Watch: CNN Needs Sensitivity Training – Houston Woman Blows Up About Shameless Exploitation of Flooding Tragedy

Maybe CNN needs some sensitivity training. In their mad pursuit of a scoop, they just provoked a black Hurricane Harvey victim into having an emotional breakdown live on camera. But hey, it’s good for ratings and their brand! She “told her story” to use MSM jargon.

It’s becoming clearer by the day the public is onto the fact the American media is corrupt and vicious as hell. We all know they swoop in like vultures to feed on every new tragedy like its fresh carrion, each “journalist” trying to outdo the other with the most sensational scoop. Case in point: The CNN vulture in this clip, a Ms. Diaz, isn’t sensitive or caring towards the shaken lady she plucks from the crowd of devastated Harvey flooding survivors to exploit for her tears and suffering.

No, she is hoping to exploit this mother’s personal tragedy for a lead. Diaz wants fresh meat for the CNN grinder. For that offense, Diaz should be the first CNN talking head sent to sensitivity training. Anderson Blooper, Blinky the Owl (Wolf Blitzer) and The Lush (Don Lemon) can follow, along with the remaining gaggle of glib assclowns.

Of course, the liberal network only feigns sensitivity and concern because it’s good PR. The reality, as we see here, is sociopathic TV news people are almost universally wolves in sheep’s clothing. What should CNN be doing rather than playing musical chairs with flooding victims, doing rotating interviews? Here’s a hint, assholes: These are real people facing a real tragedy. Maybe you should put that fucking mic down and get this lady some dry clothing and buy her a hot meal with CNN’s credit card before putting her in front of a live audience of millions of people. (Incidentally, this incident lends itself to my theory that Anglo culture has totally lost its humanity in the reckless pursuit of profit and power. Corporations fake sympathy very well, but offer very little actual sympathy towards the cares and concerns of average people.)

Rather than doing something to actually help this flooding victim and her young girls, Diaz exploits her to fill airtime with raw emotion, feeding the monster a 24/7 sensationalist news cycle has bred. Her plan for a quick and easy hit of emotion that looks good on camera and bolsters her resume reel backfires. She picks the wrong lady to exploit. And the lady lets her fucking know it.

Remember this maxim as you watch the reporter offer faux sympathy: If it bleeds, it leads, and if it burns it earns. That cliché is well-known in every news room. And it is how the beast known as mainstream media operates. If there isn’t any real drama happening, these reporters will create drama. This lady’s life was burning down, and of course CNN only saw it as a chance to do an extreme close up.

The Houston resident being interviewed to polish CNN’s brand (and to add a log to the fire of the fake global warming problem) loses it during the interview and Realtalk – the very type of talk the media and Silicon Valley are trying to render extinct – surges forth. Her exasperation with the talking heads is relatable, because she expresses what so many of us who have been marginalized and slandered by the mainstream media feel every single day. Get out of our faces and out of our lives with your fake and exploitative news!

Someone give that poor Hurricane Harvey survivor a hug, make sure her and her girls are taken care of, and (figuratively) slap the shit out of the CNN vultures. But, there’s good news arising from this scene. An outburst like this on live TV lets us know the public is growing weary of every tragedy being exploited by those well-versed in faux sympathy.  Here you have a network actively trying to incite race riots for both ratings and a globalist agenda acting like they’re down with the people.

This lady ain’t buying the fakeness. And neither is an increasing segment of the once asleep American populace.

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  • Those media whores make me SICK!


  • People only feel comfortable scratching the surface negative human behavior. When you go deeper. Very deep. You will find that is what humans are. That’s what humans do. Played out trillions of times since the beginning of humanity.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I would give Ted Turner the two dollars so that he can buy back CNN from Time Warner for its fair value. He can run a promotional campaign, “Under Old Management”.


  • This is not a tragedy being reported on; it is a crime being covered up. Like so many ‘tragedies’ before it; Joplin’s Super Tornado, Alabama’s night of the Tornadoes, Katrina, and countless others, this weather was engineered. It continues now with a system block at Mobile and a system push at Corpus Christi continuing to focus this storm on Houston and New Orleans. The technology has been heavily at play since 2011 but in use for over 70 yrs.
    If there is no investigation of this crime then Trump is complicit for sure. The storm off the east coast at present is also being steered and focused for corporate and personal gain.
    Of course, with that gain comes much personal loss to those marginalized in a Democracy which is capital driven and not needs driven. Not just human needs but creature needs for the rapidly declining species of this planet.
    There is more than enough for everyone to have a job, food, a place to live, a family to love and future to have faith in. The government, the church, the banks and their corporate fags have, for 6,000 yrs raped and plundered the planet till it is on the verge of collapse and still they pursue their madness for profit.
    It is almost over, but, we still have a little ways to go.
    He who has the most toys loses all; those with the least may yet gain.
    Hang in there.


  • Can’t wait for this follow up story.


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