Estranged: Ghosting on the Road


An update from The Big Apple

You haven’t lived on the wild side until you’ve taken a 70-ft long, 40 ton vehicle into the heart of the concrete jungle known as New York City. It is a wild ride. Don’t make a wrong turn is the advice. There’s a thought that’s occurred to me while I’m here, enjoying some awesome food at the Truck Stop Diner just across from Manhattan in eastern New Jersey.

I am hopelessly estranged from America.

I’ve returned to ghosting while I’m on the road, as strip clubs don’t really do anything for me, brothels are too expensive and only offered in Nevada, and online dating is a tragic comedy unless you’re into fat and sassy land whales. There’s really nothing for me to do except work and save my money because everything in the States is becoming too expensive for the average person to enjoy.

An example: a crappy Big Mac meal now runs a man almost $12 at the travel centers along the toll roads we cruise up and down. The same meal was $2.99 when I worked at McDonald’s as a poor teenager 20 years ago. The price of the meal has gone up, but wages for the average worker haven’t kept pace.

I’ve traveled to nearly all 50 states in my 18-wheeler in the past 6 months, and yet there’s nothing here for me. Really. I’d be gone already except I need to meet my financial goals in order to enjoy life abroad, outside The Anglo-American Matrix. I feel the emptiness that drove me away from America slowly returning as I realize there is nothing to do but feed machines and live a solitary life in a place that pretends to be social on the outside but in reality is one of the most anti-social places on the planet.

I’ve come to realize, I’ve been estranged from this culture from quite a while.

It never intended to offer a man like me a seat at the table, as creative and intelligent men are ostracized from Anglo culture from the time they’re boys in school. Personally, I was identified in third grade as an anomaly, probably because I talked about amplitude and frequency modulation when other kids were talking about G.I. Joe and Barbie. I was placed into the “Gifted” program only to see nothing happen except being able to study at my own pace through third and fourth grade.

Then, I was lumped back into class with the rest of the students and tried to follow the prescriptions the masses are given (go to college and get the magic piece of paper) until I couldn’t stand living like that anymore in my early 30s. It’s nothing but a trap designed to saddle men with debt peonage.

Now, I’m flying by the seat of my pants on a totally new, self-directed adventure, much of which I write about here at TNMM.

But, it isn’t just the mental aspect that estranges me, nor the fact this culture actively marginalizes those who think and reason for themselves rather than following the herd. It’s living in a culture that’s actively trying to de-ball men and boys. There’s no room for masculinity in a toxic, feminized culture. There’s no room for originality or risk-taking in a culture that’s become afraid of its own shadow at the behest of the controllers in the media and politics. Whereas the nation once had role models like James Dean, we now have to look at creatures like Rachel Madcow on MSNBC, held up as some great androgynous figure for everyone to aspire to.

There’s nothing to do except worship at the altar of the sleep-work-spend cycle. That’s for the people who are unfortunate enough to have to work. The welfare class just sleeps and spends. What kind of empty ass existence is that?

What’s more, people here disgust me in a lot of ways. Big, lumbering slobs that have no survival instincts, don’t know how to do anything except shop for garbage they don’t need, shove bad fast food in their face, and talk about their stupid careers like the slaves they are.

All I want is out of the insanity, to leave for a secluded, untouched corner of paradise to be left alone from the dystopia this once great society has become, and live out my days a free man, not a serf on the corporate plantation. To enjoy the simpler pleasures of life like a son and daughter and my choice to do whatever I want with my time each day. Not out of control and exploited in the insane sleep-work-spend cycle everybody else accepts as normal.

The worst part is how hard it is to escape this “free” country. You haven’t realized how anchored you are until you’ve tugged on your tether a bit. The system is set up to make it so you can never leave, just like the lyrics in the Eagles’ Hotel California. It is a system designed to run you into debt, credential you to death, tax you to death, and fine/fee you to death in addition to spending what it can of your paycheck after you get it, i.e. forcing you to either pay into the health care mafia or get fined by the IRS.

It requires supreme self-discipline to stay out of the many, many financial traps it lays for men in their daily lives.

I seldom leave my truck these days, knowing I can’t passively accept life in The Anglo-American Matrix, spending my hard-earned money here knowing there’s something better for me out there in virtually every direction a man might go. I don’t want to participate in this social engineering experiment any longer. I’ll just be a citizen turned migrant worker, as this society took my place at the table away a long time ago.

I’ve decided to tough it out through the end of summer. Then, I’ll be leaving again for at least six months, if not one to two years if things go well.

