Marilyn Manson’s New Single: Another Sign The Sleeping Giant is Awakening

Just when you thought autotune crap had taken over the American music industry as the populace is sprayed with unending whiny chick tunes everywhere they turn, here comes Marilyn Manson with a new and fantastic lyrical middle finger. This bird is aimed at the ruling class. It is his most aggressive single since at least 1996. Here’s the hook:

So what’s a nice place like this
Doing ’round people like us?
So what’s a nice place like this
Doing ’round people like us

And the chorus:

We know where you fucking live
We know where you fucking live
We’ll burn it down, burn it down
They won’t even recognize your corpse

Indeed, what is your formerly nice place doing around a sociopathic elite who can monitor your every move and rule you like slaves? Manson has three messages for the bastards running the world off the rails. We know what you’re doing to us. We know the threat you pose to our collective wellbeing. And beware the reaction you could provoke.

There are two ways to look at the lyrics. First, it could be a synopsis of the surveillance state taking on godlike powers for sociopathic “leaders” to kill people in their homes. Second, as with all good art, the lyrics could also be a way of letting us know the elite are only 1% and we are the 99%. Could these lines simultaneously be a way of painting a mental picture of angry mobs outside billionaires’ homes demanding change?

The anti-elite, anti-ruling class vibe definitely comes at a crucial time as the American populace continues to awaken from its long slumber to the nightmare world they have been clandestinely surrounded by. Indeed, the corrupt American government now has the power to act out the chorus to the song any day of the week for thoughtcriminals and those who don’t obey their feted commands.

It is encouraging to hear some good, old-fashioned hellraising music being put out in this era of recycled pop garbage fronted by trashy white girls.

We are the new counterculture, those of us who have figured out the ruse of the American media, the social engineers, and the globalists. A single from a longtime artist like Marilyn Manson is a sign we are about to hit critical mass to bring about some real change. Pride cometh before the fall. And the ruling class is mighty fucking prideful these days.

They may know where we live. But we can also say to them: We know where you fucking live, too. The new album Heaven Upside down drops October 6.

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  • Seems to be a message of nihilism, Marlyn Manson seems to be looking around at the ghost of America past inhabited not by long dead George and Mary Bailey, but by this new degenerate “Generation Bastard.” The Frankenstein creation of the dereliction of duty of a past generation to keep the train that was Neil Armstrong’s America on the rails and he is looking at the 1% still living it up in total neglect as to what they’ve done and basically saying they are going to end up getting eaten by their creation. Sort of like the end that came to the creator of Roy Baty in Blade Runner.


  • “It is encouraging to hear some good, old-fashioned hellraising music being put out in this era of recycled pop garbage fronted by trashy white girls.” Couldn’t have said it any better myself and thanks for bringing him to my attention wouldn’t have listened to him otherwise.


    • Speaking of all these trashy female pop stars, do any of them actually write their own music? Because to me their lyrics about what whores they are having all this promiscuous sex for free doesn’t at all seem like what the female mind would make music about. I somehow suspect behind the scenes are music mills of gay men writing all this crap about their own exploits in the gay bars all fronted on stage by a female singer picked from the latest Disney child actress come of age. If Taylor swift really is so wild and promiscuous “loving the players” as her music portends, they why would she be so distraught at some DJ putting his hand on her ass for a photo that she dragged the poor schmuck into court and sued his ass? Don’t even get me started on Ariana Grande’s lyrics about “riding dick bicycles” with “wrist icicles”(nut dribbling down her wrists from jerking dudes off,) sounds more like the exploits of some queer at that seedy gay bar in Al Pachino’s Cruising(1980) that anything a vapid, money and fashion obsessed 20 year old girl would think up.


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