Mankind Has a Common Enemy: The Global Elite and Their Media


The face of evil, George Soros. But he’s only one of many in the elite cabal moving to seize the reigns power from We The People

Many people are only knee-jerk responding to each shock to the body politic as it occurs, and not thinking about who is responsible for each affront to freedom unfolding in America today. The time has come for us to start putting a face on who is stirring the pot – nay, also putting the ingredients in the pot before stirring it – so the public knows who they are.

Make no mistake, if the elite and their propaganda ministry (mainstream media) suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth, abducted by aliens perhaps, we would see an almost instant end to the mainstream media agitprop and throngs of alt-left thugs inciting violence in American cities.

The American Republic is in jeopardy because of these two forces.

Carefully designed agitprop, dreamed up by the Establishment and doled out in neat little doses by the echo chamber media is damned effective when it comes to creating division and inciting violence. Here’s how the evil genius behind the toppling of American institutions one by one, as well as the carefully crafted marginalization of all things traditional, common sensical, male, and Caucasian works. It’s a six step process:

  1. An incident designed to create a “newsworthy” event is crafted to bring the most radical members of the left and right together (such as the pincer tactic which brought the alt-left and alt-right together in Charlottesville, VA – a state where Terry McAuliffe is governor)
  2. Violence inevitably ensues
  3. The right is scapegoated by the whores in the media as culpable for the violence
  4. This narrative is repeated ad-nauseum, and amplified by focusing only on extremists
  5. The shockwave the violence creates is allowed to dissipate
  6. The next attack on American history, the right, or narrative to smear white people as racists is planned out

One of the primary financial backers of the alt-left Socialist revolutionaries who brought flamethrowers to Charlottesville, burned down cities across America last summer, and will no doubt be inciting violence in the future – as documented by countless blogs and other non-Establishment outposts – is George Soros.

But he’s not the only devil. There are many others. In fact, someone has been keeping a running tally of some of the major players in the economic domination of American government and the subjugation of ordinary Americans to oligarchy. According to The Global Elite blog, here are some of those making moves to topple democracy and replace it with worldwide Communism. Not surprisingly, most are bankers.

1: Lord Jacob de Rothschild. 2: His son Nathaniel. 3: Baron David de Rothschild 4: Sir Evelyn de Rothschild 5: David Rockefeller Jr. 6: Henry Kissinger 7:George Soros 8: Lloyd Blankfein

We’ve all heard those names before.

But, those men are only the top of the food chain. The Global Elite blog goes into much more detail about the real power structure in the world, and it names names. These people are our common enemy. Strip them of their fortunes, and the power of their megaphone by boycotting mainstream media, and these people have no power to oppress mankind and shape us into human machines powering their bottom line. They will have no power to further divide and conquer us.

They will have no power to turn this planet into the living embodiment of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Let’s start by refusing to listen to mainstream media except as a tactic to know what moves the elite are intending to make on us. Once their narratives no longer carry any weight, we will have won a major battle as the resistance to coming global tyranny.

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  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    The Power Elite


  • As for George Soros, he has probably done enough to get himself deported. There is a problem with that. Hungary does not want him back.


  • The American Republic has been in trouble since 1778 when they got themselves back into debt with the London bankers to the tune of 14 Million. In 1913 the Fed was created in order to start collecting the interest which had been compounding and is, now; exploding.
    Americans have never been free of control by banks, governments and the churches they front for. Specifically, the Synagogue of Satan which is a joint venture of the Jesuits and Rabbis.
    Canada is worse than America and every other country in the world is worse still; neither free nor ever will be in this age.
    You better have more than a plan for just next year or the ten thereafter. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.
    An express lesson is the American Medical Association making war against the American Naturopathic Association. That war culminated in the fire bombing of the ANA College by the AMA agents. Natural medicine has still not recovered almost a 100 yrs on.
    Do you think you can establish a school of learning in opposition to the Jesuits?


    • Eduardo the Magnificent

      Andrew Jackson actually paid off the debt in 1835, after he got rid of the US’s second central bank. After Andy ran them out, it took until 1913 for a central bank to grow roots in the US again, but Lord, they tried. The Civil War was fought in part due to Lincoln’s aversion to a central bank (and the South, too). Lincoln needed the anti-bank South to defeat the northern Congress in admitting another European central bank. When the South figured out they were going to be outnumbered (many new territories declared that they would be free states if admitted), the South bailed and created their own country. Lincoln knew the US would be finished, and fought to keep the South in the Union. Why do you think all the rhetoric about the Civil War is about slavery? Because then you’d know it was about the banks. And you’d also know that when we were absent central banks, we were the 8th wonder of the world.

      Bank and no freedom, or freedom and no bank (to paraphrase Jackson’s slogan)


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