Strip Clubs Are Perfect Examples of Twisted Sexuality in America

Money, garter, sexy panties and fishnet stockings on dark background

Anglo American women expect to tease you with sexuality, take your money, and give you no satisfaction in return

Want to know the truth about strip clubs? They’re perfect examples of Anglo culture’s unhealthy attitude towards men and sexuality.

Here’s the unwritten cultural rule when it comes to sex: Look, don’t touch. Touch, don’t taste. Taste, don’t swallow. Anything else, especially when money is involved, including getting sexually satisfied rather than teased and taken advantage of by the “goddesses” in strip clubs and Anglo culture at large is, of course, taboo.

Not letting women rape your wallet and insisting on sexual satisfaction for giving a female the fruit of your labor is verboten. It could get you thrown in jail with your face plastered on the evening noose news like public enemy number one. Why, look at that sexually desperate man who dared taste the forbidden fruit! Sinner! Off with his head! Fire and brimstone!

Such is the insanity of living in modern America. This is the Puritanical paradox turned secular senselessness in the Anglosphere when it comes to sexuality. To keep men jumping from one hoop to the next in search of a sexual carrot they never quite reach while women keep going to the bank.

Here’s why strip clubs are the perfect example of this repressed culture’s mentality towards women, men, and sex. The very setup of the club and the way it conducts business revolve around pussy pedestalization and the ongoing financial support of clueless Beta Bucks providers who are all too willing to be financially exploited.

Women are literally set above the men on pedestals in the club with innumerable Betas orbiting the stage, hoping for a fleeting glance of attention, a whiff of a vagina, or seeing titties in the wild. If you’re really lucky, a select few clubs will actually let you see the anatomy of the goddesses with her panties off. The holy of holies. Wow!

But that’s where it ends. Pay up. Don’t you think about sticking your nasty man parts inside there, much less for cash. As long as you are spending on being teased and toyed with, all is well. Expect something more, there’s a problem.

The entire strip club experience is a marvel of twisted, anti-male nature of Anglo culture. A man enters the club, gets teased by women who are “better than him” and therefore deserve his money for doing nothing except moving in a sensual way and having a pulse. He’s expected to quickly and efficiently empty his wallet, then walk out with blue balls and a raging, unrelieved erection.

Tough luck, dude. You spent your paycheck in search of some attention, but you still find yourself going home alone to rub one out. Only now, you’re not just alone, you’re broke and alone.

This is why the strip club business model is the perfect metaphor for Anglo society. The way it operates directly reflects how the culture and women look at men. Men are nothing but walking wallets to be exploited by using the mirage of sexuality, but when they reach out to taste the oasis in an effort to quench their sexual thirst they find nothing there. Women, whether strippers or not, tease, then whisk themselves away with the poor bastard’s money in tow. This happens not inly in strip clubs, but in relationshits, and in frivorce courts. (The only difference being a brief visit to the sexual amusement park.)

Women and this culture see nothing wrong with taking advantage of men in this manner. In fact, it laughs in their faces, just as women laugh in the faces of Beta providers who are no longer of use to them. I should know, I’ve banged quite a few strippers and even helped a few of them spend the Beta Bucks of their customers. The big spenders are seen as desperate dupes by women, nothing more.

Realizing this, a man can easily game strippers by refusing to play along with their game. Word to the wise is: Don’t be a chump. Banging strippers is actually quite easy after some practice. Just don’t go in throwing money at them. Since most men are clueless idiots who prematurely blow their financial load and get nothing in return, refusing to dole out money demonstrates to girls in the club you are not a run of the mill Beta who has more $1 bills than common sense.

Some strippers will resent you for this. You don’t need them. Others will be intrigued. These are the ones you want.

Using the principles of Game and Hypergamy, a well-dressed, silver tongued pickup artist can enjoy a virtual buffet of easy women if he learns to play the strip club game right. Just play the regular PUA game after making it clear you’re not there to blow your money like the other guys who get their wallets emptied by vicious, financially predatory women.

