Revisiting Challenger: How Long Have Psyops Been Going On?


Doppelgangers for all but one of the Challenger crew exist – many of them with the same names or variations of the same names as the astronauts, now occupying top positions in U.S. business and government

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.

Thus said William Shakespeare, as he wrote of Machiavellian Intelligence half a millenia before the term was even coined. But how long has the American government been spinning propaganda and putting actors on the stage? How deep does the rabbit hole go? Must we begin what was one thought to be preposterous questioning of its agenda, and the information the ministers of government and pro-Establishment American media spin to the world?

Case in point: the Challenger “disaster.” Do a Google search and you’ll quickly find that Snopes says anyone who questions the official story has lost their mind. The “official” accounts are always to be trusted is the subtext. But Snopes was founded by two shady characters, as previously reported by Chateau Heartiste:

Our Snopes story took a darkly humorous turn, when news from America’s foremost paper of record recently surfaced that David Mikkelson divorced his first wife and is accused of embezzling $100K from his company to spend on prostitutes and on his second wife, a chubby ho who is (still!) an escort and a former porn star, (“star” being used loosely here… literally loosely).

It seems Snopes is nothing but yet another front for the Establishment, founded by a fatty and her manlet who tell you not to believe your own eyes or the fact backgrounds can be easily forged. (Google David Mikkelson of Snopes and get a load of that guy.) Undeterred by the Snopes stumbling block, let’s boldly ask the question: Did the Challenger disaster happen as the American government said it did? If so, why do all the “deceased” astronauts have twins who are still alive, and easily locatable using a Google search?

Before getting started, the Internet has been home to so-called “conspiracy theories” (a term coined by the CIA in 1967 to deflect from further introspection into the JFK assassination) since its inception. While it’s true many conspiracy theories are devised by total nuts, and don’t enter the realm of possibility to the rational mind, the fact remains mixing fact with outlandish fiction is a well-known tactic of propagandists and PR flacks to divert would-be truth seekers from their mission. Thus, anyone who questions official stories can be grouped in with the nutcases. It’s a brilliant strategy.

However, what is one to do when there’s concrete evidence to the contrary of “official” government accounts? Claims like these, even with credible evidence, are so far outside the Overton Window to even bring up the possibility of a psyop of this scale immediately places one at risk of being labeled a kook or crazy. But we must not let childish name-calling and irrationality deter us from seeking the truth.

Come along as we venture down the rabbit hole once again with Alice. We shall not be afraid to seek the truth, wherever it may lead, and how many ad hominems may be hurled our way.


The aftermath of the Challenger explosion

Why Do Such a Thing?

The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded January 28, 1986. What a horrifying spectacle it was. Especially when one realized there were 7 people on that ship! And a schoolteacher was among them, creating psychological trauma for the millions of schoolchildren who were rooting for her.

There’s little doubt the shuttle blew up, as the scene played out in front of millions on live television. But was the crew, including the much-ballyhooed schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe (the last name is important) on board the shuttle when it blew up? Or was it all a psyop to bring about the end of the Space Shuttle program once it had served its purpose? Let’s play Devil’s Advocate and say the American power structure did pull such a stunt on an admittedly low-IQ public. Why would they do it?

Leading up to the ill-fated day, American media had been playing up the shuttle launch, mainly because a civilian had been chosen to go into space with professional astronauts. Planners of such a psyop, sociopaths as many in the top echelons of politics and business no doubt are, knew the public would be paying close attention. As would millions of American schoolkids.

Having the shuttle blow up in front of millions, with an innocent schoolteacher on board would illustrate that space exploration is much too risky a venture for long-term investment. But, in the meantime dollars could be diverted – and dare we say – laundered by NASA for more nefarious purposes for a generation. Namely, research and development on today’s electronic dog collars slowly choking the mass public’s privacy and freedom of movement. (Note the Space Shuttle program ended after yet another “disaster” in 2003, when the kids in class January 28, 1986 were all grown up, and shortly after the global “War on Terror” had been launched and the usurpation of American sovereignty and freedoms had begun.)

