Feminists Are Useful Idiots of the Power Structure


Feminism has reduced women to common laborer status

A half century after burning their bras and telling hungry men to go to hell, Anglo women everywhere are still making sammiches for men. Of course, we’re talking about “empowered” YouGoGrrls working in fast food restaurants, corporate feedbags disguised as family restaurants, and at other menial jobs any TNMM reader can enjoy watching them trudge through on a daily basis. Just take a look around, as women enjoy their new enslavement on the corporate plantation, without a wit as to what they’ve given up to become a soulless worker bee.

Although, they’re getting a meager, survival paycheck for performing this degrading labor (which is frankly beneath a real woman, a mother and a devoted wife) while avoiding those nasty husbands and nasty little babies they think will oppress and ruin their unfulfilled, ersatz existence riding the cock carousel.

What progress! Just look at all the useless crap they can buy!

What did feminism win the ladies? The social acceptance to go to soul-sucking jobs and pay taxes. To indulge their Freudian Penis Envy longings, trying to be just like men while insulting men and distancing themselves from anything associated with femininity or motherhood. The need to abandon their children when they need them most, pawning them off on nannies and the state edumacation system so they can show up on time at those jobs.

It cost them their legacies, their dignity, and their happiness. Just look at any throng of feminists. Happy is not the watch word with this group of people.

The fact chicks are still clueless to the fact they’ve been played by the power structure, dethroned as queens of the castle and turned into laboring peasants was pointed out in a recent article about my travels and observations through the Land of Make Believe™ a.k.a. America. I wandered into a restaurant run by white girls and in between complaining about their jobs, looking flustered and upset, and twirling their hair they managed to fuck up my order.

Yeah, I had to get a man to fix it. Sad, stereotypical, but 100% true.

So why are some women strutting at their jobs like they’re large and in charge (while most don’t know what the hell they’re doing but following the herd) even though they’ve been left demonstrably angry and alone in their personal lives? The fact is feminists and women who follow the norms of behavior and narratives they lay out are useful idiots of the power structure. Anglo women still haven’t a clue as to how feminism has degraded them rather than upgraded them. Feminism has been a horrible deal for women, and yet we hear women parroting YouGoGrrlism on a daily basis.

For entertainment, let’s compare and contrast feminists and non-feminists. We’ll start off with non-feminists:

  • Happy inside
  • Smiles and feels good when someone compliments her
  • Lives a normal life
  • Values morals and fidelity (culture bounds female behavior)
  • Has a boyfriend or husband
  • Will raise a family
  • Has the most important job in the world, being a full-time mom working with a husband and for a family that loves and supports her
  • Won’t become a genetic dead end
  • Will die surrounded by loving family and posterity

Now, let’s look at feminists.

  • Angry inside
  • Thinks she is being raped when someone compliments her
  • Always on the look out for oppression and microaggression
  • Proud to be a slut
  • Won’t raise a family
  • Has a menial job (with an impressive title but empty reality!) in endless layers of bureaucracy, often working up to 70 hours a week for a thankless, soulless corporation
  • Will become a genetic dead end
  • Will die alone, a ward of the welfare state once corporate America leaves her a used husk of a human being with a laughable 401k plan

I’ve personally witnessed non-feminists in places unaffected by the plague of social engineering, so I know what I’m talking about. These bullet points appear on a meme that’s being circulated around the Internets as we speak, spreading the gospel that Anglo women have been had by social engineers. It’s so…right on.

Women who haven’t had their minds reprogrammed and destroyed by the religion of feminism are happier, more fulfilled, and empowered than Anglo American fembots will ever be. Go to non-Anglo countries or communities in America that don’t consume mass media and you’ll see what I mean. The difference is truly night and day.

This, of course, means mass media is the vector by which the cultural cancer concocted by the elite is passed on to the pliable minds of women. You are what you watch and are exposed to on a daily basis. This is doubly true for women, who demonstrably aren’t as rational as men. (This isn’t necessarily a deficit when a woman’s natural talents are employed rather than suppressed and shamed.)

Eliminate the cancer in your home by purging it of the influence of Hollyweird movies and talking heads on TV. Moreover, if enough men start telling the truths elucidated above, we might just avert total catastrophre in the coming generations. I don’t want to live in an androgynous world devoid of nubile, friendly females who provide enormous value to men and society, and children to carry on a family legacy.

Do you?

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  • Jonathan Castle

    Totally agree. Feminism is a Giant Trap for women that they walked into because of their gullibility and covetousness.

    Step #1 bait the trap: offer women (real) economic power and opportunity. Make them masters over their husbands.

    Step #2 – spring the trap: engineer the blowback from men – mgtow and pua for life.

    This blowback feels good because men are unvictimizing ourselves. But at the end of the day, the family is destroyed and our society more or less dies. Cultural Marxism wins.