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  • I share the story of many here. As others have phrased it, got “kicked in the nuts” big time. Bored to death in school. High IQ. Fell into the gynocentric trap. Lived the simp life. Two false accusations. One of DV and one for assault with a deadly weapon. Both false accusations followed my unwillingness to remain an indentured servant to a closeted feminist (gynocentrist). Luckily for me, neither charge stuck – but they sure did create a lot a chaos in my life – which of course was the intent. Women do their best to force men into suicide or prison upon their dissatisfaction. The depths of female entitlement & cruelty towards men will never be fully plumbed. Also, like others here, the MGTOW mindset saved my life – and that’s not an exaggeration. Was on the verge of suicide at the same time MGTOW was propagating into the mainstream several years ago. Were it not for the MGTOW mindset, I’d be just another suicide statistic. There’s no way I could have unwound the truth on my own – because until MGTOW – there was no ‘truth’ – only the incredibly monstrous social conditioning of gynocentrism and male disposability.

    The MGTOW mindset completely altered my perception of reality and MGTOW’s words were by far the most difficult truths I’ve ever had to swallow. Seeing the truth with your own two eyes and letting go of the illusions and enchantments, at least for me, was the most depressing and challenging thing I’ve ever undertaken – but it lead me to become a very wise and learned man – a happy and free man. MGTOW taught me all I needed to know about ‘life’.

    Feminism has always been the Big Lie. Feminism simply takes history an rewrites it in a way that makes women victims of men, so that women can use the state to force wealth and power from men to women. Feminism is the daughter of socialism itself. To wit:

    #1: Everything upon the earth was built by men. There’s not a single, substantial structure on the earth primarily built by women.

    #2: It was men that were trafficked, exploited, used, manipulated, brainwashed and disposed of in all the wars for the advancement of women and the state.

    #3: Men have always been primarily responsible for working the most dirty, most dangerous, most life shortening, most back breaking jobs, for the advancement of women and the state.

    #4: Women demand quotas only in the most prestigious, most powerful, most lucrative positions and didn’t demand their place in employment until after men made work relatively safe, broken nail free and mussed hair proof.

    #5: Men pay the majority of taxes, but the vast majority of spending on healthcare, welfare and education is spent at the state and federal level on women.

    #6: The vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support flows from men to women.

    #7: Trillions in wealth and power have been forcefully transferred, via state power, from men to women and the state through Affirmative Action, Title IX, alimony, asset division and child support (alimony++).

    #8: Affirmative Consent – a feminist creation like no-fault divorce (legislation written by NAWL), seeks to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process at the behest of a woman scorned, on her word alone.

    #9: Feminists, while standing tall against the idea of men defining femininity, insist on defining and redefining masculinity.

    #10: Feminists claim sole ownership of victimhood and ignore the many benefits patriarchy has bestowed upon women whilst also ignoring the billions of male victims of gynocentrism.

    It’s always and only about one thing: Free Money. That’s what’s at the heart of it all. Women and minorities use the state to force wealth and power from those that have it to those that simply demand it for themselves (women and minorities). How do they do it? They vote for Democrats, the ‘party’ of minorities, gays, feminists, illegal aliens, lesbians, socialists, white haters, transgenders and atheists. Free food! Free housing! Free healthcare! Free education! Free mandatory paid maternity leave! Free mandatory paid period leave! Free mandatory minimum income! Down with the cops! Down with the constitution! Down with white people! Down with borders! Down with CisHet white males! Down with Christianity! Down with America! Allahu Akbar!

    Trillions in wealth and power have already been forcefully transferred through no-fault divorce, Title IX, Affirmative Action, alimony, asset division, child support and the vast majority of federal and state heath/education/welfare spending going to women and minorities even though white males do now and have always paid the vast majority of taxes; hence the skyrocketing suicide rate for white males. Does anyone really care? Not a bit. Men are disposable then, now and always will be in the future. Women & the state have always been the privileged class, both using men like disposable gloves for their dirty work & dying.

    Why does the state allow it? The state allows it because the state is the biggest promoter of forced wealth transfer from others to itself – and it buys votes from women and minorities to continue their long con. Pair that with male disposability and you understand it all. If you try to fight it, the state will simply create new laws even more misandric than the last to shut you down. Speak openly and candidly in public and you’ll be targeted for financial and legal destruction; hence all the stories in the news about white men losing their jobs after confronting and fairly or humorously criticizing women and minorities – and the ever increasing stories of men’s lives destroyed through false accusations of rape and sexual assault.

    Affirmative Consent, the latest of such anti-male laws, ejects men from college following a woman’s sexual assault accusation alone, over turning presumption of innocence and due process for men upon the wrath of a woman scorned. Women, minorities and the state are simply ‘culturally appropriating’ the spoils of white, male, heterosexual, Christian, European creation for themselves. It’s all socialism (forced wealth transfer) – and the state enriches itself through selling you out to women and minorities.

