Enlightened Men Don’t Owe Everyone the Truth

Not every man has the ability to be enlightened by Red Pill wisdom

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

If you had a hot share tip for the NYSE or FTSE, would you wander the streets offering it to everyone? If you were a scientist and had just discovered some Nobel Prize winning law, would you start telling the local bums in the subway about it? If you were a freelance engineer, would you give your latest invention to someone who might patent it? If you discovered a secret island full of comely women offering free sex, would you share its location with anyone but trusted friends?  Of course not; important knowledge should only be shared with those who can appreciate it – and, more important, people who will not compromise it. Similarly, we enlightened men are not obliged to share our truths about Anglo-American women, minimalist living (or anything else) with the broad masses of humanity.

If we consider powerful people like the Rothschilds, it becomes immediately apparent that they possess knowledge of finance that most people do not possess; and more, that this esoteric knowledge is the source of their power. While there is a deeply-ingrained Western instinct to resent those who hoard knowledge, it must be conceded that secrecy can be a highly effective life-strategy. In ancient Greece, for example, the various Pankration moves were jealously guarded by clans and families: in a fight, why risk being killed by one’s own techniques?  Similarly, duelling masters in Renaissance Europe only imparted their lethal fencing moves to the wealthiest clients. In Maritime England, sailors would only reveal the secret of an obscure knot if their students first swore never to share it without permission. In feudal Japan, the secrets of Ninjutsu were never divulged to anyone outside a tiny circle of adepts. Even today lawyers only dispense their expertise in exchange for lucrative fees, never for free. Above all, the story of Jesus shows the danger of freely imparting esoteric knowledge to the broad masses – betrayal by a fickle mob, followed by torture and execution.

The last example is the most powerful of all. Whatever the objective ‘truth’ of Christianity, it is a forest of instruction for the enlightened man. The Average Frustrated Chump is an AFC because that is his natural state, more often than not; the condition he deserves. Like the mob which betrayed Jesus, he will not thank the man who attempts to alleviate his misery and ignorance. Ultimately, such a poltroon has no wish to be shown his true condition and no desire to change it; he prefers to wallow unchallenged in his Never-Never Land of self-delusion and sexual false consciousness. In short, he is beyond redemption.

The astute reader can sense where this is going. There is a certain current in the Anglo-American Manosphere which tries to rouse ‘all men’ to resist their benighted state: a kind of gendered communism, if you will. For the reasons outlined above, I despise this tendency. The average Anglo-American male is a deluded White Knight chump who wants to be ‘saved’ by an Anglobitch; he truly believes that the ‘sacrament’ of poor-quality sex with an ugly, overweight woman will redeem all his misfortunes and transform his life. Why should such an oaf be ‘rescued’ from himself? Why offer him options, therapy or counselling? Why not let him simply pay the price for his own stupidity?

W B Yeats’s poem ‘To a wealthy man who promised a second subscription to the Dublin Municipal Gallery if it were proved the people wanted pictures’, shows the scathing attitude of Renaissance gentlemen to mass opinion:

What cared Duke Ercole, that bid
His mummers to the market place,
What th’ onion-sellers thought or did
So that his Plautus set the pace
For the Italian comedies?
And Guidobaldo, when he made
That grammar school of courtesies
Where wit and beauty learned their trade
Upon Urbino’s windy hill,
Had sent no runners to and fro
That he might learn the shepherds’ will.
And when they drove out Cosimo,
Indifferent how the rancour ran,
He gave the hours they had set free
To Michelozzo’s latest plan
For the San Marco Library,
Whence turbulent Italy should draw
Delight in Art whose end is peace,
In logic and in natural law
By sucking at the dugs of Greece.

Similarly, we enlightened men should remain resolutely indifferent to the plight of divorced White Knights, AFCs and other Blue-Pilled Anglo-American males. They are weak-minded onion-sellers, nothing more. Indeed, we should take a certain perverse pleasure in their various predicaments – a man should pay for the choices he makes. By extension, we should deliberately keep our valuable knowledge from them – for that knowledge gives us a decisive edge. Besides, courting the average Anglo male will only sully our riches: as Nietzsche said, ‘Life is a well of delight; but where the rabble also drink, there all fountains are poisoned’.

For example, the fact that women outside the Anglosphere are generally thinner, more pleasant and attractive than their Anglo-American counterparts should only be shared with enlightened men on fora like this: men self-selected for self-awareness and intelligence. Proclaiming these facts from the rooftops will only lead to an exodus of frustrated White Knights and ugly incels to our chosen lands, poisoning their wells of pleasure. The Caribbean, Latin America, Eastern and Southern Europe: these are erotic playgrounds for men who truly deserve them, not drooling neckbeards seeking ‘traditional’ wives to take back to Idaho. At its worse, drawing public attention to our message might lead to legal persecution for ‘hate speech’ or some other absurd charge. It is far wiser to keep ‘this thing of ours’ an elusive sanctum for men who can truly profit by it.

