I Don’t Know What America Is, Anymore


A Wisconsin company is already chipping employees

How appropriate. A doughy, gelded white boy signs up to be among the first electronic serfs. Here he is, with the hipster tattoo artist (purposely placed there by cleverly amoral PR flacks to make the whole procedure look “cool” in front of the camera) grimacing as the poster boy for The New World Order. What a bitch. This is the kind of idiot that will get us all enslaved.

They’ll have to kill me before they get one of these chips in my fucking hand. Before you hit “back” or “x” on your browser, realize this isn’t an overreaction. The line to acquiescence to the demands of elites who don’t give a fuck about men like you and I must be drawn somewhere. I happen to draw the line on being chipped.

Mainstream news rag articles say the chips don’t even have GPS installed in them. (Yet.) That negative reaction to chipping humanity comes from Luddites who are opposed to the code word “progress.” That everything is going to be alright once the corporate-government complex has control of the totality of life on this planet, with all money and all identity locked up inside their chips.

Why, just look at how honest and egalitarian they’ve been so far!

Don’t like what they’re doing? Don’t like it when they take money out of your chip automatically? Want to become a dissident of their decision-making? As Academy Award winning filmmaker Aaron Russo warned a decade ago, once they have electronic control of your entire life and you voice concern about what they’re doing, they’ll just turn your chip off. Then, you have nothing. No money. No identity. No food. No recourse. Nothing. The chip represents total control over the populace as a clandestine Socialist revolution proceeds through America.

The chip is the linchpin to implementing totalitarian control over America, and then, the globalists dream, the entire planet. Now that America has eliminated other contenders for the contest of becoming the first Socialist (and then Communist) society,  the arrogant, power-mad son of a bitches in power feel they can proceed with gusto, assimilating the whole of humanity into a new, American, Red Matrix.

The chip is the capstone in a long process of imploding free market capitalism and replacing it with government-micromanaged corporatism. The hated, and now dying middle class, or “Bourgeoisie” is always the first class to be targeted in a Socialist revolution, which is exactly what we’ve been witnessing unfold in America since the 1970s and 1980s. (I posit the current NWO agenda began in earnest with the murder of JFK by the elite power structure in 1963. This will be detailed in a future article.)

The goal of unfurling the hammer and sickle in place of the stars on the American flag is also the only plausible explanation for the constant class, race, and gender warfare we now have to wade through with hip boots in the United States on a daily basis, the corporate controlled media turning white men into the new Kulaks, the marginalization of Christianity, the gender confusion and androgyny agendas, and the breakup of the family brought on by feminism and child support jackpots.

Meantime, clueless, fat white people (like the pudgy guy in the photo above) float around like blimps bumping into each other on their way to Walmart and McDonald’s as a Socialist Revolution turns their nation into the USSA, totally oblivious to what’s being done to them. They get angry if you question the motives of ‘Murica, clinging to their beloved fantasy of what ‘Murica is rather than admitting the reality of their emerging serfdom.

All the while, corporations merge into ever-larger units, seizing total control of the means of production and the levers of finance, in cooperation with a United States government that now insulates itself from influence from its citizens. As TNMM has pointed out in the past, the collusion of corporate and government interests acting in their own interest and against the will of the people results in de facto Communism. Some have called it corporate Communism. Whatever you call it, it’s not a system you will want to live under once it is fully deployed.

What matters is realizing it means you have no control over what is being done to you, anymore. What isn’t covered by vivisecting government legislation will be covered by corporate policy in the new, centrally planned, computer-controlled economy.

Want a job? You’ll have to follow both the rules of your government and your corporate paymasters. The government doesn’t “require” you to get a chip, but it’s a term of your “voluntary” employment at our firm. But since you “voluntarily” got the chip, we’ll just put your paycheck on there and the IRS can take out taxes, healthcare costs, and other government fees and fines as it sees fit. See how it works? The chip just makes the power of the two systems concrete and extends their influence into every possible avenue of human life.

What’s more, in case you haven’t noticed we are seeing the intentional implosion of traditional American government with the orchestrated takedown of Donald Trump by the power structure. (My only question is, has The Don been in on the ruse the entire time?) Attacking the authority of the Office of the President is the power structure’s way of demoralizing the people who thought they could throw a wrench into the cogs of globalism by voting. The Russian vote-tampering witch trial proceeds…

In essence, it’s the elite’s way of saying “Fuck you!” to all the deplorables. Voting ain’t gonna work against these devils, guys.

