Stories from the Road: The $40 Pay for Play Girl Treated Me Better Than American Women I’ve Had Relationships With


The Zona de Tolerancia in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. It costs roughly $2 to enter the compound. Part of the strip club Lipstick is visible on the left

It’s no secret American women treat men like garbage. I’ve had a few pretty good American girlfriends here and there, but by and large I knew I was nothing more than a disposable utility or a passing infatuation with almost all of them. I knew any LTRs would risk my finances, freedom, and sanity.

As a social observer who watches single mommery become the norm on social media and in cities nationwide (i.e. once the sperm is extracted from the father and he’s disposed of and cast into state slavery, mom hops back on the cock carousel) I know my experience with predatory females is far from unusual. American women use men financially, then kick them to the curb.

Putting that background aside, about how frankly, shitty American woman are, prancing around as if they’re god almighty, any sex appeal they might have had concealed under layers of blubber, hair dye, and bitchiness, let’s move to a recent experience I had at one of the Zonas de Tolerancia in Mexico. These are areas of legal prostitution in many Mexican cities, representing the polar opposite of the shame sex creates in Anglo America.

I found myself on the Mexico border recently, with a trailer dropoff at a border town. Of course, crossing over for some tacos (in more ways than one) naturally was on my mind. So, I rent a car, drive to the Puente Internacional (International Bridge) and walk across. One of the nice things about crossing into Mexico is there’s no police state badgering a man when crossing Mexican customs. Sure, they’re there, but 9 times out of 10 a man just walks on through with narry a question about his activities. Someone with a libertarian bent, like me, loves that experience.

I walk out of customs, wave for a taxi, and negotiate a price of $20 for the cabby to take me to the Zona, drive me by the rooms where scantily clad girls stand outside, let me pick out one, and wait on me while I bang her. (Sometimes I get the taxi drivers to drop me off, but I decided just to do a hit and run this particular day.) As we pull out, I move to put on my seatbelt and the driver asks me what I’m doing. Suddenly, it occurs to me I don’t have to put on a seatbelt here. “Fuck it. I’ll leave it off,” I think.

We arrive, I pay the $2 to the police to enter the compound. (Yes, you pay police to enter a zone replete with brothels, strip clubs, dive bars, and freelance whores. Pay for play, is of course, illegal in the Land of Prohibitions, America.) We drive around the entire compound. It’s about 7 p.m. so even though it’s Friday night there are only a handful of putas on duty. In our first circle, none of them really caught my eye.

Thinking I’m another weak American, the taxi driver starts instructing me on what to do, in Spanish. “Stop and get a beer.” Of course, he invites himself to a beer with me. I flat out tell him no. Not because I don’t want to buy him a beer, I know he’s just testing to see if he can push me around. So, I tell him to drive around the compound again, and suddenly, a flaquita morena catches my eye. (She was a thin, tan skinned girl.) She had beautiful, flowing black hair, a very nice body with perky tits, and was wearing a revealing but classy black dress. She stood out over the other girls. Indeed, a man can truly find some diamonds in the rough in the zonas once in a while.

We negotiate a price, she asks for $40 for complete service. We go in her room, she closes the door, and we start talking. After bullshitting for a few minutes, I find out she’s 21 and lives nearby. She gives me the look that she’s ready, so I take off my clothes and she takes off hers. The light bulb in her room was out, but since it was daytime there were still some rays of light peeking into the room. Once my eyes adjusted I gazed upon a chick that looked stunning naked. Especially compared to the fatties I see in my trips around America, and what they must look like with their clothes off.

She had it all. Perky tits. Tan and supple nipples. Nice legs. Nice hips. Nice, taut little behind. After drinking that scene in, we proceed do the deed. She didn’t rush me. This flaquita morena actually made love to me rather than just fucking me. The whole experience actually got quite intense as I started pumping her pretty hard. I could tell she loved that. I knew afterwards I would remember this girl long after this day. For there’s nothing quite like being treated like a man when you come from a culture that hates men and hates sex.

We talk a few more minutes in Spanish, and I learn this girl is actually studying. They all say they are, but she has books in her room with her. I pay her more than what she was asking for, and get her number before I leave. This girl might be selling it, but she made me feel better inside than most American women I’ve dated because she respected me.

That’s why I monger in the zonas once in a while. Not only is sex a human psychological need as detailed in Maslow’s hierarchy, but it’s nice to be treated like a human being by a woman and not a walking, talking cash machine. I gotta tell you, mutual respect is where it’s at. Life is stranger than fiction sometimes, in that a $40 whore can make a man feel more complete than a woman he’s invested thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in.

