Eisbrecher’s New Album Sturmfahrt Doesn’t Disappoint


Eisbrecher continues to chart new territory with their excellent new rock album Sturmfahrt

Rock may be dead in America, but it’s alive and well and even seeing a bit of a Renaissance in Germany. The Neue Deutsche Härte genre formed in the 1990s and has taken the art of making hard rock to new heights.  The genre has spawned Rammstein, Oomph!, Unheilig (who recently enjoyed a string of #1 albums) and of course, Eisbrecher, among many others.


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As we all know, most Classical composers hailed from Germany and Austria, including Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, and their rich musical traditions continue to influence this genre. It seems musical excellence is part and parcel of German culture. It’s easy to hear the rich, rising, symphonic influence of Classical music in many Neue Deutsche Harte pieces.

And its not just the “angry” sound of German language that makes Neue Deutsche Härte so appealing. While that certainly lends itself to making aggressive, rock-themed symphonies, German also turns out to be very versatile, one of the most tender, emotive languages in the world. Even non-speakers of the language will be moved when artists like Unheilig put pen to paper and voices in chorus. This duality lends itself to the stunning highs and lows German rock frequently offers its listeners.

The latest – and excellent – entry comes from Eisbrecher. Their new album Sturmfarhrt (Going into the Storm) dropped in Europe today. Upon giving it a thorough listen-through, I can assure you if you enjoy their past works you’ll enjoy this one. The album starts off with the excellent track “Was ist hier los?” which challenges elite narratives about the world and questions to morality of global American hegemony, and the intensity doesn’t let up as the topic changes to subjects other than valid sociopolitical commentary for the next 50 minutes.

Strap yourself in for the ride, and enjoy the rebirth and afterlife of rock and roll with albums like Sturmfahrt. What’s even better for those who love aggressive, masculine music rather than whiny chick tunes that dominate American radio, is the fact this genre is growing in Europe.

At least the art of making awesome tunes will live on somewhere. If you want to try before you by, bootlegged copies abound. I found one on YouTube. Check it out.

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