That’s just one plausible motive. A place to start looking for the “why” in this twisted web. Another, simpler motive was for the power brokers in society to curb man’s higher ambitions, turning his focus downward to only the here and now. (Think Maslow’s Hierarchy, and debasing the human mind.) Space exploration captured the hearts and minds of the American public for half a century – just think Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. But now, the world’s richest nation doesn’t even have a manned space program anymore.

We can speculate about motive all day and get nowhere without exhaustive research. But let’s move on to the concrete evidence.

What’s all the more chilling about the Challenger explosion being a hoax is the fact 6 out of the 7 ill-fated astronauts have astonishing lookalikes that are thriving in the highest levels of our society today. In all cases, they have the same or very similar names. They’re the same ages. Have they been hidden in plain sight all along? Let’s examine the purported Challenger doppelgangers to see if the psyop theory makes any sense.


At least one of the “astronauts” has a sense of humor about the incident, as he used this logo for his business

The Doppelgangers


The two Richard Scobees, as discovered by Fellowship of the Minds

We’ll start at the top of the Challenger command structure. It is indeed odd that “deceased” Flight Commander Richard Scobee has a lookalike – with the same name, no less – who runs a PR venture called Cows in Trees. Both Richards have the same high forehead, the crooked and slightly larger left eye, the same ears, and the same nose and chin.

Even more perplexing, the web site of the advertising agency once featured a cow zooming high in the sky, with a rocket attached to its back as it spins out of control. Is the logo of the business a tongue-in-check reference to the Challenger psyop? Maybe it’s a way for Scobee to tell his clients, “If I sold this load of crap (i.e. the Challenger psyop) to a credulous public I can sell ice to an Eskimo! Use my experience in manipulating public perception!” Moreover, how convenient if Scobee segued back into public relations after the incident, a.k.a. manufacturing propaganda! His Linked In profile says he has been working in PR since 1982.


The two Ms. McAuliffes

Up next, Sharon “Christa” McAuliffe, the schoolteacher turned astronaut who seems to have dropped the “Christa” and added an initial as her middle name. How odd that she also has a lookalike! Her “twin” is teaching at Syracuse Law as a professor. A cushy, tenured position. The resemblance is uncanny.

We also find through public domain genealogy research that Sharon “A.” McAuliffe has cozy connections to the American power structure. According to Fellowship of the Minds, law professor Sharon is cousin to governor of Virginia and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe. We all know how trustworthy the DNC is.

What are the odds of finding another Ms. Sharon McAuliffe, who not only has the same name, age and appearance as the dead astronaut but also works in a teaching profession?


The two Michael J. Smiths

Then there’s Michael J. Smith, who, like Richard Scobee didn’t even bother to change his name! The Challenger pilot looks remarkably similar to the University of Wisconsin engineering professor! There’s the same smile, the same hair parting, the same color eyes, the same chiseled features. Both Michaels also have large ears and a smile featuring two big front teeth. What’s more, a public records search indicates both Michael J. Smiths are roughly the same age.

Up next we have Judith Resnick, who also has a doppelganger named Professor Judith Resnick at Yale Law school – home of the infamous secret society Skull and Bones. At Yale, we find a woman who sounds like and even closely resembles the astronaut Judith Resnick, but bearing the countenance of an older lady after 30 years of sand has passed through the hourglass. Watch and listen to this YouTube video sleuthed by those questioning the Challenger narrative. The tone and cadence of the voices of the supposedly two different women are remarkably alike!

Ronald (now Carl) McNair and Ellison Onizuka also have unbelievably similar “twins” still walking the earth. Onizuka works for alcoholic beverage control as a bureaucrat in Hawaii. Both astronauts are still alive and well, it seems. Only Gregory Jarvis is missing in action. Perhaps he decided to stay a little more low-profile than his fellow Challenger astronauts after “retiring” with their one-way rocket ticket to climb the stairway to heaven.

The statistical odds of stunning lookalikes of 6 of the 7 Challenger astronauts all “accidentally” having the same names and all occupying high laurels in society are well…astronomical. Imagine yourself and several of your friends. Imagine there are people out there who have the exact same name and age as you and your friends, who also look like you and your friends. What are the odds of that happening? Even in a nation of 300 million, it’s not bloody likely.

