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Thoughts on the true nature of people

TNMM reader Dogotek recently posted this insight in response to our article about CNN provoking a mother who survived Hurricane Harvey into having an emotional breakdown on camera. His thought-provoking comment has been on my mind for several days.

People only feel comfortable scratching the surface negative human behavior. When you go deeper. Very deep. You will find that is what humans are. That’s what humans do. Played out trillions of times since the beginning of humanity.

Dogotek is chillingly correct. Virtually everything we see when it comes to the “face” people put on is a facade. Think the appropriately named Facebook, how fake it is, then realize it is only a mirror being held up to humanity. People are narcissistic, self-centered, egotistical, self-righteous, and mean-spirited, something we see playing out time and time again in Zuck’s digital ghetto. TNMM has also written about Machiavellian Intelligence, which dovetails with this discussion since it explains well why everything we hear from those in positions of power is nothing but a lie.

Religion tried for thousands of years to constrain the innate evil in man, only to become an evil unto itself at times. Today, religion finds itself the target of modern social engineers. They envision a society that lets it all hang out being more profitable than the “old” world order, in which leaders told the masses fables to keep them under control. (You’ve got to create problems to create profit is the motto of the globalists.) We are now leaving the world of religious fables behind, and rather than people imagining they’re being watched all the time, they actually will be watched all the time thanks to the emerging electronic surveillance hell coming to an America near you.

But, the old religious teachings like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” will not be part of the avaricious society of the future. The world of the future will be totally self-centered. Just a man, his wants, and the watchful eye of the surveillance state making sure he behaves as his masters want him to. Gone will be family, friendship, and goodwill.

Christianity is being attacked and destroyed first in this post-religious, Marxist world, and make no mistake other religions will also be targeted once we’ve wandered far enough down the path to Socialist hell. Delusional, lobotomized Socialists (now taking over America) believe man is innately good, while history proves man is a often a ferocious, gruesome, sadistic creature. Elites love Socialism because it puts the levers of control of the economy into their hands while they feign sympathy for the little guy.

We are seeing the innate evil of men with too much money and too much power putting the freedom and well-being of the masses in jeopardy. Giving an elite the power of God through science and fiduciary control will not bode well for our species. Could the end of the H. Sapiens experiment be drawing near on this planet? Once man is under total electronic control of his masters, one might imagine humanity will quickly derail as man is molded into two classes: A 0.1% of masters, and a 99.9% of slaves.  As Charles Bukowski knew, slavery never ended. It was only extended to include all races. We are the first generation to witness the fruition of that frightful idea. The elite’s greed and lust for power will know no end, until the human genome and its ability to survive has been so completely compromised it will be destroyed.

But, as Dogotek knows, perhaps that’s just what humans are. Perhaps to envision a world where things aren’t like that was the height of delusion. We lived inside that bubble of optimism for a long time. But, all bubbles eventually burst. Just a thought.

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  • ‘Humans being’ was a cool Van Halen song. As far as I’m concerned we’re all just highly evolved neaderthals. Vertical beasts. Bound by the propensities of self serving satisfactions, cleverly disguised with veneer. A culture of veneer we maintain to keep ppl from seeing the true nature of ourselves. Awareness cuts through the deception. So lets all medicate with drugs and pharms to escape the reality that it really is every man for himself. Money, power, status, popularity are far too important. As far as religion, ive decided man created god not the otherway around, and the bubble is just about to burst.


  • Ouch! You just ruined my weekend with the hard cold truth. LOL. I was a Telecommunications Tech doing a repair on the floor of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The Director of IT walks me to the door that leads to the floor of the exchange. There was a loud roar. Like we were about to enter the Roman Colosseum as Gladiators.
    He stopped, turned and looked at me with a serious expression. He says ” put your wallet in your front pocket”. I said “What?” I thought he was joking. He repeated what he said and showed me his wallet was in this front pocket and said: “These vultures will pick your pocket and rob you blind”.
    I walked in realizing these people in business suits are no different than the drug dealers on the street corners. They are even worst. What they do is legal and celebrated.


  • As usual, TNMM, you are spot on. Two things. Whenever I encounter an IT person I will say, “In two hundred years historians, if they still exist, will write that the electronics revolution would go down in history as the worst thing ever to happen to mankind”. Invariably the person would furrow his brow, look down in thought, and then say, “Yeah, you’re right”.

    Second, sadism dwells in the heart of the vast majority of bipeds. Religion and social pressure kept the innate under control, then governments via the rule of law. Now, religion in the West is on its deathbed, the last remaining social taboo of pedophilia will soon be normalized, and as Charlottesville proved beyond doubt the so called “rule of law” is only there as a tool for the rulers to punish heretics.

    The response of the Texans to hurricane Harvey proves that “goodness” does exist (what an enormous display of toxic masculinity). So, the question becomes; If people of all races, religions, nationalities, classes, and creeds can bury their differences in time of crisis, what, pray tell, pits them so viscously against each other in times of prosperity?

    The answer lies in the statement, “peoples do not make war on each other, governments do”. The grand experiment of the Founding Fathers is now at an end. Governments make war on their own people to benefit themselves and their real masters, the bankers. The Fathers envisioned a republic governed by an enlightened aristocracy that was self regulating. They knew democracy didn’t work and kept the vote out of the hands of what they knew was sadistic rabble, and women. America prospered and achieved things undreamed of.

    The Constitution of the Founding Fathers died on July 3, 1863, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The sadism of the federal government was on full display against the defeated South by the misnamed Reconstruction. The federal government began to expand in earnest. Then in 1913 the Federal Reserve was established enslaving the people to the bankers. In 1919 we get the graduated income tax, cementing the slavery. Then in 1921 women were given the vote opening the door to democracy and closing the door on the republic.

    The resultant slide into the depravity of 2017 and beyond was inevitable. A blind Thomas Jefferson could see it coming. The enlightened aristocracy has given way to the sadistic tyranny of the mob. America seems destined to repeat the excesses of the French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions. The Cultural Revolution of Mao is already here with Antifa as the new Red Guards.

    The abyss of universal slavery, thought police state enforcement, and meaninglessness is yawning before us. I’m 62 and thankfully will depart this earth before the worst manifest itself. For my younger loved ones, I can only offer the warning from Dante’s Inferno; “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here”. Prepare thyself, and prepare well.


  • Good and bad? Evil and good? Compared to what I have to ask. Subjective changes person, to person, time to time, place to place.


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