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  • In La Zona, I am known as Cristobal. Pienche gringo, and dozens of other endearing terms..
    I first went to Boystown sometime around 1985. Granted, Men tend to exaggerate the number of conquests that they have had -I really do try to be honest with myself though.
    Way back when… There was a particularly cute little puta by the name of Maggie. Now-a-days she is a bartender at Gusino (worm). She sure ain’t got better looking with age, but has proven to be a friend. I’ve had whores steal money, my boots, LOL-my debit card, numerous cell phones, hell – I’ve even lost clothes. I have supported individual ladies as well as, over the course of a two week visit – bedded 40 individual women. I’ve had putas throw me in jail as well as in the defense of one in particular, got myself thrown in jail with her. After a few hours the Ploicia released us both.
    I have been so blind-ass drunk, that more than once one of the ladies took me to her house. No, not to roll me but to watch over me. It’s hell when you wake up – and all you know is “I’m not in Kansas anymore.”
    When I began going to Boystown – there where hundreds of ladies to choose from. There where thousands of “guests”. Now-a-days; sometimes I cross over knowing I will probably not do more than visit friends. I have had Philosophical discussions with some of the rich Mexicans that show, I have gone to the RIO BRAVO and gathered Mesquite for a BBQ.I rode with the guy, in the horse drawn trash wagon, and tossed barrels of trash aboard. I have met and talked with City, State, and federal officials – I have visited with Cartel bosses and turned down GREAT OPPORTUNITIES.
    I long ago discovered that I could do anything I wanted, while there – the price I had to pay? DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID! Now, granted I have done some crazy-ass shit there, but I have NEVER GOTTEN INTO A PHYSICAL ALTERCATION. Over there, those that know me know I am neither a coward nor afraid to confront the Police or Cartel. They have seen me do it! They know who I am – they know that if they are in the wrong – I don’t have their back. Likewise, none of them would hesitate to turn to me, when they are in the right. They have done so! I have protected the infirmed, whores, Bartenders, even the cur dogs that run the streets.
    While separate instances, I have attended Church on Sunday Morning in the streets of La Zona Tolerancia and donated my whoring money to the local missionaries and church (I am neither a Man of faith nor a Christian.) I have on numerous occasions had in-depth conversations with those Missionaries; in an effort to help them understand the truth behind what they see.
    As Americans, it is near impossible to grasp (for lack of a better word) “their lives”. The numerous varieties of true reasons that the ladies are there far exceeds the American comprehension. And the reasons each individual experiences of time changes dramatically. Most often, they give a bullshit answer. Something they expect that you want to hear. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!
    A while back, one of my favorite ladies (FRIEND) that is a great masseuse and I often spent days with, in and out of bed, got herself a husband. Fortunately I was a gentleman on the occasion I saw her, when she introduced me to her Husband. (Boy I was glad of that, she’s a fine lady.) She was one of the few people there that I could actually leave my possessions with and not worry. While I miss the opportunities to SEE her, I’m very happy for her. (She’s the one I went to jail with, after she bit down on my chest and spit out a chunk of my hide.) Another was Zulema, all I am sure of about her – she’s dead! I’ve heard alcohol poisoning, drug over-dose and a Cartel murder. She was truly a skanky slut! AND I LOVED HER! China: she wore a super short (tiny) skirt and NO PANTIES. I supported her for nearly a year, before she disappeared. Cassidy: It took forever to realize what her name actually was. (Spanish is tough for a gringo!) I couldn’t even begin to guess how many miles of cock I gave her, or how much money. Once she got fat, she had no more clients.
    There is one lady in particular that has rejected me for years. She is a hot door girl. Not sure if it’s cause I’m a gringo or that I have alcohol on my breath. She says it’s the beer. Across the road, in another room, there is a beautiful lady that must be her sister. She’s lots of fun.
    La Zona isn’t what it used to be. Years back at the Tropicana – I was in a playful mood and availed myself of the opportunity to participate in THE MONKEY SHOW. The bar was full, I mean standing room only! What happened was – the crazy Mexican DJ asked for a volunteer from the crowd to get on stage, get naked and let 150 people or so watch as he fucked (in various positions) the dancing girl. Having no takers – he did the logical thing… pick on the weak. As the sole gringo in the crowd, that would be me.
