Jack-o-Lantern at Vogue Magazine Criticizes Melania Trump’s Fashion Sense

Street Style - Day 7 - New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

Behold, Vogue magazine’s fashion guru

Our apologies if anyone just lost their lunch. But, this is the fashion editor at Vogue magazine. Her/his/its name is Lynn Yaeger. As Vogue’s resident fashion guru, she/he/it just typed up a saucy screed that went viral chastising Melania Trump for her choice to wear high heels to Texas as the First Lady surveyed hurricane damage with The Don.

Here’s an excerpt from the Vogue article:

Oh, Melania.

In the words of the late, great Lou Reed, you “couldn’t hit it sideways.”
First the now–First Lady (perhaps unwittingly) plagiarizes Michelle Obama in her convention speech, then she takes as her platform a crusade against bullying—when she is married to unquestionably the greatest cyber bully in political history—and now this!

This morning, Mrs. Trump boarded Air Force One wearing a pair of towering pointy-toed snakeskin heels better suited to a shopping afternoon on Madison Avenue or a girls’ luncheon at La Grenouille.

First of all, Ronald McDonald’s grandmother shouldn’t be offering condescending fashion tips to the immaculately dressed Ms. Trump. Secondly, the backlash Yaeger’s hit piece (disguised as humor) created only serves to highlight how insular and disconnected the mainstream media is from the average American. This is great fashion writing from a luminary in the field in the minds of deranged leftists.

What’s more, the hit piece is based on a false premise, typical of mainstream media. Ms. Trump might have boarded the big bird in heels, but by the time she landed in Corpus Christi she wasn’t wearing heels at all. She was in sneakers, ready to hit the ground running. But that didn’t halt the improvised narratives. Reason and rationality are the first things to go out the window when writing up MSM hit pieces.

It’s almost hard to believe this woman/man/thing is considered a fashion expert. A background check reveals she has been writing for Vogue and The Village Voice for quite some time. Check out the praise heaped upon pumpkin head by delusional institutions of “journalism” in America. From Wikipedia:

Yaeger is also a regular contributor to The New York Times, Style Magazine, American Vogue, Travel & Leisure, and countless antiques & collectibles dealers. Lynn is also a fashion columnist for Full Frontal Fashion, a style website in association with Sundance Channel. She is known for her eccentric personal style, powdered face and dark, cupid’s-bow lipstick as well as cutting her own hair.

Eccentric isn’t a good word. Best to put it “vomit-inducing” personal style. In any case, MSM bootlickers love to give each other awards and slobber on each other’s knobs at news industry trade shows.

In 2008 Lynn won first place in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ category of humor writing for newspapers with more than 100,000 circulation.

AP Awards and all the other awards “journalists” like to give each other are also nothing but trade show promotions from industry insiders to other industry insiders, by the way. Remember that next time you see a local news station bragging on all the wonderful “awards” they’ve won. When I worked in the news business, I saw a young man who could barely put a sentence together win an Edward R. Murrow award. Seriously, I did.

While the jury is still out on whether Trump is for us or against us, the relentless attacks from the left on the First Family are getting old. Especially when they come from creatures from the black lagoon or other sorts of miscreants. How much deeper will the MSM’s credibility crater before they realize they’re only talking to themselves rather than a credulous audience?

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  • Mother Machree!! Is this for real? How can Vogue take itself seriously? I can’t wait to share this picture with every uppity millennial I can. It’s a showstopper. QED for every argument I have with any female 35 and under (Vogue’s main readership). O-M-F-G.


  • She looks mentally ill.

    Gods . . .


  • When I worked in the news business, I saw a young man who could barely put a sentence together win an Edward R. Murrow award. Seriously, I did.

    How did THAT happen?! I knew that the news media does not hire on merit, based on the idiots I’ve seen working therein. However, I cannot believe that they’d reward someone who cannot string sentences together…


    • Relampago Furioso

      1. He was ethnic.
      2. He would stay in the editing booth hours recording and re-recording his voice track. He would get the news director to help him write his material. Stories were boilerplate, PC narratives the liberal press loves.
      3. He would fall apart on every live shot the station sent him on. (Without his crutch.)
      4. Reporters select their own material to submit for trade show awards. They often pay exorbitant entry fees, too.

      He reminded me of a brown David Putty from Seinfeld. Lol. Good-looking guy but dumb as rocks.


  • OMG, gag a maggot! No wonder why that bitch, Lynn Yeager, criticized Mrs. Trump; she’s a hater! She’s jealous of the fact that Melania Trump is classy, beautiful, and smart (speaks FIVE languages!); it’s as simple as that.


  • If it wasn’t for shit like this I would be perpetually depressed. Oh God I needed a laugh!


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    I thought that was a man …


  • She is so awful. It is almost as if you need an antidote after seeing her. That she chose to criticize the First Lady on fashion when she looks like this has made a joke out of the press and Vogue in particular.

    I saw Dan Schorr in an interview. He said that Ed Murrow preferred to hire English majors over Journalism majors. So your colleague who couldn’t string a sentence together would not have got far with him.


    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      The evil clown from the movie “It” based on the novel by Stephen King got a sex change. It is now a crappy fashion editor for Vogue magazine.


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