Realizing You Have Nothing in America


Thoughts on the bleakness of modern America, as seen through expat eyes

What a bleak realization for a man to have, that there’s literally nothing left for him except endless, pointless labor in the New America. It is such a bleak and depressing place for the man who possesses expat eyes, knowing things don’t have to be this way. If only immigrants knew what they were really getting themselves into when they chase the stucco, hollow fantasies American media puts in their minds.

Everything has been ruined by a pervasive, sellout culture. First and foremost to the man with functioning testes and a healthy libido, women have been destroyed and sold out. Sure, a keen-minded man can find a woman to enjoy some sex with. But that’s all she’s good for, because feminism has ruined her for anything else besides slavishly serving The Man at the corporation, blindly chasing that carrot like the ass she is.

Oh, and better be damn careful, because if he knocks the bitch up that’s a nearly 20-year sentence of hard labor on the corporate plantation once she cashes him in at the child support lottery office. Not to mention, odds are she’ll be fat, have a dreadful attitude, and he’ll have to wait in line with 10 other men to see which one is awarded the tryst.

He can chase The American Dream of home ownership, but the truth is he’ll never really own that home. He’ll be renting it from the government with ever-higher property taxes and vivisecting regulation of what he does in and outside of his home by homeowners’ associations. The interest alone will steal most of the fruit of his labor right out of his hands. He can try to amass a fortune, but the truth is 50 to 70 hour weeks for crappy salaries are the new norm. If he’s straight and even worse, white, he’ll be vilified by Human Resources and last in line for promotion. So, home ownership and those “jobs” Americans worship have also been sold out.

To do any better than just getting by he’ll be forced into figurative Hunger Games with other employees, trying to outpace each other to see who can win raises, at jobs where “sudden death” comes in the form of being fired, laid off, or left in a dead-end position. In all likelihood, he’ll end up a used, wrinkled man looking back on an entire lifetime of labor with little to show for it other than a home and some material possessions that don’t really bring him happiness.

Children? Aborted or state-owned. Food? Genetically modified. The media? Full of nonstop propaganda. Politicians? Liars and thieves. Education? Indoctrination, and not enlightenment. Medicine? Endless pills and no cures. Culture? Ersatz and appealing to the lowest common denominator. Time? Every activity is already preplanned and controlled. Conversation? Competitive and limited by political correctness. Freedom? Reduced to sloganeering. Hope? Didn’t you learn anything from 2008.

What is there, except the choice to spin like a rat in the wheel?

The exposure of hopeful narratives in modern American culture as frauds has been touched on in literature in the past, even in the supposed “good old days.” Perhaps these lines from Nathaniel West’s The Day of the Locust sum up the situation in modern America best.

They realize that they’ve been tricked and burn with resentment. They have been cheated and betrayed. They have slaved and saved for nothing.

That literary reference is for those of us who are wise to the game. Mention these themes to your typical, plump, clueless ‘Murican and watch them perform the most amazing mental gymnastics to defend the very people and system that enslave them, as an angry vein pops out in their forehead. “At least we’re not like those other countries!” What buffoons. They’ve obviously never been off their plantation for very long, or lack the imagination to see outside the myopic doxy their masters have placed in front of their eyes like blinders.

Intrinsically fulfilling aspects of life have been purposely divorced from this culture. All that’s left is extrinsic consumption, trying to buy one’s way to happiness.

The bleak feeling of having nothing is what this man feels after he’s been back inside The Matrix for a while. And the feeling of utter desperation to get back out of this hellish paradigm as quickly as possible. He must not get sucked back into the throes of this system again. Everything he ran away from is now refreshed in his mind, and the terror of being saddled with debt slavery again, forced to toil anew motivates him to run like a gazelle, away from the predators in corporations and government who would consume his life again.

It’s time to leave. And soon. The expat’s sanity demands it.

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  • “Paging Dr Mgtow. Paging Dr Mgtow. Dr Mgtow, please report the the third floor trauma ward immediately. Patient requires red pill mgtow antibiotic treatments, STAT!”


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    You probably need this then …

    Steely Dan — “Any World (That I’m Welcome To)”

    “Any world that I’m welcome to …
    Is better … than the one … I come from …”


  • Dawkins speaks of the link between male altruism (working himself to death for nothing) and genes (particularly the selfish one). In short; Dawkins + fractals = behavior propagated infinitely, or D+f=Bpi. The equation is as simple and true as E=mC(squared). The universe is mathematical. Behavior is controlled by the fractal mathematics of the selfish gene propagation.

    You have no free will until you understand this. The manosphere constantly gripes about innate female nature. Question; why is this female nature universal across cultures, races, species, and time? Answer; D+f=Bpi.