I don’t know what this country is anymore, but it’s not my home. You can go get your chip, but as I mentioned before they’ll have to kill me before they stick one in my fucking hand.

Can I become a refugee running from the Socialist Revolution in America? I got dibs on the first plane out before the rest of the sheeple wake up. They’re still trapped in the “denial” phase brought on by the grief of watching their country transform before their very eyes. Some of us have progressed to the “anger” phase already. And for us, there won’t be any “bargaining” or “depression” or especially, “acceptance” phases.

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  • What I don’t understand is this…who finds the cultural Marxists ? I mean isn’t it Capitalism which is supposed to have a say….or are they clandestinely funding the Marxists in an evil pact, ultimately economic Marxism is capitalism (USA) and social capitalism is communism (China)….


  • The so called forged protocols of Zion already had the blue print of this long ago. Just read it and you will see all their work is coming to fruition.


  • Eduardo the Magnificent

    I knew this was coming as soon as people started consenting to chipping their pets. I mean, if Mr. Flufflesworth, who is adored more than children, can be chipped, it was only a matter of time until they shrugged and said “sure, why not?” to actual humans.

    Photo caption contest on what this guy’s face is saying. My guess: “God, I hope I get laid for this”


  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    The Angry Outernationalist … I’d leave and never come back if that chip was required. That guy getting chipped is an idiot but it’s his soul. Snidely Whiplash…very true there has been much speculation that the chip in your passport, on your credit/debit card, mobile phones, and even the strips on cash (not just US currency) are used as tracking devices. Another reason why they declared war on coins especially the ones made of gold and silver about a century ago.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      The strips on American banknotes are essentially little antennae that have harmonic resonance within a frequency range restricted to US government and military use …

      I did the maths one day and was surprised, but not shocked, to find out this was the case.

      Their presence makes it relatively straightforward to detect a suitcase or parcel full of American money, even without searches by hand.

      Naturally, electromagnetism’s version of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is brought to you by Mister Faraday, with applications that should be readily apparent.


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        They want to monitor and stop the flow of money and people leaving the West (Anglosphere – EU Bloc) because sheep and resources are needed to keep the Ponzi scheme going.


  • I won’t allow myself to be chipped for the same reason I also won’t allow someone to push a collar and leash on me. I don’t think my company ever would, but if they tried to chip us, I’d be out the door in two shakes sporting dual middle fingers in the air as I left.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Surrendering US citizenship may become necessary much sooner than planned if this is any indication of what’s coming sooner rather than later!!


  • My, my, my, I never thought I’d LIVE to see Revelation 13 come true! The Bible foretold this almost 2,000 years ago…

    Liked by 1 person

  • Just read about this and was equally grossed out by the idea. This is how it starts…first say it’s optional to see if it’s accepted. Once many people accept it and go along with the idea, then make it required for employment. Then the final death blow will be making it mandatory at the federal level for all US citizens for, you know, “safety reasons”. I believe this is an example of the Overton Window.


  • So the mark of the beast starts to be distributed… I want to bathe in the blood of the elite. This is abhorent and I hope that whoever gets this chip will suffer greatly. Beta cuck new world faggots all of them!


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “… realize this isn’t an overreaction.”

    You’d might consider my refusal to apply for a Nexus or Sentri card, let alone TSA Pre, to be an overreaction …

    But it isn’t, and that’s because if I have to be “pre-approved” to cross my country’s national border, I’m on the wrong side of it.


  • Snidely Whiplash

    The chip doesn’t need to have GPS to track you. Depending on the particular design can be readable from 10-15 feet away. If they put a sensor on the street corner, in the lamppost, in the Postal drop box, They will know where you in any city pretty much all the time.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      I’m aware of some tests with the RFID chips that go into present-day passports that show they may be readable from as far away as 70 metres with a highly directional antenna and a highly selective receiver, although I don’t remember the source at the moment. (I think it was a German hacker magazine, something like c’t, for instance.)

      You might remember the bit in the fourth “Jason Bourne” movie where the main protagonist had to shield a portion of his body with a steel dinner plate from a mess kit …

      Now imagine having to do that for everyday living.

      Well, actually, I can: it’s more portable than a steel dinner plate at least, and it raises fewer questions.


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