    Women and the state sold men out long ago. If you still buy the illusions and enchantments, you’re a sad, sad case. Welcome to reality. Never give a woman and/or the state any level of legal and/or financial power over your life. It’s all about money and power and forcing it from the group that earned it to the group that simply demands it for themselves (women, minorities, the state), via corrupt state power and the voting system.

    The danger to Western civilization is no longer the lies of feminism, but men’s gradual awakening to the lies hidden within feminism & gynocentrism and the lies feminists, gynocentrists and the state use to whitewash the lies feminists use to cover their other lies – like the ‘pay gap’. Ever wonder why feminists don’t discuss the ‘empathy gap’ (men’s much harsher punishments for the same crimes), the ‘war and workplace death gap’, nor the ‘suicide gap’? Because those don’t buy feminists, minorities and the state free stuff. This is why feminists work so diligently to destroy male spaces and hide posts like my own. To survive, feminism must have power over speech, voices, opinions and thought; hence the feminist annihilation of male-only spaces in favor of female-controlled spaces. It’s all gynocentric social conditioning and brainwashing.

    Female oppression, and hence feminism, it’s foundation based in gynocentrism, is a lie of inconceivable proportions. This idea that women weren’t allowed to vote or work and men were is the biggest lie of all. Take a look at historical pictures of agricultural and factory workers in early America. The VAST majority are men. Why? Because work in those days was extremely laborious, low paid, unsafe, etc. Most men didn’t get the right to vote until they agreed to sacrifice their lives in war for women and the state. This requirement of men still exists today. As late as the 1800s, if you weren’t a married man, you even were levied with higher taxes. No such levy was placed against childless women and society as a whole demonized men that didn’t ‘provide for and protect women’.

    What do feminists say in response to the above? It’s all the fault of ‘toxic masculinity’. In other words, they ‘victim blame’. “You should not have worn such masculine clothes. You should not have displayed your muscles and instead worn a long sleeve shirt to cover them from bulging out so. You should have raised your voice a few octaves so as not to attract the misandric attention of women and the state, both of whom see men as disposable utilities with which to do their dirty work. It’s all your fault. You shouldn’t have been so brazen as to expose your masculinity or none of it would have ever happened. If only men would behave in a more womanly like manner – women wouldn’t see the opportunity to financially rape men and dispose of men in war for their own perverted self-satisfaction and lust for power over men.”

    Under any other context, all the above would be considered war crimes against men. But since it’s only men that get the shaft – they just hand out empty medals and pin them to the body bags or toe tags. Male disposability. It’s all the rage. It’s a massive crime hidden in plain sight.

    Like many here, I’ve been planning my escape for several years. Fortunately for me, my plan succeeded and I’ll soon embark upon a life of complete freedom from women and their true husband, the state. It’s going to be an awesome life. Minimalism, total mobility, no strings attached and fully financed for life. If I could encourage men to do but one thing, it would be to work as hard whilst younger to escape whilst older the brainwashing and social conditioning women and the state use to traffic, exploit, manipulate and dispose of men for women’s and the state’s advancement. Doing anything else is simply setting yourself up for a good kick in the nuts.


  • Hell yes! Iam a trucker myself, writing this comment in a truck stop near Portland, Oregon.(Feminist-pig/Mangina territory.) Iam saving my money and heading to the Philippines this winter… Not a bad career choice for red pill men…


    • Relampago Furioso

      Awesome, Karl. I do remember how weak and gelded the men of the Pacific Northwest are. And how loathesome the women are of straight, white men with two functioning testicles. I may wing my way down to the Phillipines in the next few years. Seems like a happening place.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Being different in America is a sin … if you’re American.

    And so while I’m back in America, I’m British.

    What’s been surprising to me while back in America is the unbelievable cost of living in America.

    You said, “I seldom leave my truck these days …”

    Welcome to Apocalypse Now America: don’t get out of the boat.

    When Colonel Kilgore arrives to ask you why you want to stick around, keep in mind you’ve already been there too long.


  • Good luck, Rel…


  • Similar school story. After I dropped out of high school I insisted on seeing my permanent record as the Freedom of Information Act had just been enacted and they could no longer keep their secrets hidden. What was written about by teachers I was supposed to respect was horrifying.

    I was bored shitless in school from an early age. I could pick up enough through osmosis to be an above average student. In the 4th grade the female teacher and I were at war (I was at war with the world because of my father, but that’s another story). They sent me to the shrinks to figure out what was wrong with me.

    Boy, were they in for a surprise. Due the abuse at home, I had retreated deep into my mind and my room. One of the few decent things my parents did for me as a kid was buying the World Book Encyclopedia. It was geared for kids and I loved it. It was an inviting world without beatings, or blood, or fear. I devoured it from cover to cover.

