Living for the Day


After seeing what’s really going on in the world, a new philosophy is born in which those who can see start living for the day as it all comes tumbling down

Humanity is in decline. Possibly, its final decline. Unless Anglo cultural assimilation of the world’s peoples is stopped.

It’s all too easy to see the world heading in the wrong direction for those not caught up in the noise and confusion of the world. Those men who endeavor to see beyond the illusions of society, those who do not think being able to make consumer purchases is the pinnacle of existence.

The truth of a society in decline is self-evident for anyone living in Anglo America. Women and men – natural partners – can’t stand each other. The almost total domination of the human mind by propaganda machines. The increasing vivisection of human behavior and activity by electronic tyranny. The genesis of a new world order of human beings molded into shopping and eating machines from birth, rather than human beings with souls and higher aspirations.

Anglo America is leading the way into the abyss with its imperial tentacles spanning the globe. Based on a decade of research, freethinking, and thought experiments, I have formulated a plausible hypothesis which makes a number of illusion-shattering claims about the present state of the world. Where we’ve been, we’re at, and where we’re headed.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to fool the Kool-Aid drinkers (i.e. sheeple) of society. They’ve been fooled for thousands of years by merchants, politicians, and priests. So, naturally they’ll attack these ideas with a vengeance to protect the illusion they have about their lives, even as in reality their entire lives are taken away from them by the shepherds they defend. The ad hominem brigade will be quick to rush in and start throwing out their petty, cheap “You’re crazy!” attacks without rationally analyzing the claims. But we must not let them stop our fearless search for the truth.

After I return to my haven abroad this fall, I will begin to detail what my research into the matter has revealed. The crust of the theory is banking institutions have thirsted for total power and control for centuries, and are on the cusp of totally dominating every aspect of human existence. Some key points follow:

  • The U.S. won its independence – but did it lose the war? European banking interests continued to manipulate the nation right on through the 1800s and into the present day. Those who control the money supply influence society far more than government officials.
  • Evidence mounts control for the fledgling United States in the days of Washington, Jefferson, Monroe and Madison was very much a struggle between the new government and insidious financial interests. The struggle climaxes with Jackson destroying the central bank only to find himself staring down an assassin’s gun (which misfires). But, the central bank arises again at a later date.
  • Did both Lincoln and JFK lose their lives for going up against the bankers? There is evidence the Rothschilds funded both sides of the Civil War, and when Lincoln started printing greenbacks rather than using central bank currency, some say he signed his own death warrant. JFK similarly was targeted for going up against the Federal Reserve.
  • Spengler reinforces the idea of democracy as a struggle for power between the people’s government and moneyed interests.
  • Financial interests are also implicated in the destruction of women and family via feminism, as the testimony of Academy Award winning filmmaker and candidate for governor of Nevada, the late Aaron Russo reveals the Rockefeller family funded women’s liberation as an assault on women and family. It also cut labor costs as it doubled the supply of labor while doubling the number of people governments could tax.
  • Was 9/11 a fait accompli organized by the banking cartels and dropped into President Bush’s lap on 9/11? Were they able to conceal the attack using compartmentalization of information (previously detailed by TNMM) which has been used by governments since Greek times as a technique to carry out so-called conspiracy theories in broad daylight? Of course, 9/11 is the linchpin in the current paradigm of citizens exchanging freedom for the illusion of security.
  • How soon will RFID impants become mandatory and cash eliminated, giving the banking industry and government total control over human life?
  • What does the situation look like to a man comparing and contrasting the tattered social fabric of Anglo society with societies in the rest of the world, especially those least influenced by the West?
  • Is society being socially engineered so there are only classes of owners and sexless, powerless worker drones in the future? Will this lead to human extinction?

These are some of the biggest, boldest, most novel ideas behind our search for The Truth About the World mission of TNMM.

Incidentally, these questions and the answers I pose provide a philosophical foundation for living for the day and unapologetically enjoying the last days of freedom in the world. For once the entire world becomes the dystopia modern America is, any man who wishes to live with passion, imagination, and freedom will find himself a lost cause.

Far from ascending to a shining city on a hill, those who know the difference, i.e. rational, worldly men will find themselves sliding into a dark abyss as globalization proceeds and sterilizes true diversity of thought, behavior, and culture on this planet.

Meantime, knowing it’s all falling apart for the individual, the free man, I’ll continue living for the day in those places not yet afflicted by the myopia of Anglo culture and writing about my adventures right here. Fighting to control my own destiny and make my own choices in life rather than living out the tired, oppressive live scripts everyone else worships.

Stay tuned.

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One comment

  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    Very interesting analysis. I have pondered these same questions myself in the past.
    The film The International (2009) touches on this. Money and debt is like a leash around many nations and peoples — whether they are rich or poor — necks.


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