    Having more balls than brains – I accepted the invitation. An undersized Air Conditioner in a confined room with 150 people can cause you to sweat profusely when you go hard and heavy on a hot sweet pussy! The only part of it that sucked was that the frequent position changes did not allow an opportunity for orgasm! It was FUN though. Years later, again at the Tropicana, I found my limit. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I CAN SERVICE 5 WOMEN! It was fun trying though.
    _____: I’m gonna call her Red. She’s been there for years and is still there. I pity the poor bastards that pick her! She’s a friend, she always visits me. She knows I ain’t gonna bed her. She knows I am not going to accept her MAMAR offer. Simply put – she’s a lousy fuck. Nice gal – but not a good lay.
    _____: She’s known as (pardon my spelling) weta loca, I think I’m the only one that still calls her that. This poor dumb bitch ought not to be a whore! She doesn’t even like sex. She’s damned good at chingale ing (SP?) her clients! Trust me – I’ve let he get me more than once (or 12… 13… 14..) times. Again, a nice gal. I did actually have a good time with her once. The last few times I was with her she has talked about wanting to get out of the business. (Poor dumb bastard that I am. Despite her repeated actions –I know that she really wants out.) Anyway, she asked me to get her out of Boystown – knowing I intended to give her enough money for her to leave Reynosa and return to her family in southern Mexico. We got a room (yes for sex also) to work out the details. While she was showering I nodded off. I woke to see her opening the door. “I’m gonna have them get me a coke.” Groggily I said “SURE.” About three minutes later; WTF??? Oh-shit! I checked my wallet. She did leave my ID and Debit card, though I didn’t know where I was, nor did she leave me any cash to pay a taxi! I of course did not go in the right direction. After walking about five miles, I asked someone I saw for directions. He was real decent and gave me a ride to the ridge and 4 pesos to cross. He as well went into depth bout how lucky I was to be alive. Turns out I was in probably the most dangerous neighborhood in Reynosa. (I have returned 3 times since then.)
    I recon that you are thinking to yourself, “this SOB is just stupid!” I am, but it’s beyond that. I most often know when to expect the chingale. I’ve spent enough time there to understand “what’s going on”.
    Sure, you can go to Boystown and have ONE-HELL-OF-A-GREAT-TIME. Once you get to know the people there, if they should become more than A HANDY PIECE OF ASS – they are mostly good people in dire situations. Hey – they want money, they want to fuck – I’m good with that. But as people, I do love them, despite their faults (to qualify their faults as “vast” “numerous” “great” – fails to express how bad it really is for them.)
    As a closing note; I would recommend to any that ask about going – DON’T DO IT! I have taken a few people with me on occasion. Almost without fail – they were scared for their life and nauseated at what they saw. I am insulated by my many years and numerous friends in Boystown (including those that cheat me.) It has become extremely dangerous as well as depopulated by ladies. So much so that I wonder if I want to continue visiting. BUT, I still want to help that loco bitch get out, and I met a new girl there. She’s not ACTUALLY a working puta, she invited me to her house (accepting would be another bad idea for me, but – why let that stop me after so many other bad ideas?)
    If the Cartel ever kidnaps me, I think I can talk them into releasing me. If the Policia arrest me, they know I will wait them out. If/when the ladies cheat me, they know that word will go through town (it is a small town.) If some poor dumb-shit tries to roll me, they will find one of the 3 above “having a talk with them.”
    Yeah, I expect that I will die there.


  • As you stated elsewhere, when it comes to women, you ALWAYS pay for sex; one way or another, men WILL PAY for sex. The only question is if it direct or indirect, whether it’s up front or on the back end…


    • Relampago Furioso

      That’s how it works! No man fucks for free. Men only delude themselves into thinking they’re not paying.


  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    You were treated more like a man in a couple hours than many in the US are treated in over a decade.

    Liked by 1 person

    • If ever.


    • …I wonder just how men are able to find a relationship in the first damn place ?!!…Because here I am: 28 years old, I’m in great shape and feel that I’m better looking than most… and even I can’t get anywhere with girls, not even a glance, not even to have conversation. But yet girls my same age expect all the attention in the world while not giving any in return. I say we should just ignore American women completely and let them rot in their own hell they’ve created.


  • I love posts like this. It gives me ideas of making a trip south of the border someday soon. Thanks, RF.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It is hard to write a comment about this, but the title can stand by itself as quite a statement.


    • fuzziewuzziebear

      It took me a while, but all American women have left to promote themselves is sex. Even in this, they have found a way to fail. When you get down to it, they are just a bad product.


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