Eye Candy of the Week | September 3, 2017

Some men (including yours truly) don’t really like tatted (read: trashy) women. But, they’re good for an occasional pump and dump. In fact, TNMM did a whole article on the quick hits of fun trashy women offer. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for September 3, 2017 as we admire the female form while remembering the truth about women.



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  • That is J-Woww from “Jersey Shore”. I think that she is married and has a child.

    The only way a man like me can hook up with a woman like her is going overseas (e.g. Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines).

    It is very hard to be friends with an attractive woman in the States. But, you get the total opposite in a foreign country.


  • I have never nor do I desire to know more about women, and given your age, I would assume your knowledge is far greater. My father raised me to respect my elders and for that I will disregard your nonsensical remarks. May you be blessed richly for your knowledge, and reap the rewards of what you sow.


    • Re: reap what I sow ..

      Thank you .. I have / do / will. I’ll be retired by 55 and will live enjoying my hobbies and health (Lord Willing) for years to come.


  • Im not from he great ole US of A. But the statisics I quickly searched up didnt have men looking any better, re body image , but thats not the point. Agreed, men do raise better children, my ex was raised by his mother and sadly it did unhinge a good man. I will continue, regardless of your thoughts to read this blog. I appreciate the level of intellect, insight, and information. Thankyou for your comments.


    • Body image for a man is moot .. he provides utility .. resources .. stability .. etc.

      Without which is a death sentence for a woman without big daddy government and white knight courts.

      And .. with this government help one can conclude that women are “hard-wired” to be unhappy in a very deep way that men are not.

      So .. all men care about are looks and (domeatic) skills .. if you don’t provide both .. i’m not interested in a long term relationship (ltr) .. if you have the looks .. I might give you the tip .. just the tip 😉

      [Full disclosure .. I’m a almost 50 year old Bachelor that knows more about women than you’ll ever know.]


  • “Women raise criminals & sluts”. No words were ever truer. Women are no good in raising a son. They will grow fucked up in the head


    • Cynthia wouldn’t understand the statistics & would exclaim that she will be different with her kids.

      They all do .. as a woman you are a second rate man with zero aptitude for logic & rational thought.

      Absent a The Biological Dad .. a good man (cuck) could do the job .. but he also is a second rate man. He would be a billion times better than you at raising (not) his children.

      The research is so clear-cut that no one in the media or court system will acknowledge it.

      Gotta keep those Hoe’s happy.

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  • I get this is a mans blog, but last time I looked, women are currently still birthing the ever diminishing male species. I rely on informative males in my quest to raise a manly man, my son. No disrespect intended, but when will you be disrobing, posing with all your perfections on show? Or does majority rule?


    • When all women offer (besides children) is sex (i.e. no other skill .. if you can staying thin and attractive a skill) then we’ll consider more of your resume.

      BUT .. men don’t need to behave as described above .. because we have something to offer women want.

      Until then don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave a men’s safe space.

      PS .. MEN raise boys .. not women. Women raise criminals & sluts.

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  • Like spraying graffiti on the Mona Lisa. Unhinged.

    I suspect they’re advertising for the kind of men they want. So many men are getting ink (and motorcycles, etc) to signal to womens’ baser desires. As always:

    The dating marketplace is governed by womens’ desires – they own the place.
    Womens’ desires are governed by Fashion and Culture
    Fashion and Culture are governed by gay men and ((Hollywood))


  • WHY do beautiful women DEFILE their bodies like this?!


  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    Her tatts needs a closer inspection 😉


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