American Stasi: A Nation That Doesn’t Trust Its Citizens Is Not Free


Surveillance cameras are appearing even along rural stretches of Interstate

If you’ve cruised America’s Interstates recently, you might have noticed surveillance cameras are going up everywhere – even in remote stretches of states like Wyoming. The proliferation of mass surveillance in the United States and England, making the Stasi of Nazi times look like child’s play, is already of epic proportions. Things will only get worse in the years ahead as the people who really run the world (hint: it’s not our so-called representatives) press to micromanage every detail of people’s lives.

It goes without saying, nations that don’t trust their citizens aren’t free nations. Nations that don’t trust their citizens also have nefarious aims, as history repeatedly shows.

While the corporate controlled media keeps the sheeple distracted with bread, circuses, scandals, and faux apocalyptic headlines, the noose is being tightened around the throat of a once free nation. The stated purpose of the nationwide surveillance cameras, at least for now, is they’re for for “watching traffic flow” and “alerting emergency personnel to accidents” and other flowery PR pleasantries. But the reality is the long-term goals of these cameras will be to ticket drivers electronically and to monitor everything everyone does from the time they wake up, until the time they drive to work, until the time they go to bed.

What do advocates of personal freedom say? Let’s look to one long-standing institution for an answer. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. The ACLU is often a stopped watch, but they definitely know the time of day on this issue. Mass surveillance could easily become a tool of institutional abuse of civil rights and an assault on personal liberty:

Sometimes, bad policies are set at the top, and an entire law enforcement agency is turned toward abusive ends. That is especially prone to happen in periods of social turmoil and intense conflict over government policies.

Already, there’s been debate about red light cameras. But throwing up cameras along every mile of American Interstate shows us the American government seeks to strip its citizens of what’s left of their privacy, freedom of movement, and personal liberty. You’re free, as long as you do everything the State tells you to do, exactly how they say to do it. The Watchdog blog has already reported on the dangers of surveillance cameras invading every sector of public space:

It’s a slippery slope, American Civil Liberties Union of Washington spokesman Doug Honig said. The idea was these cameras should not become general surveillance systems for law enforcement, and now that’s the general direction they’re moving in. It’s known as mission creep.

This was, of course, planned since the days of George Orwell. He tried to warn us with his prophetic novel 1984. While he didn’t get the year exactly right, he got just about everything else right about the modern dystopia enveloping us today.

Ronald Reagan once famously said, “Mr. Gorbechev, tear down this wall.” We would demand of to our oppressive government, “Those of you in the American Stasi, tear down these cameras.”

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  • toxicmasculinityweb

    Manly P. Halls’ The Secret Teachings of All Ages will really make you ask how long and to what extent “the human condition” has been subverted. The surveillance cameras have always been there in some capacity, now they’re just more obvious. Frankly, warning people about hidden control and conspiracies is a thankless job I’m resigning from. If a black SUV rolls up and some MIB offer me a kick ass job – I’m in.


  • I love your posts and your point in this one is spot on.  One detail though, the Gestapo was the state police during Nazi times.  The Stasi were the state police in communist East German for the four decades or so after WWII.

    Death to Tyranny!

    — Jeffrey Horn 


  • No seatbelt? Ticket. Driving too fast or too slow? Ticket. Using phone? Ticket. Tint too dark? Ticket. Any imaginable infraction becomes a cash generator, turning citizens into criminals, & money is the only way out. Future cameras will have retinal scanning capabilities to alert the police state your proximity because you couldnt afford to pay the fine for spitting on the sidewalk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Danyo…. you killed it with that comment. Thank you for the one line that sums up my life…”turning citizens into criminals,”. A DUI is the kiss of death, a socially acceptable way to disable a person and their family and turn a law abiding citizen into a social pariah, welfare case, who has lost the right to the basic necessities of life.


  • What we allow to happen to others will eventually happen to us. When inhabitants of this fledgling would be nation accepted enslavement of others its future became etched in stone.
    I welcome the newly enlightened members to this portion of the actual American reality. The membership is reluctantly growing rapidly. The struggle is real. The powers that be are paranoid the masses will do to them what they are doing to us.
    They employ ( paying them crumbs) the ignorant to do their dirty bidding as the live high on the hog in gated communities and off shore in their many homes.


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