I Ain’t Even Mad About It


This blog and movement is Realtalk about women

Ah, hoes.

What are you going to do about women? Nothing, except learn to play their petty little games better than they do.

At no time should the Realtalk messages about women here at TNMM be taken as angry or frustrated or denigrating. They’re just Realtalk. Reality is what it is. However, discussing reality is often dangerous in a world of mythmaking and thought control. We will keep on keeping on here at this humble outpost.

Education is very important. Real education, not that fake ass stuff they teach in school that men then have to spend decades unlearning once they throw their cap into the air.

And thus, our dual mission: Educating men about the harsh realities of women and the world. Saving men’s lives, one article and book, and eventually, one presentation at a time.

Women just are what they are. And it’s about time men started discussing what they’re doing to us personally and to the society we’ve created. As one rapper famously said, “Bitches ain’t shit to me.” Thus are my sentiments after having gone through countless women.

I ain’t even mad about it.

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  • I’ve been red-pill before the term was used. I can thank an old British ex-pat living in the USofA for my education in the very beginning of the 1980’s.

    You’re doing the same thing he did .. but .. you are doing it for more than one soul.

    I read this blog almost daily.

    Keep on keepin on brother.


  • Brilliant Relampago, I really like your blog. Well done bro!!!


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