Some Inconvenient Truths About the News Industry


Personal observations about the travesty of an industry known as TV news

I aspired to be on the news growing up. It seemed like such a noble career back in the 1980s and 1990s, when the industry effectively had the wool pulled over a credulous public’s eye. I was a true believer. Only the “best and the brightest” must ever get a job like that. I was willing to do whatever it took to join these fine folks on the little screen, keeping the public informed as part of the vaunted Fourth Estate.

I wanted to fight the good fight for the little guy. What a hellish surprise I was in for. I entered the news industry around 2000, and survived to 2015. In those 15 years, I watched as conditions became worse and worse each year, and the quality of what we put on the air cratered. The business now caters to the lowest common denominator, as do many American institutions since sellout culture became firmly entrenched in Anglo society.

The modern news industry offers nothing but palliatives, propaganda, and drama. The people who populate newsrooms are self-serving, scandal-loving, and unscrupulous. They’ll backstab you in a heartbeat, while foxily putting on a believable “I’m innocent!” act without remorse. Local news does little more than serve a local gossip function, in between regurgitating leftist talking points from higher up the network food chain. It is social engineering ad nauseum. Fear and consumption are its foundations. This was not the ride I signed up for.

Here are 5 inconvenient truths about that industry I gleaned through my decade and a half putting up with the travesty it devolved into.

Low pay. Television newscasters/entertainers like to put on heirs that they’re God Almighty as they talk into their HD camera and big microphone with booming voices. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Wages have plummeted in the past 20 years, and most entry level news reporters (notice how quickly they’re in and out the door at your local news station these days) start off at anywhere from $18,000 to $28,000 a year. I had a station in Michigan offer me $16,500 back around 2000 for a full-time job! At some stations, employee pay is low enough many off-camera employees qualify for food stamps. This makes the garish juxtaposition of the lifestyles of the rich and famous advertisers try to sell on TV all the more sickening to those who know what a complete and total fraud the business is, and must live on miserly paychecks. Even top talent makes a fraction of what they did in the days when America only had 3 channels to choose from.

High turnover. Today, the industry is a revolving door meat grinder. Far from the “glamorous” career it portrays itself as, the truth is local newscasters have gone from being fixtures in the community to saying “Hi!” and “Bye!” to local audiences within 2 to 3 years. If backstabbing coworkers don’t do you in, your own raises will. Raises are built into most employment contracts. Once you reach “X” amount on the corporate spreadsheet, your livelihood WILL become a target for cost-cutting. What’s more, on-air “personalities” have lost all prestige they might have once had. I witnessed a boss telling a nightly news anchor to go change clothes like he was a school kid one day.

Cookie cutter mentality. As with most of corporate America, you need hip boots to wade through the stunning bullshit managers feed their employees. They like to create facades that they want news stories to be cutting edge, insightful, and delving into issues that matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. “If it bleeds, it leads, and if it burns it earns” are still the modis operandi. All the better if there’s a spurious, classically Anglo American “dirty sex” scandal involved. Of course, only heteros are persecuted. But, it’s become even worse than that in modern times. News reporters are told, in carefully worded language, they must find a scoop everywhere they go. The reality for those who “get it” is they must create a story, even when there is no story to feed the need for drama mostly female (75%+) TV news audiences crave. Stories don’t run long enough (1 minute to 1.5 minutes is the average for a story) to tell you anything about an issue other than superficialities.

Evil coworkers. The most evil people I met in my entire life worked in TV news. The trick is, they’re usually sociopathic, so they’re able to empathize with people to get them to start talking. Those people who open their mouths are the damned. News reporters have the “trusted friend” act down to a science, but know well these people (with rare exception, there are handful of good apples) are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They’d throw their own mothers under the bus if it meant they’d get to enjoy a fleeting flash in the pan in front of the lime light. One quickly learns to be plain vanilla, and to keep his mouth closed about anything that’s not 110% politically correct around gossipy news people. They live to pass judgment and punish those who don’t follow the herd and dictates of the police state with hellfire and brimstone proclamations disguised as jaunty, snarky writing and reading out loud.