What do you think? Do you think people who discuss this conspiracy theory are nuts? Or do you think there’s solid evidence the American power structure has been playing the public for a mass of fools for at least 30 years? As Mark Twain once famously said:

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.

It does seem the power of lies, told over and over again is well beyond the power of truth telling in our society. Goebbels knew that, which is why the German propaganda machine was the best in the world. Until the American propaganda machine defeated it, and surpassed it.

One thing is certain…trust and government are oxymorons. But if they pulled this off, this means the Deep State, the power structure, whatever you want to call it, knows no depth to which it won’t plunge to manipulate the mass public in shocking and terrifying ways. This was 30 years ago. Imagine what they’ve pulled off since then. When did mass psyops on the public begin? It’s hard to tell. But certainly the art and science of psyops had been perfected by the time of the Challenger incident.

That’s a Red Pill that’s hard to swallow.

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  • This is off the rails, Furioso.

    Christa McAuliffe was an ordinary schoolteacher married to a lawyer and with two young kids. I can’t believe she “left” her children and husband for a law professorship – especially since Christa McAuliffe didn’t have a law degree. And you need a law degree from a top school with top grades to get into legal academia. It takes years of work and knowhow to build a career as a law professor. And Christa McAuliffe would have had to have built that up over many years living another life as Professor Sharon McAuliffe, lawyer and law professor.

    Christa McAuliffe had dark brown eyes. Professor Sharon McAuliffe has, at best, lighter brown eyes. McAuliffe was Christa’s married name; she was born Sharon Christa Corrigan with no connection to any McAuliffes until her marriage (and certainly not to Terry McAuliffe).

    Judith Resnik was also famous as a “hot” female astronaut. Her doppleganger listed here is considerably less attractive.

    As for the rest, it’s quite hard to believe they all left behind families and careers as coconspirators to help kill a space program. Sorry, but I’m not depriving my wife of a husband or my kids of a father because someone else tells me I should or offers me lots of money.


    • Relampago Furioso

      How do you know what any of their astronauts’ backgrounds were? Unless you knew them personally, you’re only offering “official” backgrounds. You also assume psyops wouldn’t be smart enough to forge credentials and backstories before proceeding with the farce.

      Resnick doesn’t look so hot in the group photo. And women don’t always age well. Light brown eyes vs. dark brown can also depend on photographic exposure.

      If someone can provide a reasonable explanation why 6 Challenger crew twins are walking around with the same names other than it being a coincidence or labeling “crazy” those who question the known liars in the U.S. government, I’ll withdraw the article and the question.


    • thedeti,

      There are millions of young women in the West, raised in good homes, who have completely abandoned their families, their chastity and their femininity just because they spent a couple of years in a classroom. Very few of them will ever come back.

      The Bolsheviks had little issue getting a large team of stone-cold executioners together. Jesuits. KGB. Einsatzgruppen. Some of our Canadian environmentalists are quite clear that a great human die-off would suit them fine. Ideology will do that to true-believers. Money and self-interest will buy the souls of most of the rest (eg divorce lawyers and abortion doctors)

      I don’t find this theory implausible at all. As for credentials, if they weren’t really going into space they had plenty of time to practice. Keynes was a quack but he’s an idol to economists. Obama got a Nobel Prize for being the first black POTUS.

      WTC 7. Pearl Harbour. The Maine. Gulf of Tonkin. Laurel Canyon and the hippie movement. Ruby Ridge. Waco. That’s just America alone. Question marks litter the landscape, and many of the participants went on to lead normal lives among the general populace.

      It’s like the Red Pill. Now you know some things you never knew before. Some were deliberately kept from you … some things just were always taken at face value and so duly passed on, like the American Dream, or losing your virginity on Prom night, or a house as an “investment” rather than a “commodity” … just made-up stuff really.


  • Hilarious…I love reading this sort of nutcase “analysis” of significant public events. I’ve probably worked around a dozen women with similar looks and speaking tone and cadences. Complete logic fail – – if the mysterious Illuminati (or whoever) intended to kill the space program by engineering an explosion aboard the Challenger, why would such a cold-blooded and ruthless group even BOTHER to allow those astronauts to survive?

