Random Thoughts


Random thoughts as I make my way across New England

One of my favorite aspects of being a part-time long haul trucker, part-time expat is the fact this moneymaking scheme lends itself well to the thinking man. There’s nothing but you, the hum of the diesel engine, the highway, and if you’re lucky, lots of scenery. There aren’t many distractions other than the sometimes maddening Qualcomm barking commands at you.

The driver’s seat is a great place to cleanse the programming of social engineers, the media, and the edumacation system from one’s mind. Here are some random thoughts I had while driving through New England today.

  • Men should make personal policies that are just as anal retentive as corporate policies. For example, at a TA truck stop I made a $500 fillup in my truck today. So I figured that, like at Pilot, I could get a discount on two hot dogs from the points I earned buying more fuel than I’ll be getting paid for the day. Suffice it to say they wouldn’t discount me without sending me to a remote part of the building to print a coupon. What it amounted to was hoop jumping over $0.35 of ingredients, two wieners and two stale buns. Fuck that shit. So, I left the hot dogs sitting there and told them I don’t have time for games. My policy is I don’t jump through silly hoops for crappy roller grill items.
  • A TV station (my old connections in the media still thinking I’d play their games, perhaps) wanted to use me for an interview. I told them to fuck off. I need to do a full article about this, but the public needs to get wise to the fact their tragedies are being exploited by the media to generate revenue. Since corporations don’t do anything for free for the public, or even treat people with a modicum of respect rather than as expendable line items on a spreadsheet, neither should the public do anything free for corporations. People need to start demanding to be paid to fill airtime, since nothing goes out on a TV broadcast that isn’t making money for the station. They’re adamant about every second being used to generate revenue in some way. Trust me, as someone who has been there, done that with the talking heads. In other words, the media use the fuck out of people to generate billions of dollars a year, and they need to start giving some of that back to the people they interview for stories. No more free revenue on the public’s back, bitches.
  • I often wonder if the Drudge Report isn’t controlled opposition. It seems to be just as drama-centric as the rest of the MSM. Drudge seems to specialize in apocalyptic headlines, like the ones he’s been running about hurricanes recently. It’s as if he’s trying to create the narrative that the world as we know it is coming to an end. The apocalyptic narratives also permeate other news topics, not just natural disasters. Why would he do this? Is it a subconscious way of manipulating the public into accepting the implosion of freedom and American democracy as the country lurches towards Socialism? One might imagine John Q. Public saying, “Ah, Martha it doesn’t matter that the CIA has a wiretap in our living room and a camera in our bedroom. The world’s gonna end soon, anyway.” Meantime, the world doesn’t end, it just gets shittier to live in.
  • Pussy no longer has the power over me it once did. I think that is partly due to the fact I have gone through so many women in my life, looking for the unicorn that didn’t exist. The irony is now that I don’t give a fuck about women I have a veritable pussy buffet laid out before me. But I’m just not interested in it like I was when I was younger. Now that I know “how they work” (women) they’re not that interesting to me. In fact, they’re pretty sad creatures. It’s amazing what a man can accomplish when he makes women nothing more than occasional entertainment in his life rather than a goal unto themselves. Don’t try to be a snake charmer and keep one around.
  • Family centers us. The lack of family and friendship has made for a very isolating Anglo-American culture. This country is perhaps the saddest place I visit in all my travels. The lack of family has made us more susceptible to manipulation and control from those who want to make money off our backs. Unhappy, lonely people will spend more money than a society full of contented citizens. The media’s image of America as a happy, prosperous place is a mirage. I don’t see happy people when I travel around the country. I see a nation of sad, overworked slaves.

These topics may well be fodder for future articles. In any case, writing helps me get my angst out, as I suffer through the last weeks of working in the U.S. before fleeing this dystopia again soon. Your thoughts on these topics and others are always welcome. And with that, I’m headed back to the sleeper to crash.

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  • Nice place, New England; at least some of it. It is high time for men and mature boys to start working toward the goal of being independent without the hubris, just wheel-and-deal with each other, starting with establishing several web-sites devoted to this. A type of communication that can go world-wide concerning work, trading, finding an abode, getting a vehicle fixed, medical,and so forth using cash, barter, and what not.
    There are may sites, too many in fact, that still are in the Blue-Pill stage of chasing ass, climbing on top of the corporate compost pile, and other distractions from what should be the real objective of being a decent man and even boy.
    Lastly, most Americans are waiting for someone, some leader, to save the day for them. Not going to happen. There is only one way, do-it-yourself thinking, doing, healing.


  • No one does anything for free, or do we? What is the difference between gold and the common sea shell we find on the beach? Gold is a soft useless metal but we are told it has value.
    We labor for pieces of paper that are perceived to represent gold. We must believe in this false social construct otherwise the paper will be as useless as the gold. We never see the gold the paper represents, yet we play along. There are powers that have the ability to print this paper at will and add zeros to bank accounts to control the masses.
    For a young man, this paper and pussy (ass you called it) are very powerful forces that are used to control the masses. Human history tells us this will not end well for us. Well back to work. LOL


  • Time alone offers less distractions that allows a more accurate observation of the world around. Some deep contemplation has really helped me figure out a lot of truth that is invisible, but right there the whole time. We as humans and the direction we are going. Intresting how our subconscious instinctive propensities that have been the tools responsible for our survival are now being demonized by the pc culture. You mentioned standing firm to yourself amidst the currency vampires, yet daily i sense an assualt on the very tenants of our manhood. Like we are being forced into a cuckolds seat. Normal manly behavior is becoming criminal, and criminal behavior of others in becoming normal. Personal development is far more valuable than transient possesions.


  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    I’m sure you’re looking towards the plane ride out.


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