The Savage Pilgrimage, Pan-Anglosphere Dissidence, The Savage Lifestyle – call it what you will – has more in common with some eastern philosophies than contemporary western thought. Properly pursued, it presumes a certain disinterest in the ‘plight’ of the unenlightened even as it shuns commitment to people, possessions and institutions. The existential chains of Anglo-American civilization – marriage, children, careers, houses and material goods – are consciously discarded for a life of maximized experience. The journey becomes the goal, not arrival; the present moment is all; and personal knowledge supplants received opinion as the touchstone of decision. By definition, only an elite minority of self-aware and intelligent males can understand such concepts; while saving (or trying to save) the sheeple is fraught with thankless peril.

You owe them nothing, least of all truth. Be water, my friends.

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  • I’ve been divorced now for 4 years. No Kids! I found this site about a month ago and can’t believe that my instincts were right. I think my ex-wife (Colombian) was a lesbian the whole time and just did not want to admit it to me. I can totally relate when comments about a sexless marriage come up. I am a pretty good looking guy. And I take care of myself physically, I’ve had women come on to me and my ex never wanted to have sex. She was the only woman I have ever been with that did not like to have sex. She wrote me a couple of weeks ago apologizing saying I was one of the best things that has ever happened to her. Yet in her own way also let me know that she is a lesbian after all. Point is that women are only looking out for their self interest. My dad has told me this for years yet I never understood it becuase my mom was truly a wonderful woman who dedicated herself to all of us including my dad. My dad took care of her on her deathbead so I always thought he was nuts. Now I see he is passing down some wisdom that at the time I just wasn’t ready for. I love pussy and women, however now I’m learning to play the game. Thank you for this site, I check it everyday for new articles. Redpillers Unite!!


  • When you get to know some of the old establishment families and some of the more recent industrialists, they share many of our emotions, arguments and ultimate decisions. This is why you see them living very functional lives personally and supporting those around them that do while at the same time fostering and selling things which profit from the idiocy of the masses. There was an interesting schism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Some of the elite, educated and sensible one’s especially, wanted to uplift society and bring everyone to a higher transcendental existence. They considered themselves servant princes. Another group saw profit in manipulating the masses and creating sociological havens for themselves and those like them. They preferred the consumer society. There is much overlap between these groups along with fellowship and interaction. Ideals shifted throughout time and some developed new opinions over time shifting from one perspective to another. They do share in common a desire to separate themselves from the greater society as it is now unless and until it can meet their standards. They are quite proficient in this endeavor.

    This is why you see very old families marketing things that are stupid or dangerous or diminishing. Newer members of the elite have a similar patronizing view. An example is Steve Jobs pushing consumer cult tech on people’s children even infiltrating schools while his children and those of the other new tech elite are raised in a manner similar to the Rockefellers and Fords. Another example is that the faces and executives of CNN and Fox News do not even interact in other than the most condescending way with regular folk and produce a product to expand their power and line their pockets. It does not matter much to them if it accurately informs or elevates society as they do not live in the society that they are creating. Ford and the other elite manufacturing cars produced some of the stupidest and dangerous toys in automotive history to sell speed to the baby boomer generation and continue to do so while themselves being middle-America, church going, conservative family people who know proper manners and expect them from those around them. DuPonts anyone?? The examples abound, and I am inclined to agree with them as I get older and more frustrated.

    It is our job to set standards for ourselves and use the others who live below us as our chumps. Once you start thinking like the elite, your life changes for the better. Minimalism is a key as you are rejecting control which they respect unlike your slave neighbors.

    I am convinced that certain authors in the manosphere are interesting to the elite and possibly supported by them as they have created a new slavery for the few so-called rebels masquerading as freedom. The red pill analogy in the movie “The Matrix” was just another form of slavery allowing some rebels to think that they were free. In this world a subset of men think that being free is very short time relationships with 300+ sluts while traveling like a vagabond and saving no money while hoping that the internet model advertising machine supports them. It is much easier to and less intensive than creating daily internet content and other associated marketing for chasing pennies to have a simple job, stash some cash, live minimally and find an easy avenue for lower volume but much better sex without even half of the PUA effort. Whenever a so-called red piller criticizes you for something such as paying for sex occasionally or finding the low-hanging fruit outside of your race understand that he wants you to be a slave to his ego.

    Do not offer advice or help to anyone unless he asks and in most cases is willing to pay. Freedom is too precious to be shared with everyone.

    In closing I think that this is the origin of many conspiracy theories regarding the elite and how they bring others into their fold. Actually, they are just acting in their own best interests. The conspiracy theory is the red piller’s way of not seeing the flaw in how he and his people live. It cannot be his community; it must be some outside force. By not looking within, he protects his ego. The beta male paradise of the postwar boom to the extent that it actually existed was the aberration. Men acting in their own best interest is the norm which is why there will never be a mass male movement. We compete too much and only align when there is a very great deal in common cause. The time for such a society has passed.


