wasn’t long, about an hour into the night, after I had talked to a couple of other chicks already I saw the girl who I would later know as “Nikki” walk in the door. I had a good-looking, if plump black girl already sitting with me, but Nikki caught my attention. I like slim black girls, and Nikki fit the bill in that and many other ways. Hood chicks are always up for some fun, and I knew she was the girl I was looking for from the moment I saw her.

I politely dismiss the plump girl, and make a beeline to Nikki. A man has got to move aggressively, not sit around and wait to be noticed.

She was dressed seductively. Short, dark skin, nicely groomed, with perky little B-cup titties and a taut ass. I knew this chick was trouble, but in a fun-loving, warm-hearted way. Exactly the kind of chick that turns me on the most. I have been fooling around with chicks like her since my early 20s.

Immediately, I knew what she was looking for. She had a tattoo across her chest, just above her tits written in cursive that said, “Love.”

Our eyes met. There’s just an energy that can’t be described when a white man and a black woman meet and are sexually interested in each other from the moment they meet. Maybe it’s the taboo aspect. Maybe it’s hypergamy. Maybe it’s just raw sexual emotion. Who knows. But it sure feels good inside.

She knew what I wanted and I knew what she wanted. I wanted to tap that ass and she wanted my money. Nothing new, as that’s how the sexes have been bartering with each other since the beginning.

So, we exchanged the usual pleasantries.

“What’s your name?”


“Where are you from?”

“Originally from Houston but I relocated to Portland recently.”

“You look like you like to party, Nikki.”

“Oh, I do, boo.”

“I guess you saw I dropped the other girl to come and talk to you.”

“Yes, I was watching to see what you all were doing together.”

It wasn’t long after a couple of Tennessee Honey shots I had my arm around her and she had her arm on my leg. We bullshitted, and enjoyed each other’s company, the liquor dulling any inhibitions we might have had.

I asked, “I know what you’re doing here. So how much will it be?”

She didn’t waste any time. She paused for a minute, then looked into my blue eyes with her sexy dark eyes.


“That’s too much…I work hard for my money. I’ll give you $100.”

After hesitating for a moment, she said, “Ok, boo. I like you. You make me laugh. Let’s go.”

So, we find a dark corner of the club, where we can be secluded. We start kissing, and I begin embracing and hugging her taut little body with my masculine hands. It is such an adventure to explore a new girl, especially when you’ve just met and there’s mutual interest, beyond the sexual barter.

I pull a pretty little chocolate nipple out of a red bra and start sucking on it. She moans and obviously enjoys it. After a few minutes on the right nipple, I move to the left. Before I know it her breasts are out and her panties are off. I move quickly. I slip my finger inside, it feels good in there. Best of all, a few minutes later a hidden motion reveals to me her vagina smells clean. Clean enough to eat.

She then takes my underwear off and gives me some oral stimulation, and I’m already rock hard before she pulls it out. After a few minutes watching her head bob up and down while I grab her hair, I pull her little body up and tell her to stand up on the chair we’re making out on. She’s a little confused. I tell her not to worry.

“Come here, let me taste you.”

I give her coochie another hidden sniff first, and all seemed well. A man’s gotta know before he puts his mouth on something. I wanted to taste her. I stick my tongue out to sample that pretty little chocolate box. It tasted good. I proceed to eat her for a good 5 minutes, and I can tell my technique is turning her on.

“Do you have a condom?” she asks.

“No. This is your line of work, I figured you’d have one,” I respond.

“We really need to have one. I can go get one.”

“Are you clean?”

She fires back, “Hell yeah I’m clean!”

“Well, fuck it. Just stick it in. I won’t shoot in you.”

She hesitates for a moment. So do I. What had we just discussed? What were we about to do? I didn’t know this girl. Then next thing I know, I feel her hand grabbing my manhood and sliding it inside that tight chocolate box, Nikki still on top of me and the taste of her sexuality lingering in my mouth.

Damn it felt good. Not only being inside this sexy little hood chick but the risk of what we were doing. Doing it bareback in a dark corner of the club, some chick I just met less than half an hour ago.

The intensity builds. I wrap my arms around her, as our pumping each other reaches a manic frenzy. I’ve had lots of sex, but this moment was especially, incredibly hot. I didn’t want it to end. A few minutes into the session, I feel myself about to finish. I suddenly stop our rhythmic sexual dance.

“What’s wrong, boo?”

“I’m about to finish.”


After I feel I’ve regained control, we start up again. We go on a good 10 minutes, never tiring of this single position. Finally, I feel her contracting inside and she lets out a moan. About the time she gets off, so do I. I hesitate, as I enjoy nothing more than putting cream into coffee, but think about the consquences if I knock her up…then push her up and off of me just as I explode.

Treating me with more respect than many girls I’ve dated and invested much more of my time and money into, she helps clean up. She then tells me she doesn’t even want my money. But she does want my friendship.

As we continue talking after our romp, I still notice something sweet about her, something most men will never see in a chick like this. Something that draws me to her, a decency and realness I seldom see in women. We end up drinking together for several more hours, exchanging numbers, before I vanish back into the ether of the night.

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One comment

  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    Your stories are very inspiring. A man should always go after what he wants. No condom? I don’t think could take that risk but the government and the media has done a great job of brainwashing every man raised in America that something terrible will happen to him if he doesn’t have their approved version of sex.


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