    And women are left as you described: pawns of corporate merica, without the prospect of marriage – the institution having been destroyed in the eyes of men.

    That’s why there’s no real push to stop mgtow or sites like rok. It’s part of the plan. Defintely some women are on to the lies…but not nearly enough.


  • You’re overrating their sexuality. Maybe 15-20% of the 28 and under female crowd can keep a (young) man in line with their bodies. Good for them. But the ‘whip’ of female sexuality is mostly a kid’s game, like teens and college aged kids: Females in their prime while males are at peak desire. After 28 (if not 22), most of them are fat or egregiously aged or just so masculine and crass that their ‘sexuality’ is not worth much at all. In fact, it’s worth NOTHING to any guy who has been overseas.

    So the real ‘whip’ keeping men as beasts of burden is gov’t, divorce court and the threat of financial ruin. Or it’s just the overall weight of societal shaming that beta males can’t withstand.

    That ‘sexual supremacy’ axiom only applies to a very small, YOUNG group of women. It’s feminist boilerplate; that vaunted female sexual power is some across the board trait applying to all women of all ages, able to ‘whip’ men into their drone states as sexually overwhelmed inferiors. Naw. Just a story.

    An eighteen year old girl with a nice rack in a small town has sexual power. A 38 year old who is 25 pounds overweight and who acts like a man does not. Yet the feminist narrative will grant her unquestioned sexual power that can manipulate men into moving mountains for her rosin bag tits and that loose skin pooling around her knees. Yeah, naw. Sorry. Not happening. It’s a cultural/governmental/societal enslavement of males, mainly white. It’s not that we’re so hard for some cottage cheese, post 28 anglo ass. The middle-aged dopey beta isn’t heading off to work in a state of sexual submission after being teased and seduced into his work role by a promise of sex that night from his 200 pounder. He has to go to work under the threat of gov’t violence down the road if he refuses to work for his wife’s leisure (and food).


    • My reply was meant for ‘The K’ down below.


    • Chris Stevenson

      It is interesting that you bring up the 38 25 pounder female. When men have not traveled or had access to quality and are surrounded by pure shit their perceptions are significantly modified. There was a significant push in the 90’s to lower the divorce rate by encouraging people to marry later as in their thirties when they would be more mature and experienced. No one of course addressed why it took that long to have your head together, but a different topic. In my community, most men’s first marriages are after 32 and later. This is the norm for over three decades. The beta guys are lucky to have some low-end fucks once in a while during the “waiting” period and the quality of women in Amerika is grossly inadequate. The good looking women do what we in the manosphere know that they do in their younger years. These men are mostly good looking, working with a future and respectable. They are forced to select from what is placed in front of them. Maybe it is self-conscious and a way of protecting them from the reality of how bad it is, but they are actually attracted to a woman if her waist line is only eight inches above her correct number. They see the breasts and neglect to realize that they are larger due to fat and the VS bra. A lot of average women are perceived as attractive. A few slim down, to catch the guy in their late thirties and they become the “bell of the balls” in a land of land whales.

      My point is that they have amazing sexual power even at this stage, perhaps more than the 18 year old ever had for these men because the 18 year old was never and is never an option for them. These men are more desperate as they get older as they feel like they lost their youth and chance with the younger ones, are too old now, time is short for them and they are too locked into their community to think that they have options. Yes, we all know that these perceptions are a false reality for us, however these men will never think like us. I am agreeing with what you said additionally just adding that there is sexual power at later age and then all of the other things that you mention to enslave the man, govt, alimony, divorce industry etc., kick in full force. I know being newly on the market in my forties. Men in my age range cannot relate to the interest that I have in the younger and few hot older women and they relate even less to the interest that they have in me and guys like us in general.


  • Chris Stevenson

    The only thing that has to be cautioned is if one thinks he has found a female and/or community in Amerika with potential in the realm of quality domestic queens. The stay-at-home feminist can be worse than the working one as she is now the dictator of the house with a moral authority of the sacrifice that she is making. The manosphere idiots who want the stay-at-home wife who never worked or does not work anymore are setting themselves up for lifetime alimony. Not that there is anything wrong with a domestic woman, but does she have the mindset and values to see her husband as a leader and not be just a conduit for the consumer culture that will make her resent him and spend his money while ignoring his wishes. This man is not the leader, but a slave to his household.