    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      Excellent. I think and feel much of the same.


    • *The beta male paradise of the postwar boom to the extent that it actually existed was the aberration. Men acting in their own best interest is the norm which is why there will never be a mass male movement. We compete too much and only align when there is a very great deal in common cause. The time for such a society has passed.*

      I’ve been saying this for years. Liberal and conservative MRAs are united in the delusion that the world of the 50s and 60s can somehow be restored so beta males (like themselves) can have a wife and two kids, a high paying job (for life) and their own house – all with a high school education. Sorry guys, that isn’t going to happen: the postwar boom was an unprecedented anomaly which permitted such ‘unnatural’ things to occur. There were lots of jobs for stupid, uneducated people in manufacturing and construction, most of which can now be done cheaper abroad (or done for nothing by robots). That world has gone and isn’t coming back; meanwhile, 21st Century man has to look out for himself in a world stripped of traditional certainties. I think Trump means well, but his election was (like Brexit) largely driven by outmoded social groups yearning for the post-war era and its anomalous prosperity.

      The enlightened modern man needs facts, not pipe-dreams. Post-war mantras like ‘All you Need is Love’ and ‘All Together Now’ are no use to him at all. In fact, believing such treacle is a positive handicap in the modern world.


  • Look at it this way; Even at Heartiste’s blog, deep into the redpill from the start, you have a very strong contingent of regulars who will snarl at you if you so much as suggest that overseas women, maybe a shade off white, are the far better option. Even deep red-pillers will not admit or allow themselves to see what is so obviously true. They will post pics of white sorority girls from Florida who have the same deadness in their eyes as vipers, and the regulars will all sit around and fawn together, back to idolizing Mandy and Kyla, just like they always have. Those are hard-core redpillers and even they will scoff at you for being a degenerate for going to Brazil for some ass. Now imagine people who’ve never heard of the manosphere. You will never get anywhere with them at all if you’re trying to be the Paul Revere on this. Any guy who can’t see it just can’t be helped. Leave him to his 210 pounder. Leave him to the very definition of slavery in the form of alimony/CS. You don’t want the world to know what’s out there.


    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      They are only getting what they truly deserve, since they are in the end responsible for their own misery. Hey that’s more quality foreign pussy for us!


    • *Any guy who can’t see it just can’t be helped. Leave him to his 210 pounder. Leave him to the very definition of slavery in the form of alimony/CS. You don’t want the world to know what’s out there.*

      Great points. However, it is even better to actively exploit the idiocy of these poltroons: invest in companies which loot the ruins of their deluded lives. You will find FTSE / NYSE listed pawnbrokers generally show year on year growth in both price and dividends.

      The enlightened man is a hunter, not just a watcher.


  • Part of blue pill programming or normie sheep programming in general is to jump straight to the conclusion that anyone trying to wake them up is a “tin foil hat type.” There is no gradation to it. You can’t bring them along slowly at all or take a slow walk through the logic. They might agree somewhat and enjoy your logic but once you’re out of the picture, you will be seen as an angry, paranoid, bitter type. The second that anyone (even a best friend) senses that you are second guessing your role as a societal mule, they go zinging off straight to the binary end; “He’s paranoid. Black helicopter type.” That’s how thorough the programming is. Any inchoate questioning is IMMEDIATELY delegitimized as “tin foil hat” stuff.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “If you had a hot share tip for the NYSE or FTSE, would you wander the streets offering it to everyone?

    You see, that’s just it: the Christians expect their Jesus will come back “with a sword” and provide some sort of divine illumination …

    Know what else lights up the sky about as much?



  • I think one comes naturally to that conclusion. At first you try and force the Pill down people’s throat but it doesn’t work “enlightenment” has to be a natural process. I always like to say that there are levels to this and thus far it has been proven right.


    • Escape from the Anglosphere

      I have come to the same conclusions. I can’t save them all, they have to choose to save themselves. Why would I tell the enemy about my secret paradise that is flowing with milk and honey?


  • So true. You have to be self-selected. The first rule of fight club . . .

    That does not mean I’m failing to teach my boys red pill truths.


  • I have married friends that watch what I do and marvel .. they sometimes ask what just happened (re: wife) and I’ll give’em a safe answer.

    It’s just safer to not free a mind that doesn’t want to be free.


  • Having attained a portion of the knowledge being used against humanity, I Concur to the notion.that one must not try to share esoteric insights with “the normies”. It is not only dangerous but also frustrating. Unfortunately, to virtuous people it is natural to want and share what they know with the people around them, so as they may also benefit from it and improve their being. This is a trap. The normies were designed as collectivised golems by the dark occultists. Share with fellow travellers on the Siddhartha path and save your pearls from the swine.


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