Lowest common denominator mentality. One of the first lessons you learn when entering a TV news room is that copy is written for sixth grade comprehension. At least, that’s how it was for a long time. Judging by what one can see on local news these days, the editorial expectation for copy writing may now have slid to fourth grade comprehension. The truth of the matter is news personalities and advertisers look down on the public. They think the public is stupid, and any handsomely packaged line of bullshit will be gobbled up by them. For the most part, they’re right. This is the sad truth of mass audiences. Try to raise the bar, and talk to an audience like they’re adults, or challenge deeply held prejudices and biases of mostly liberal sheeple that watch the news, and you’ll find yourself out on your ass quickly.

So…needless to say, once learning how this travesty of an industry operates I was determined to find some way, any way out of its clutches. It is such a shame to have wasted a college education and 15 years on such a classless, pretensive, faux enterprise. But, the career one aspires to as a boy may not suit him as a man.

I ran away from the fakeness there to pursue a new life writing truths for men here. Or at least, searching for universal truths that men can benefit from, rather than spouting Marxist pap designed to debase and destroy the institutions of Western society one by one. Fifty to seventy hours a week of that for a decade or two more and I would have literally ended up in an institution. The good news is, I know how the evil enterprise operates so when the day comes I’ll be able to deconstruct them right in front of their telephoto lens.

On a lighter note, I heard most of the people I worked with at my last three stations have either quit, been fired, or moved into different careers. They must know the news industry is a steaming pile of crap, even if they’d never admit it like I just did.

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  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    Great post.


  • Tell us something about the fine woman news reporters, RF.

    Do they have to fuck their way up the chain? Often, I see the hot reporters getting advancement, or they stay awhile.


  • Rookh Kshatriya

    For me, the media is hugely important in maintaining the various delusions about the Anglo- American world – that its police and judiciary are perfect, that everyone is sleeping with models, that Anglo women are all angels and so on. These ideas have become lazy habits the media have ceased to think about but just circulate as holy writ regardless. The philosopher Jean Baudrillard has a very interesting take on the media – he says it has become hyperreal, a warped simulation of reality which the masses still take for consensus ‘reality’. Hence White Knights get angry if you question their assumptions because you are challenging their whole fake world-view, their very existence as such. In essence they are mentally ill, having taking leave of reality.

    Two things alone can liberate one from Anglo-Feminist hyperreality: foreign travel and total rejection of the Anglosphere media – especially televsion, glass teat of the sheeple.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Broadcasting has churned through a lot of people. You have company.


  • Thanks for a most interesting and informative piece, Rel!

    When I was younger, I wanted to work in radio, but I never pursued it. I grew up when there were only three TV networks and the Fairness Doctrine was still in force. I figured that someone with my conservative beliefs would have no place in the media, so I did other things. After reading this, I’m glad I made that choice!


    • Eduardo the Magnificent

      Most people in radio make minimum wage or lower. Only those on the national syndicated shows make any coin.


  • I have two or three stories about shitty reporters. Unfortunately, I can’t tell any of them. Because attorney-client privilege. They are narcissistic as hell and you should never trust one for any reason unless you have a pile of leverage at your disposal.


  • I attended Specs Howard School of Broadcasting in Southfield, Michigan back in 1996. I immediately found work as a low paid camera operator for the City of Dearborn, Michigan Access TV channel. I lasted about a year until finally I’d put up with all the fake BS I was going to. I’ve never met a more vapid, narcissistic and psychopathic group of people in all my life. Including the mayor of Dearborn, who I swear, arrived in politics straight off the set of the “Sopranos”… I shit you not!!! I stood in his office one day along with our station chief who was getting chewed out by Mr Mayor. And at one point, the mayor got right in his face and told him…”You do what I tell you or I’ll have you sent to a bad place”!! The only cool thing that happened was that I hooked up with an early 20 something Greek lady who was one of our on-air talents. She lived across the river in Windsor Ontario and commuted to the station for jobs. She was a high-maintenance Gucci handbag type, but totally worth it for the pleasure of enjoying her exotic fruit.


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