Don’t Let an Anglobitch Strangle the Life Out of You

I just pulled off this awesome mini-vacation for around $500. That much money wouldn’t be enough to get started on if I had an Anglobitch tying me down. As I make my way through my last two months in America before returning to greener pastures abroad, I decided to head out West for my usual week off, after 3 weeks on the road earning “freedom money” in my semi.

I will say, on this trip and as a social observer, in Las Vegas and elsewhere I enjoyed watching guys who had one of these Anglobitch parasites attached to them suffering through their trips while I enjoyed mine, because I did whatever the fuck I wanted without the huge overhead expense that comes with having a snarky chick in tow. I’m convinced cutting these girls out of your life (except having a few friends with benefits) is the best thing a man can do for himself.

They just ain’t worth it.

YouGoGrrls and feminists enjoy parroting the line “I don’t need a man!” as they scurry off to jobs that exploit them on the corporate plantation. We hear it day in and day out, as women try so hard to put men in our place. But really, men need to start realizing the wisdom in the maxim “I don’t need a woman!” That simple statement is life changing. Why try to keep one around as a pet?

Become a “Naughty Nomad” as Mark Zolo and I have both done.

Learning the truth about females means realizing abundance mentality is where it’s at. Anglo women, unfortunately, aren’t worth much investment beyond the time it takes to get their clothes off. Women in America have become nothing but an albatross for today’s man. All risk, all demands, and no rewards.

Why get one-itis for someone who costs so much and gives so little back in return? The truth of the matter is there are just too many women and too many options and too many ways to get their candy without sacrificing one’s life and wallet and freedom for it. Don’t get emotionally invested in women. It’s a trap.

As I made my latest sojourn across the Desert Southwest the past few days, I realized I wouldn’t be doing anything I’ve done this year  – like visiting a brothel, banging non-pro chicks left and right, spending a month in Asia, spending a week in Playa del Carmen, spending a week in Las Vegas, and coming soon, spending a week in Curaçao, a month in Colombia, and returning to the Caribbean to live for anywhere between 6 months to 2 years if I had an Anglobitch weighing me down with her incessant need to consume.

What would be happening instead? Let’s just analyze this recent trip without going into detail about the rest of my swinging, free-wheeling lifestyle.

She would be complaining about the fact I have constantly been in motion since parking my big rig last week. When I go, I go at my own pace as a man, which is about 100 miles per hour. I love to explore and “aprovechar el tiempo” as my Spanish friends say. She would be complaining about the cheap (but clean) motels I stay in. She would be pushing me to consume crappy, overpriced corporate food (like the ersatz Bubba Gump or Señor Frog’s at $70 for 2 people, i.e. something with a stupid brand name on it) rather than eating simpler meals. She would be complaining about me spending time in the natural world rather than the churches of consumerism she worships. She would be pushing to go shopping for worthless crap to waste money that could instead be spent on experiences.

If I didn’t supplicate to her demands, she would buzz off like a vulture and find another provider module to exploit. Or, I’d have to expend mental energy putting her in her place. What man has got time for that nonsense?! Until women can provide more value than just sex in a relationship, that’s all women in America will ever be to me. Sexual entertainment. And aggravating, pricey, demanding sexual entertainment at that.

Perhaps it’s the vantage point of having half a lifetime of experience with hoes that allows a man to adopt this attitude. Realizing women have done little more than strangle the life out of him as each one attempts to pull her pussy lips over his head and suffocate him by cutting him off from his interests, his need to explore and seek novelty in life, his friends, and spending his money rather than him spending it, a man is freed from his innate desire to keep a woman around.

The Anglobitch only oppresses masculinity, because in this culture the belief is she “deserves” every ounce of a man’s productivity for herself because she’s endowed with magic anatomy. That’s really pretty fucked up. And a product of Anglo culture more than any other culture I’ve experienced.

As time wears on, I am growing confident that an income of $20,000 a year is enough for the enlightened man to live a fantastic life on if he decides to live part time abroad, adopts minimalism, and rejects the life plan commanded of him by women and consumer culture. The typical Anglobitch would waste more than that on recreational eating, clothes, and other assorted materialism.

But, as TNMM has pointed out before, it doesn’t take much for a man to live on. There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little. Desiring little is where it’s at. Which is why the Anglobitch must be avoided like the plague she is. Don’t let the financial predator into your life.

The entire world will literally be your reward.

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  • Hate to admit it, but you have summed it up fabulously. Sadly women are too greedy, self rightous and stupid to see what they are doing to themselves. Great to hear of your real adventures.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “BUT BUT BUT … I don’t WANT to drive all the way down to some place in Nowheresville, Kentucky just to see an eclipse …”

    Ah, that’ll be words I’ll never have to hear because I’m not dragging some chick along for the ride.

    I’ll take More Shit American Women say for $400, Alex!




  • Chris Stevenson

    Great article, really illustrated a situation that makes men miserable, but one that they bury deep in their subconscious when traveling with a bitch. I go so many places alone and enjoy every minute of it. Particularly fun when people wonder why I am dining alone, where is my girl, etc. Since it is nice to engage new people that you meet in conversation, they often ask why I am traveling alone. Seems different, sometimes very weird to them. It is so awesome to come and go as you please and not care about another’s needs, sleep and wake when you want, etc. Eating is much healthier and cheaper.

    As an aside, but related, the Anglo-bitches have a new angle that is building. Actually it is an old one that sprouts up every twenty years or so. Lots of very young girls are joining the stay-at-home-mom movement as in a right out daddy’s house, college to marriage. A few young YouTube’er girls are becoming authorities on the subject. You have the cushy life Apple generation, air-conditioned world, never faced a challenge, coddled generation who will now be the authority on parenting, household management, healthy marriage networking as females do reinforcing the falsehood that people who know nothing know everything. This tends to happen when things shift a little pseudo-conservative in society, the knowledge that work sucks gets communicated to them before they try it and the economy gets a little more challenging. Of course, in the men’s movement this is supposed to be ideal, dumbasses. This only works with a functioning culture where housework skills and attitude and WORK are passed down throughout the teenage years, girls are familiar with hardship and the primary earner, here the ONLY earner, is the leader of his house. Actually, very early marriage and females not working inside or outside of the home in large number is more of an anomaly. There was a time when housework was work and the 50’s model is very much an urban legend. You want to see pure misery. An Anglo-bitch who runs the household because she is doing the right, conservative thing, with the man as just another child that she tells what to do. I saw this trend pick up big time in the late 80’s and early 90’s when it was the excuse for women who did not want to work. Some of the lowest character women had the perception of righteousness on their side. None of these households produced great kids and often the divorce happened after the fool paid for his children’s college. Of course older sluts pick up on this meme all of the time and now remake themselves as the good mother using not Mr. Right, but Mr. last-in-line.


  • 1 whole week in curacao? that is not cheap. the high living cost in such an island, and the added plane fare is huge.


  • Escape from the Anglosphere


    “There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.”

    Thanks for this enlightening article.

    American Women are vampires…they’ll suck a men bone dry…physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially..


  • Nice observations… when do you plan on living in Colombia?


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