Never Trust a Woman


No matter how well a man thinks he’s tamed the female flame, at some point he will be burned

What skilled liars and deceivers.

When a man makes the mistake of letting a bitch get too close, his mind is fogged and his judgment altered. Deception is her innate, truest talent, and a man will never truly know her mind until it is suddenly and inexplicably revealed. The revelations always come after she has consumed him and is ready to monkey branch to a more exciting ticket.

Not all men have the ability to see through women. Four and a half billion years of evolutionary drive tricks most men. But if you are here, chances are you do.

And what you’ve witnessed nobody can cleanse from your mind. Except maybe a more skilled female liar, who, if she sees something in you she thinks she can profit from or take advantage of, will do her Cobra dance before moving in for the kill.

A man can go through hundreds of women and not find an exception. That is, if he pays attention and doesn’t allow the predator to put his mind into a trance. Only moments when his biology betrays his mind and he allows the predator to get too close does he find himself at risk of losing his freedom, money, and property.

Never trust a woman, for that trust will always be betrayed.

As she spends your money and secretly slides under other men, she will have no remorse for having used Beta Bucks guy. Her infidelities and crimes will always be distorted so the man is to blame. Lies, treachery, and deceit are her province.

You are playing with fire, and no matter how well you think you’ve tamed the flame, at some point in time you’re going to get burned.

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  • Consider the fact most women use makeup as part of their daily routine and you will realize most women are compulsive liars.


  • This should be the bible, cuz that’s the truest sh*t I have ever read.


  • @Escape from Anglosphere Can we just categorize feminists part of world= Prostitution not legal and Masculine part of world= Prostitution is Legal? For the most part that seems correct right?


    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      GoodSense3 I would accept that. To be honest I desire a legacy (children, grandchildren, etc.) but I’m not playing Russian roulette with my balls to fulfill that desire.


  • RF .. you’re crushing the keyboard with great frequency .. keep it up brother.


  • Concise, direct and to the point. The true nature of a woman. Unfortunately, the vast majority of men will resist, ignore and not accept this basic truth about women. And, thus become their next willing victim.

    You’re doing good work here for the few of us that get it…. keep it going.


  • The road to divorce court, family court, and jail is paved with the bodies and wealth of men who believed “she would never do that to me”. Tens of millions of us have already been through the nightmare and say “no more”. The uninitiated have taken notice of what was done to their fathers, uncles, brothers, and friends and say “no thanks, I’ll pass”.

    Marriage and the nuclear family, the bedrock of Western civilization, are now dead and with its death the civilization will also die. Those than cannot, or more aptly will not, see it happening right before their eyes are fools of the highest order. MGTOW is the only sane answer. Fight the good fight and you will be unemployed, financially ruined, and/or imprisoned. Don’t fight, and your culture collapses.

    I choose to watch the collapse from my beach chair instead of the inside of a jail cell. MGTOW from here on out. Cheers.


    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      Zan and John Smith. I could not agree more. I have never been married and most likely will not even consider it, unless I’m living the life of an expat abroad in a culture friendly to men. I’ve already come to the conclusion, equal does not exist, either you live in a masculine part of the world or you live in a feminist area but both cannot coexist.


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