Real World Examples from the Dating Jungle


Analyzing the shallow American dating pool from a male perspective

It’s a jungle out there.

If you doubt the sexual devolution has seriously damaged male-female relations, femininity, civility, and society itself, log on to any dating app and be treated to profiles like these. These aren’t the worst examples one can find, and some profiles don’t seem that bad on the surface, until you drill down and use real-world, real-life experience with women to infer what they really mean behind the sugar-coated language. This is the mess men have to deal with post-feminism.

God help us.

Here are some excerpts from real world profiles inside the Anglo-American dating jungle. We’ll help interpret what each profile means. Here goes…let’s wade out into the murky waters of a mainstream dating app.

1. A black girl with a cherry red weave. She’s obese, with a messy apartment behind her as the backdrop. She’s full of…attitude. She starts off by talking about how sweet she is, only to destroy her own façade in the very next sentence. This profile helps illustrate most women are emotionally unstable and their thought processes turn on a dime. Her grammatical skills are low, but her expectations are high. This is becoming the norm in a thirsty, r-selected culture. Best advice: Avoid.


2. A 30-something white girl who appears to have been around the block a few times. She’s about a SMV 6 or 7, which means in her mind she’s a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. Like Capital One, she wants what’s in your wallet, and makes no bones about hiding that fact. Chivalry (which she, of course, misspells) may not be dead in her mind, but femininity certainly is, and has been buried for a long time. She proves that fact with her profile. Best advice: Make her laugh with a come-on, hope for a pump and dump, and drop her before she can get her tentacles into you.


3. A somewhat attractive black girl, who has several tattoos and uninteresting profile pics. One seriously wants to ask her what she brings to the table, since she makes about a half dozen demands in the profile but doesn’t bring up anything of value about herself other than the same cliches men see on all dating profiles. Of course, all American women are obsessed with food, since 2/3 of them are fatties. This one isn’t fat, however, she’s just working on getting fat. Apparently, she’s of the mentality that men are her court jesters, entertainers, and walking wallets, like so many females. There’s also an air of superiority in her tone, typical of Anglo America. Best advice: Message her with a role reversal and imbibe lots of alcohol if you meet her so it will dull your perception of her arrogance. Proceed to pump and dump.


4. A Latina (Spanish women turn rotten once they’ve been assimilated into Anglo culture) who paradoxically is “sweet” and has a “terrible attitude” at the same time. Women are famous for mixed messages, and this chick doesn’t disappoint. Typical of Anglo culture, she speaks as if sex is something to be loathed rather than enjoyed. This “no sex” demand of hers also speaks to the fact women in this culture get on dating apps looking for Beta chumps with more money than brains they can exploit to fuel their addiction to materialism and recreational eating. They aren’t looking for love. She also appears to have her bitch shield set at maximum, a female trait that appears when the sexual market has shifted from K-selected to r-selected. (An r-selected market is bad as it means manly, hateful women and weak White Knight Beta bitches come to dominate.) Best advice: Avoid. Dis bitch crazy.


5. “Expendable Beta provider module wanted” should be the title of our last foray into the tragicomedy that is the American dating scene. White women aren’t ashamed, anymore to have fatherless children in a society that hates men and family. After all, it’s always his fault, right? Brave single mom battles on after she dumps heartless creature with a dick. She might instead say in her profile, “I got my Alpha Fucks and child support annuity, already, all that’s missing are your Beta Bucks and investment of time in another man’s seed and I can live the life of my dreams. You get occasional sex until you’re broke or I get tired of you.”

It’s also interesting how she expects to eat at novel restaurants on your dime, and goes through a laundry list of demands about what she expects from you, and of course, offers little in return other than supposed low-maintenance. (Don’t you believe it.) All in all, this is sadly about as good as it gets with modern Anglo women. Best advice: You’re playing with fire, here. Unscrupulous guys can play the Beta provider act for a while, but be advised she’s looking for a commitment and has a history of popping out kids at some poor bastard’s expense.


So, what do we find by perusing some examples from the land of “empowered” women who want to emotionally and financially exploit men without being held accountable? A big ole pile of shit, that’s what we find. We are waist deep in it. Hip boots aren’t enough to wade through this mess.

