The Wild Man: Women Love Men They Can’t Control


Women are drawn to the man they can’t control

An Alpha or Sigma never lets himself be totally manipulated and controlled by pussycat. The men that really stir women’s juices are the ones they can’t control. Women are not only drawn to men who flout society’s conventions, they will make it their mission in life to get to know such a man. And of course, try to tame him by putting those vagina lips over his head, suffocating this critical thinking capability and using his productivity for their own ends.

The Wild Man phenomenon is, in part, why criminals now average 3.0 children per lifetime in a suicidal culture in which the birth rate among whites is about 1.7 children per lifetime. (Blacks and Asians don’t fare much better in Anglo culture, as they’re also below the replacement level of 2.1 children.) Women love assholes who don’t cow before other men, and who aren’t scared to take risks. These are the men they breed with.

Case in point: The remarkable turn in my own affairs since I took off my business suit, quit my soul-sucking GloboWorldCorp job and became a digital vagabond and road warrior. Women I literally haven’t talked to in 20 years, that paid me no attention whatsoever in high school, have started looking me up out of the blue to see what I’m into. Of course, I don’t want their expired goods as I regularly date women almost half my age, but it’s something remarkable to witness. I was totally invisible to these women when I studied hard and followed the rules in my youth.

The don’t give a fuck is, indeed, strong in me since I wasted half a lifetime playing the system’s game only to ultimately figure out the only way to win is not to play. But these chicks just can’t get enough of the trips I take, the pictures I post of me on social media with a different woman every time I turn around, and the fact I only work half the time then spend the rest of the time smoking cigars drinking wine, carousing around with Latinas and Asians, and lounging on beautiful beaches.

And that’s what women are most attracted to. A man who says and does what he wants. An increasingly difficult feat to pull off in this era of micromanagement of male behavior, debasement of male earning capability by a Socialist state, and downright assaults on male biology with estrogen laced food. (Is that the real reason soy is in everything?)

So, the key to both being personally happy and plundering an endless supply of poon is to developing a life that is based on your wants and your dreams as a man. Following the prescriptions of the system will only lead to disaster, as one of my former colleagues illustrated the other day when he let his wife throw out a recliner he had since our college days. He was emotional about losing it, and it did look like a big, comfy recliner in the photos he posted on social media. But, like most men he cowed to the power of pussy and let her do what she wanted. I would have told that cunt where to get off. His testicles are now locked safely in her purse.

Women don’t respect nor do they get all hot and bothered about men who follow orders and become regular old Beta drones in black and white monotone. No, they crave the men who live life in brilliant, eye-popping color. The rulebreakers. The vagabonds. The layabouts. The men who give the finger to the entire ruse, the tissue of lies, lies, lies, foisted upon them by society since their youth. Perhaps that is the ultimate test of a man. Will he dedicate his entire life to being exploited by others, and be thankful for the opportunity? Or will he go create his own sandbox to play in?

The irony is the more a man sees what women are all about, the less he cares about them. I used to pedestalize women and go months (or in one case, years) between relationshits and lays. Now, I pedestalize myself and women can’t get enough of me.

Use my experience to enhance your own life, and your own chances with women. The rulebreaking asshole always goes farther, and has more legs ready to spread for him than an office bitch following orders and trying to swim the murky waters of debt slavery, McMansion payments, and all the other accoutrement of modern life designed to tame men.

Don’t fall for it. Be the wild man. Not the tame man.

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  • Manhandling the Anglosphere

    True freedom


  • One wonderful side-effect of the deregulated SMP is that women leave engineers like me completely alone. Being invisible adds 2-3 hours of productivity to my day, AND thanks to declining government income less and less obstacles are being put in my way. The only thing i wish for is that the percentage of women chasing the top 15-20% goes from 80 to 100%. The men-only technical fellowships may actually make it from europe to the US in my lifetime


  • Thank you. This was the advice I needed, right here, right now.


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