    Worst – – and silliest – – column ever.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Then people walking around with the same names, same ages, and same faces as the astronauts are just one big coincidence?

      Your argument amounts to telling the emporer he has handsome new threads. Don’t believe thine own eyes. Put your faith in authority.


  • Supporting clip plucked from the Mars Rover news conference….


  • What’s even creepier about this is not just that it’s so plausible, but if true these are intelligent, educated and respected people carrying it off with absolutely no remorse or introspection.

    Complete and unblinking commitment to an agenda that aims at the extermination and enslavement of billions. Good Lord.


    • Relampago Furioso

      My experience in news led me to see the darkness of human character.

      That, in my mind, lends itself as evidence that people are capable of just about anything when acting in their own self-interest. Freud had a very dark view of humanity, and I’m beginning to see just how accurate his theories have proven to be. He viewed man as a ferocious, gruesome creature…or at least capable of being that. I think the prevalence of sociopaths in the upper echelons of society proves him right.

      I am beginning to think the evil of the current American plutocracy/oligarchy will one day eclipse the evil of the Nazis in history books yet to be written. I hope I’m wrong, but my gut tells me something is very wrong.


      • The secular puritanism which now defines the Anglo-American elite is an incredibly dangerous and insidious philosophy. While the elite retains an anti-life attachment to fantasy, repression and avarice, it has discarded all moral restraint in its dealings with others. Because it is arrogant and amoral, it is entirely capable of destroying the world with one push of a button – a nihilistic zombie.


      • “The secular puritanism which now defines the Anglo-American elite is an incredibly dangerous and insidious philosophy.”

        I think that the bigger problem is that the general Anglo-American masses have this philosophy as well. That’s why nothing will change until the Anglosphere collapses and loses its dominant position. The Anglo-American elite are simply an exaggerated reflection of the masses.


      • That plutocracy had no issue with bringing Nazi scientists into the US, or with bombing the ever-living hell out of numerous countries around the world. I have no trouble believe John Perkins’ testimony at all. Mystery Babyon encompasses the Earth.

        So long as Nashville (for one specific example) has flag-waving anthemic jingoist jingles to keep fresh meat going into the war machine for “muh freedom” (while Antifa trashes their hometowns and history) … so long as Wall Street and the Fed can keep the Great Potemkin Economic Indicator inflated above 22,000 … so long as the populist backlash can be channeled into harmless storm drains … this satanic system will continue.

        Even in Canada we had people abducted and subjected to experiments with hallucinogenics in the ’50’s. We are, unbeknownst to most people (including Canadians!) a majour arms exporting nation. Libtards the world over pointing at us like some sort of Rainbow Kibbutz where everybody gets along. They have no idea how many times we’ve stood on the brink of rupture in the past 50 years. Our political and financial leaders certainly do, and every media organ is Pravda with a maple leaf. Hockey, the lotto, celebrity worship and every bank commercial is a mixed-race couple who just moved here. It’s surreal here now.

        Orwell rolls his eyes and facepalms from the Great Beyond.

        Thank you George, you tried your best. Maybe you bought us some time. (The Revelation says that when the Dragon comes to walk among us, he’s pissed right off because he’s way behind schedule. I guess we’ll see … )


  • NASA is the most successful government agency in human history. Do you know why? Because it’s science based! I kid. Government fucks up everything they touch unless they’re killing, imprisoning, lying or stealing from you. Nobody is better at lying, stealing, robbing, killing or imprisoning you then any Government anywhere.

    I would bet my life against a shiny quarter that the United States has never been to the moon; NASA, who was founded and headed by real life Nazis, not the posers we see on the Tee Vee, has been stealing and lying from us from day 1 all the way to today.


    • “I would bet my life against a shiny quarter that the United States has never been to the moon”

      I think this conclusion is the most likely one regarding the moon “landings.” The technology to get humans to the moon safely did not exist in the 1960s and 70s and arguably still does not exist today.


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