A man can waste a lot of time and find nothing of substance on today’s dating apps. The dating pool is very shallow, about half an inch deep in Anglo America. It’s no wonder Beta thirst is rampant, MGTOWs are running away from bitches like these, and others are expatriating to greener pastures.

Sadly, it appears men are continuing to feed female egos, clamoring for attention, and willing to put up with a lot of crap from women in order for these “ladies” to be able to behave this way. Male thirst also makes women think they can get by with such arrogant demands, expecting nothing short of prince charming with the financial resources of a $100,000 salary to waltz into her life when she offers virtually nothing in return except the miracle of possessing a wet hole.

Ya ain’t worth it, honey. This is why men learning to play the game better than women is essential in today’s dating market.

These are some mild examples for our first foray into the dating jungle. Things do get much, much worse at times, as we will see in coming installments. What are some of your own examples and stories from dating in America?

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  • toxicmasculinityweb

    The site of which you speak could be none other than Plenty of Fish. The About Me followed by the Conversation Starters section formatting is a dead give-away. Sadly, the halcyon days have long since passed for that instrument of mass std communication. Currently dating sites – POF in particular – function more as a market speculation tools. Male thirst being inversely proportional to female self esteem means even slighty attractive women feel like Helen of Troy. Sutter Creek done got mined out.

    Good old fashioned game still works though. They may be insufferable Anglo bitches, but, they will always be women. And women will always eat up game.


  • Jonathan Castle

    Oh, btw. Mr. Furioso 😉

    What is the deal with you asserting that anglo women are sex-negative puritans???

    Of all the crap anglo women bring to the party, chastity is not one of them. If anything, they have introduced “The Way of They Slut” to non-anglo women all over the world.

    Please explain!


    • Relampago Furioso

      They act prudish with “good guys” but turn into wanton whores with “bad boys” and high earners. This is the 80/20 phenomenon, which means 80% of men aren’t good enough for the Anglobitch, don’t get any sex or any attention, and 20% of men dominate 80% of female sexuality. I’ve detailed this in previous articles. Good question.

      The prudish, frigid behavior is for “inferior” men, not the ones she rides the cock carousel with. Thus, the Jekyll and Hyde duality to sexuality with this brand of females.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        Let’s add to this a new turn: the “self-pedestalising female” …

        Daddy’s girl wants to act cool and competent for Daddy, because she craves his respect, but she really wants the guy, any guy, who can put dear ol’ Dad in his place. She thinks the way to do this is to push higher upward, rather than to look down the value ladder, because as we’re all aware here, women generally don’t do that.

        Failures to launch include: single dentists, single doctors, single lawyers, actually nearly any kind of “chick professional” who went to university and who doesn’t work near a stainless steel pole.

        As with your example, the “prudish” behaviour is a form of contempt reserved for those she perceives to be “below her”, but those men haven’t put her on a pedestal. She’s done this entirely on her own.


  • Jonathan Castle

    I’ve seen some profiles that are just so bad, they are beyond funny. I move on before I have a chance to chuckle because they hurt my soul:

    o Mid-forties women wanting babies!
    o 40-year-olds – no kids, never been married – spouting off about how ‘family oriented’ they are
    o white women (‘anglo’ in Rel’s parlance) saying ‘no’ to any Trump voter…leaving them a tidy 25% of white men to chose from.
    o 40’ish women wondering out loud why dating is so hard, but that they are going to persevere, damn it!

    In general, I’m seeing desperation in the 40+ crowd, but with the small percentage of still-pretty ones getting all the attention.

    As such, in this age bracket, you still have trouble picking up quality women.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that online dating is mostly a power-tool for hypergamy. I’ve moving to meat-space…


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Now comes the real shock: imagine the future of America when these children are somewhat older …

    And I don’t mean only the sprog of that MILTNF in example 5 that you wouldn’t dare play “catch and release” games with.


  • Reading those profiles literally made my dick wilt and then rot off.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It was reading profiles that did me in. While I could take in words on the screen consciously, my subconscious interpreted them. After a while, they all came to blend together into a blur. While women have the advantage online and are lording it, men don’t last long. It is only a matter of time before it collapses.


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