This is Why I Left Corporate America


Lying, cheating, stealing – the reality of corporate America

Ah, that old familiar feeling. Like tasting raw steel with a wet tongue.

I hate corporate America. With every fiber of my soul, I hate it. I’ve already discussed in previous articles how it sold me illusions half a lifetime and only left me a used up pawn in its quarterly profit game in my mid-30s. (Bringing in the big titty bitch to replace me at my job because my meager living cost them too much money.)

When I came back to America to be a citizen turned migrant worker, I never expected my employment in the trucking industry to be anything but a means to an end. But through constant idiocy they’ve got on my last nerve. That said, when I get mad, I don’t quit or go crazy. I get even. After a series of recent events I feel even more justified for what I’m doing, playing mercenary with the current economic paradigm in America. Pumping and dumping the economy. Only coming back to the States to extract more money to take abroad with me. Avoiding getting caught up in the system by living in a truck until I can leave this country again.

I enjoy working at a job that provides some benefit in my life a great deal. But I don’t enjoy the corporate mentality at all, nor the way they constantly try to fuck their employees. Just this week, I’ve had the company I work for try to cheat me out of $1,000. Part of my signing bonus came due, and I’m getting the typical corporate runaround trying to collect on it after I noticed it was missing from my check …call this department, now call that one. Oh, she’s not in today. We’ll have to try again next week. Are you sure you need to talk to her? Oh, drivers can’t call that department, only managers can. Email this department. Sit on your hands and wait.

There’s no doubt they owe it to me, I have it in writing. But that matters little to the cheats in cheap suits.

But don’t you dare question us or make us wait when we need to use you as a bank to pay for miscellaneous items that should be included with the cost of business, like weighing our trailer to make sure it’s street legal.

There’s more. They won’t reimburse me for an $11 scale ticket I had to pay out of pocket because their corporate credit card maxes out at one scale ticket pet day. I filled out the usual expense reports, and of course, didn’t get reimbursed for hauling their freight with their equipment. They’re also trying to cheat me out of another $150 they owe me for being held up for 12 hours at a shipper. The company also requests 5 days notice in order to get “home” time. I gave them 7 days notice, and won’t be getting home on time.

How tragically familiar all this is. Before you tell me to change companies, they’re all liars and cheats. Trust me, I know, I’ve been working most of my life, even as a teenager.

This isn’t a complaint as much as it is a statement of how ridiculous dealing with corporate greed and sloth has become. Who wants to deal with incompetence like this on a daily basis in addition to dealing with an already demanding job, with government regulations and revenue seeking law enforcement ready to rob you at every turn. I’ve been putting in 70 hour weeks and staying out on the road for nearly a month a time with no time off, and how do they repay me? With repeated kicks in the shins. Hence, my mercenary attitude.

But, why would I have expected anything different. I’ve dealt with corporations for over 20 years. In the food industry. In the retail industry. In the entertainment industry. In the broadcasting industry. And now, the trucking industry. The one common thread between all the jobs I’ve had is as follows: The bigger the corporation, the more they don’t give a fuck about you as a human being.

I’ve already contacted a lawyer, and will sue for unpaid wages, but I’ll make sure I continue to extract what I need from their payroll by working my ass off for a couple more months before I drop the lawsuit bomb. Then I’ll go after what they owe me and then some, because I am documenting everything I mentioned above. If there’s anything I learned, it’s how to play the corporate game.

Is it any wonder that after half a lifetime of dealing with lying, cheating, and stealing in the business world I formulated a plan to fuck this system – although doing everything legally – as hard as I can? I’m not your pawn, I’m not your slave, I’m not your profit machine. You can’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

After being caught up in the all-too-familiar cogs of corporate America for this tour of duty, my hatred for this system is rising again. I remember why I was so desperate to get out of this system in the first place. Luckily, I’ve reduced my dealings with it to nothing but mercenary labor to get the cash I need to lube the gears of my life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. But, it is.

Corporate America needs to realize the corporate mentality is suicidal for the economy. Their idea is: Sell everything at sky high prices, but pay people slave wages, and turn every job into a revolving door meat grinder. Then expect people to consume more and more of your product at ever-increasing prices and frequency. Am I the only one who realizes the math eventually doesn’t work out on that?

In any case, I feel totally vindicated for working only enough to take what I need out of the hell for the average worker they’ve created, then spending the rest of my time doing whatever I want. That’s exactly the way corporations deal with their employees. Use us for what they need, then discard us like used husks of humanity. I’m just evening the score when I skip out on my student loans (i.e. debt slavery and indentured servitude agreement) and figure out how to live a great life on only $20,000 a year.

And I’m going to show more men how to do the same, bitches.

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  • Am I the only one who realizes the math eventually doesn’t work out on that?

    No, you’re not. I realize it too. Secondly, Henry Ford figured it out about a CENTURY ago when he paid his workers the unheard of sum of $5/day-about double the competition. When asked why he did it, Ford said that, if he paid his workers more, then they could buy more-including his cars! I don’t know why MBAs can’t figure out the obvious…


  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    I just loved this post. It made me feel all warm and happy on the inside. I’m developing more and more of this type of mentality everyday. All jobs suck and the system sucks too, so just use them both to get what you want.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Reading your post made me think of something I had not thought of. They are making the people who get it all done angry. This can’t go on. Even sweet loyal puppies turn mean.


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