    Many women who desire to go total domestic and latch onto the stay-at-home through the pseudo conservative movement are actually boomerang sluts that returned to the home community after prime years of slutting it up. This is so common that I am surprised that more have not picked up on it. I live in a NYC community surrounded by stay-at-home moms. You would think that this is the norm. Most do not realize how common this is in the suburbs of NYC. It has been going on for decades. They have their party years, spending all of their money, their 20’s and most of their 30’s, often with an apartment in the city or close to it. They were career girls; you know the ones that we gave preference to in college and the work world. They fucked, traveled, fucked, clothes, built their egos, traveled some more. Sometimes they hook up with a first marriage not intended to bear children which is just more fun. I consulted for a major university and corporate employers. Do you know why they like to hire women and even pay them more; yea, this is true in the business world. They know that statistically they will be totally if not mostly out of their positions when they decide to go domestic. Here is how the company benefits. A person who leaves the work world before the peak earning years and power years which occur a little later will burden the company less and make less demands. Even if they charge one pregnancy to the company health plan before husband picks everything up for the rest of her life, it still saves the company tens of thousands over what a man who will stay put would earn. The best part is that there is always a fresh group of girls to replace and repeat the cycle. If super mommy wants to come back, she is always less ambitious. The company wins again. Usually the new mom finds a local part time job if that in something trivial like medical admin or a dentists office. This is the best kept secret of the corporate world that no one talks about. It is probably the reason that we have the whole debate about women earning less than men. It is a psychological defense mechanism like anti-slut defense where they know that they found a way to coast under the guise of being morally superior. However, when someone knows deep down inside that she is a piece of shit, it comes out in anger at others, namely beta bob who married a recycled slut.

    Getting back to the boomerang slut. A healthy contingent move back to their home suburbs, often parents’ home in the nice suburban conservative community where they grew up. They rediscover the guys that they would not date who are working and often single and kind of to extremely close to their own families. These are the perfect marks. Their mothers cook for them while they are now commuting to work and will continue to help once the token child or children are born further reinforcing the image of the maternal medal of honor women. This creates a matriarchy which their beta bob will live under as the stay-at-home mom has a group to reinforce her vision of herself. She will receive this familial help regardless of her work schedule if any.

    The boomerang slut also applies to girls who go away to college and return home to do the same thing. What you have here is lots of indoctrination and pre-marital fucking. Only she latched onto the early marriage thing figuring that she would get her children over with early. Get it, beta bob will be cut loose when the children are much older. She has her life, children to fawn over her and grandchildren and can then use her education and hubby’s money to enter the business world as the newly single mom making her way with everyone supporting her of course.

    The key to understanding the boomerang slut is that they return to the familiar to cover their tracks as they are not capable of separating from their families and making a man her family and following his leadership. Pampered by her family usually generational, they never feel the pain of responsibility. This makes men tools to support her in her mind. The world is her tool and so are you. You see this with a lot of southern European women and other peasant ethnic groups. The boomerang slut is not exclusive to these groups of course, but is quite common. Case study, my neighbor, fun marriage, no children, high pay corporate position in a different state. Fifteen years later divorced, probably because they were in a state with better option for the husband. She leaves a position in that state instead of maintaining her life there and finding a new person there since she was probably not able to compete with the women there. Comes back to her hometown, gets good job in our city, apartment close to parents. After two years hooks up with fellow she knew while in high school; he did not go to her local college, just got a good job which he still has, many levels in prestige below hers. However he has pension and benefits. Year later age forty mother, one kid never more, house, her parents around too much, never commute to work again. Variations on this story are so common as to be the norm. Watch out what seems to be conservative and is actually recycled shit.


    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      I see this often, When Beta Bob finds out (if ever does find out) that he’s paid a premium for some other guys garbage that has been recycled several times, the hook of marriage, kids, mortgage, and consumer loans is already in his mouth, while the threat of alimony, child support, and BS societal pressure about doing the right thing/manning up circles above him like birds of prey.


  • Rookh Kshatriya

    Part of the issue is the distinctive Anglo-American class system, which has allowed upper-middle class urban white women to promote a feminist narrative based on their own unrepresentative experiences (Sex and the City being a potent example). Ordinary women lapped this up only to find themselves stocking shelves in Wal-mart for a pittance. Of course, the Anglo MSM invariably omit such ‘depressed’ or ‘deplorable’ women from their discussions of feminism as a matter of course. Outide social media, the (wildly unrepresentative) upper middle perspective on feminism still goes completely unchallenged.


  • Sure. Women are working slaves for the global elites.


  • ” Angry inside
    Thinks she is being raped when someone compliments her
    Always on the look out for oppression and microaggression
    Proud to be a slut
    Won’t raise a family
    Has a menial job (with an impressive title but empty reality!) in endless layers of bureaucracy, often working up to 70 hours a week for a thankless, soulless corporation
    Will become a genetic dead end
    Will die alone, a ward of the welfare state once corporate America leaves her a used husk of a human being with a laughable 401k plan”

    I think this describes all American women and not just the feminists. The feminists are simply more honest about how insane they are.

    Also, I do not think most feminists, or American women for that matter, are sluts. Rather, they see sexuality as a whip that can be used to control men as beasts of burden. The few American women who do not have this mentality are only attracted to psychopaths.


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