Just keep in mind the next time you visit a strip club, women are only there to financially exploit you. Are you going to give your cash away that easily? When millions of men start demanding sexual satisfaction in return, maybe then we can finally destroy the Puritanical prohibition on sex for hire in America.

Until then, game on.

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  • Strip clubs are basically a cohort study in cluster B disorders. I was a bit of a stripper whisperer in my day; not worth the trouble. Didn’t cost me any money but the rough sex followed by crying about where their lives went wrong got old quick. Would be sad if they didn’t ignore every opportunity to get out.


  • And when the stripper/prostitute hits the wall, all of a sudden she was ‘exploited’. Myriad gov’t agencies are there to help her out.


  • RF, can you write more about some of the specifics around your trucking? How much you get per mile? Average mileage per week you are running? You getting good loads or bad? Deadheading?

    I hear and read it isn’t so good. Truckers seem to get jewed hard. Yeah, they make 40K+ a year, but they put in a ton of hours that aren’t logged. Like a sweatshop on wheels, under minimum wage when you account for every hour.

    There’s this book, where a sociologist became a trucker to learn what it was like:

    …and there’s tons of vids about guys getting screwed:


    • Relampago Furioso

      It is a sweatshop on wheels (all corporate jobs suck in modern America) but it serves 2 purposes. Letting me come back to the States strictly to make money – avoiding the enormous overhead associated with living in this dystopia, i.e. rent, car payment, this bill, that bill, etc. By avoiding the enormous overhead and through minimalism, I can save 90% or more of my income. I will add I get left alone, no boss or YouGoGrrls bothering me. No office drama, politics, estrogen, or game playing. I only listen to the little computer that tells me where to go. I also get to see the entire country (what’s left of it) and set my own hours.

      I listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and educate myself while I’m driving. Another plus.

      A lot of complainers are in the industry, as with any job. I expected it to be difficult and demanding, but I keep a positive outlook because I designed my life so I’m only here for 6 months or so…I leave whenever I decide I have enough money.

      Another positive…I work 3 weeks straight then get a week off. Perfect schedule for me since I’d rather cluster my time off to take exciting trips like when I flew down to Cancun and Playa del Carmen a month or so ago, and when I go to Vegas this week, then Caraçao next month.

      It’s also a field that has continual shortages, so I can find a job anytime I need one after spending another year or two abroad.

      Any job in America is abject slavery these days, not just trucking. I was in news media for 15 years and that’s turned into a revolving door meat grinder too. Adapt and exploit what’s left while the getting is good, before we all get chipped, is my philosophy.

      The most important aspect is the vast majority of people let a job use them. I’m using a job. Big difference.


      • Thank you for your honesty.

        How about keeping your body in shape? I know about the stretches they teach you, but can you train in a gym somehow?

        It must be taxing to put in 70 hour weeks with most of it sitting. Have you noticed any pains coming up?

        Do you fake your logbook, or it is electronic? Do you keep an alternative copy that is legal?

        Also, did you have to pay for your CDL or did the company pay for it?


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        Relampago Furioso,

        I bet you’re looking forward towards your escape and included some inspiration below.

        Winifer Fernández – Dominican Volleyball Player #1


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        Winifer Fernández – Dominican Volleyball Player #2


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I never got too interested. Maybe I saw that it was all about teasing and nothing else. Also, I saw this in the theater when I was young. After seeing that, how could a live performance could compare?


  • I rarely go to strip clubs-the only times in my older years have been for Bachelor parties. It’s a huge waste of money-i don’t pay for lap dances, just throw a few singles at their puss on stage. I’ve known guys to drop $100’s in these places just to leave frustrated and pissed about the money they blew. Just get a hooker-at least you get laid. I really have come to despise strip clubs although I’d love to try some game in there to pick one up. I’ve had some great sex with girls that stripped-total freaks.


  • Good points. I always found the strip club to be – if anything – an environment set up to degrade men. Pay $200 to get blue balls from an elitist bitch that is, essentially, a whore. At least in Latin America they have a room in the back where you can bang ’em for $20.


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