    I’ll never forget it. I’m sitting down with two shrinks. They show me large manila cards divided into quadrants with a separate drawing in each quad. They would throw out some huge polysyllabic word that your average 11 year old should have no clue about. I aced this BS test and all the others they threw at me. They were amazed and reported to my mother, “Your son is a genius”. I didn’t bother to tell them I had already finished the entire encyclopedia and had started back at A.

    I discovered my IQ was 133, just shy of the magic 3rd sigma, but still way ahead of peers. What did my future teachers, the school system, and my parents do with their budding genius? They all doubled down on their tyranny to beat me into the mold they wanted. I was singled out time and again for the most minor of offenses while my classmates got away with murder. It got to the point where I could eat abuse for breakfast.

    At the age of 12 I tried to hang myself with a belt slipped through the bi-fold closet door. I’ll ever forget that either. I lost consciousness, the sweet oblivion of the abyss was before me. I woke up on the floor. It was probably for the best as my mother having to explain why her 12 y.o. son was hanging in closet would have been very embarrassing. Years later, the guy from across the street blew his brains out in his parent’s bed. Hello, Freud.

    I retreated even deeper into the final redoubt of my mind where the last stand would be made. I posted a fierce warrior on the parapet to protect and patrol. He was very good at his mission. He took the blows, he ate the pain, he kept the marauders at bay, while I remained safe within the keep. The captain of my guard was a true, loyal, and faithful servant for the next 45 years.

    I believe what happened to me, a lot worse than most but not nearly as bad as some, is a common experience for boys and men. Their inner spirit yearns to be free, to explore, to learn, and push the boundaries of themselves and the world. They want to put you in a mold and if you refuse, they will beat you into it. To tolerate the beating and keep it to a minimum, you must become something you are not. They Blue Pill is forced down your throat, or you voluntarily swallow it because it is the easiest course to follow. Either way, the Red Pill male you were born is relegated to the deep recesses.

    I worked my ass of to be a good Blue Piller. I simped. I conformed. I owned a house in a golf course community. I was the epitome of Married Man keeping everyone around me resourced, safe, and provided for. All I got in return was a swift kick to the balls.

    When my disposable utility value was demonstrated to me in spades, even the Captain of my Guard couldn’t eat that. MGTOW pulled the pistol out of my mouth and allowed the Red Pill babe I was born as to be free, free at last.

    The moral of my story is that all men are born Red Pill. And a Red Piller in any way, shape, or form, is an outlier. And outliers are anathema to society. Society may claim to exalt the outlier, and does to those that reach the pinnacle, but any outlier of lesser stature is scorned, spat upon, outcast, often imprisoned or driven to suicide, in the same way an animal herd will drive out a genetic anomaly.

    But even the Red Pill man at the pinnacle is not immune. Look at what the herd did to Miles Davis, Mel Gibson, and most recently Bill Cosby, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp. The herd drove Robin Williams to put a plastic bag over his head and suffocate himself. If those at the pinnacle are not immune, what chance does the average man have? The answer is zero.

    TNMM and I were both identified as outliers early in life, and hounded mercilessly for it. The herd has a sixth sense about outliers and can identify them for abuse and ostracization quite easily. The Blue Pill man will eat it and internalize it his whole life, all the while sensing that something is wrong, until his utility expires and the blue vultures dine on his carcass.

    Just one man’s story. Make of it what you will. Cheers.


  • So what’s your financial goal…. how much do you need to live abroad for 6 months or 1 year?


    • Relampago Furioso

      $18,000 to $20,000 for 6 months of working. Enough to live well on, but low enough to stay on income based deferment on student loans.


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        Is that enough for 1 year in the DR?


      • That seems like a really good plan.


      • Relampago Furioso

        More than enough for a year abroad for a minimalist.


      • Yea… I remember reading, one only needs about $1,200 a month to live comfortably overseas….
        Is that right, Rel?

        And, what about your family and friends…aren’t you going to miss them and be homesick?


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        Thanks RF! I keep hearing and reading different things.
        Zan if that is true … i’m paying more for rent and utilities like a sucker, when i could be enjoying the fruits of my labor.


      • Yea, “Escape”, me too… But, the going consensus is $1,200 a month.

        Rel, can deny or confirm this. It would be nice if he did a whole article on it but I think he’s on to something (like the other expats).

        The only question is are you willing to sacrifice family and friends to live amongst strangers and foreigners?

        I would gather most aren’t.


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        “The only question is are you willing to sacrifice family and friends to live amongst strangers and foreigners? ”
        I’ve already done this before; grew up on one coast and now I live on another. Not a big deal.
        I plan on trying out a place in Latin America (country unnamed) for 3 to 6 months because I can speak the language and will not have a problem fitting in … the only real question I have should i spend all my time in one city or spend a month (each) in a couple different cities?


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