    The manosphere also constantly gripes about pussy beggars, manginas, white knights, etc. Question; why is this male nature universal across cultures, races, species, and time? The answer is the same; D+f=Bpi.

    Females cannot help their behavior any more than a man can. Both are controlled by the universal and never ending quest of the selfish gene to infinitely propagate itself.

    Where is this selfish gene? It is housed on the X chromosome. The gene in females tells them to survive and propagate at all cost. This is why the female of all species is so cunning, treacherous, and remorseless. This is also why women have no problem mating outside their race or tribe as the selfish gene does not recognize any boundary to its propagation strategy. The gene on the male X chromosome tells him to be willing to fight, kill, die, and sacrifice himself to mate with and care for the female. This is why the male of all species is, at his core, a white knight.

    Question; if the Y chromosome is that which makes us men, then why do we have an X chromosome? The answer is simple. If we didn’t have an X, we wouldn’t be white knights in service to the selfish gene housed on the X.

    The enemy that a man must defeat in order to be free is not women, society, white knights, or even the state. The entity that must be defeated is carried in his own DNA – the selfish gene on the X chromosome. This is why so many men reject the Red Pill. Taking it goes against their own DNA and sense of self. This is also why many men cannot fully digest the Red Pill. The logic and truth of the Red Pill is self-evident, yet it’s truths are denied in service to the selfish gene and preservation of ego.

    “The Art of War” teaches that in order to defeat one’s enemy, one must know him. As Pogo so famously quipped, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” The battle is not external, it is internal. Men are their own worst enemy and the question becomes, “why”. The answer is the selfish gene and the equation D+f=Bpi.

    The manosphere has solved the symptoms of the disease, but cannot bring itself to solve the mystery of the disease itself. Treating the symptoms will prolong the life of the patient but will not cure him. Perhaps the reason we will not accept that our behavior is on automatic pilot in service to the selfish gene is a function of the selfish gene itself, a firewall that prevents the genetic purpose of a man from being known to him, for such knowledge exposes our genetic slavery for what it is and the selfish gene would then lose all power.

    MGTOW is a rebellion against the D+f=Bpi equation and the selfish gene. It is totally unnatural and flies in the face of a man’s DNA drives. For without the drives, what is the meaning of life? To discard the drives, in essence fully digest the Red Pill, a man must remove himself from the social structure built to serve the selfish gene, which is not an easy or tasteful thing to do. This is why digesting the Red Pill is by far the most difficult thing a man can ever do.

    To be truly free, a man must master himself. Starting with his own DNA. Cheers.


    • Rookh Kshatriya

      There is obvious truth in EP but it isn’t the whole answer. For one thing, female sexual behaviour is socially malleable, since reproduction has been ‘taken care of’ by intra-male competition for resources, power and so forth. Female mate choice simply hasn’t mattered for nearly all of human history, since only men did the choosing. GIven this plasticity, culture becomes immensely important in determining female behaviour. Dawkins and other Anglo-Saxons fail to grasp that much of what they themselves think is determined by the specifically misandrist culture they live in, just one among many.

      Pedestalization of women is specific to western societies, specifically Anglo-Saxon societies, and arises from residual puritanism in those societies. In east and south Asian countries women have very low status because repressive puritanical Christianity has little purchase there. Even in the Francophone, Hispanic, Lusitanian and Germanic cultural blocs women have far lower sexual status because prostitutes are readily available to men in those blocs, thereby raising men’s sexual status relative to that of women. So yes, awareness of one’s evolved nature is important but so is cultural awareness. Visiting non-Anglo countries quickly alerts Anglo-American men to the fact that Anglo culture is specifically configured against men and in favour of women, largely due to the secular puritanism that prevails in Anglo-American countries. Which is why so many American males are departing for foreign shores where 5s, 6s and 7s act like human beings, not entitled goddesses. And where sex is an attainable pleasure, not a semi-mystical sacrament bestowed on men by sacralized women.


      • Thanks for your work Rookh. I’m getting your book next.

        What a line;

        “sex is an attainable pleasure, not a semi-mystical sacrament bestowed on men by sacralized women.”

        Add in that it is only a very small percentage of men who get that very small percentage of women who are attractive, especially once you are socially segregated from the 25 and unders which you will be sooner or later.


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        Melmoth … that’s why the men that know better should travel and spend at least part of the year out of the matrix.


    • When I 1st touched the stove and it burnt me, I didn’t learn my lesson. So I went ahead and touched the stove a 2nd time. Hurt a lot more the 2nd time, but hey, I’m a guy. 3rd time? Nearly lost my fricken arm – and I *finally* learned my lesson. That last one almost got me fellas. I swear I have nine lives. Slathered up the wounds with the mgtow red pill antibiotic miracle drug and BOOM, the necrosis reversed. Ya just gotta love modern medicine.


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