Now You Can Get a DUI for Eating a Bag of Chips or Drinking a Coke


Guess what crime the police state has decided is on the same level as being drunk behind the wheel? Using your phone or eating a bag of potato chips

“Sir, can you step out of the car? You have potato chips on your breath.”

I seriously don’t know whether to laugh, or slap someone on the back of the head whenever they start talking about America being a free country. It clearly isn’t anymore, if it ever was. A tyranny the likes of which the world has never seen is emerging, bit by bit, sand grain by sand grain, micromanaging every aspect of Americans’ lives.

Here’s the latest straw on the camel’s back from the emerging, totalitarian police state. Now, in the state of Washington (and no doubt in other states, soon) you can get an E-DUI for texting, smoking, or eating behind the wheel. Yep, they created a new acronym out of one of their favorite old acronyms. The Daily News fills us in:

Starting today, drivers caught holding a cellphone or any other electronic device while stopped at a red light or intersection will be subject to a $136 fine under Washington’s strict new “E-DUI” law. The fine for repeat offenses within five years is $234.

Drivers who are pulled over and found carrying out other types of “dangerously distracted” behavior such as grooming, smoking, eating or reading can also receive a secondary fine of $99.

The revenue-generating fines are the least of the issue. Drivers caught texting, smoking, or heaven forbid, eating behind the wheel will be forced to pay higher insurance rates, likely on par with someone caught careening down the highway after drinking a fifth of vodka. Fox News writes:

Tickets issued for driving while using hand-held electronics will go on a motorist’s record and reported to their insurance provider, according to a website set up by the state explaining the new law.

It won’t matter if the hapless motorist is stopped at a light, either, and informs his family he’s running late because of traffic.

The E-DUI prevents drivers from using their phone at nearly any time while they are behind the wheel—even if they are stopped in traffic or waiting for a red light.

But, take solace. Lawmakers didn’t go too far. Wait, of course they did…

The new law does allow “minimal use of a finger” to activate an app or device, so a single touch or swipe is still permitted.

I’ve certainly got a finger for today’s pigs in blue.

The insurance lobby loves the new law, and sheepish worshipers of the state will go along and get along while they bend over the barrel and pray their government overlords use some lube this time, as they always do.

At most, this deserves a minor fine, and this latest “crime” certainly doesn’t rise to the level of a damned DUI.

But what about the freedom loving man who doesn’t think the nanny state needs to be telling him what to do inside his personal vehicle, and branding him with a ridiculously over the top charge for something as minor as slipping a potato chip out of a bag or smoking a cigarette?

When will the encroachment of abject tyranny stop? How many more senseless laws do our self-appointed masters have to pass to protect us from ourselves before well tell them to shove it? As Ben Franklin knew, those who trade a little liberty for a little security deserve neither, and will lose both.

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  • I love this blog. Actually cooler more low key manosphere blog compared to returnofkings. The more I read this blog and other manosphere sites the more I despise the U.S. culture. I have always lived in U.S and just got my passport this summer to finally check out whats good in other countries. 1st passport destination is Medillin ,Colombia then I gotta check out DR and Brazil. I wonder once I visit out there how It will change me once I come back to U.S


    • You’ll probably want to learn to speak Portuguese or Spanish or both (they are very similar). Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking country at 120 million and Brazil has 200+ million Portuguese speakers. Worldwide there are more Spanish speakers.


  • I’ve got to respectfully disagree with you here. Most states have distracted driving laws, and drivers using their cell phones are at least as dangerous as those under the influence of alcohol intoxication. Numerous times on my motorcycle, I’ve nearly been run over, sideswiped and am frequently cut off by drivers on their cell phones. I’d like to see some serious enforcement of these no-cell-phone-use-while-driving laws, among others (e.g., legal requirements for using turn signals!). The current generation of teens and twenty-somethings are the worst offenders, and women are by FAR the very worst.


    • Relampago Furioso

      As a motorcycle rider myself, I accept the risk that comes from being on the road. I’d rather maintain my personal freedom than having a revenue hungry and control freak state providing me the illusion of security.

      A cell phone ban is one thing, but putting eating/drinking and smoking on par with DUI is quite another.


  • My wife’s company put out bullet points about this law, since they are based in WA, and as we were discussing it, a thought occurred to me. Isn’t it interesting that the state’s will pass laws like this to save one life, but they won’t even fine a woman for murdering a man’s unborn child in an execution chamber.

    I once told a pro-lifer that women should be punished for having an abortion. Her jaw hit the floor and she waxed paranoid about how the state could use a law against abortion to “punish” women unjustly who had a miscarriage.

    Funny how these pro-life women, for all their paranoid talk, have no awareness that the state does this all the time to men with pursuing false rape charges.

    I hate the pro-life movement, I hate abortion, I hate the nanny state.


    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      Most pro-lifers are full of it. They are against abortion but pro-war and pro-death penalty. While most anti-war and anti-death penalty types have no problem ripping out an unborn fetus and throwing it’s carcass in the trash. It’s barbaric and uncivilized to circumcise young girls but it’s perfectly okay to circumcise (sexually mutilate) male babies and boys. They are against white slavery but fully endorse male slavery — alimony, child support, anti-prostitution, slandering/criminalizing normal male biology, etc. A sick world indeed.


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