Trading Places: Noble Masculinity and Predatory Femininity


Feminism liberated men more than it liberated women. Living life on beaches in paradise is now within reach of the common man. But, not every man will realize it

Men get a raw deal in life. Especially in Anglo America.

Since the beginning of civilization, men have sacrificed their bodies, their time, their labor and their lives as offerings to appease the female. How do avaricious, solipsistic women respond? By seizing the first opportunity to take their covetous nature to tangential new lows in the mistaken belief getting a J-O-B will allow them to live life in the lap of luxury without a pesky man and nasty little children hanging around wanting attention. (And occasional sex.)

Every woman a princess! YouGoGrrl! Well, that’s the illusion sold to women by evil social engineers. And they bought it hook, line, and sinker. They lost their families, male protection, and most of their time to become laborers rather than nurturers.

ItalyHistorically, in return for their sacrifice men only wanted families and loyal wives they could invest themselves in, and yet this is too much to ask in today’s culture. Women won’t even fuck Beta males anymore, much less have kids with them.

However, as one Twitter user recently brought to the world’s attention, women can, however, have sex with the invaders of Europe on top of a pile of trash. By the way, at least from a distance this chick looks too clean to be a working girl, despite the boots. Besides, how could he afford her if he’s fucking her on a trash pile? The depravity of white women never ceases to amaze. This photo is a perfect example of how women destroy civilization.

Females, left unchecked, will quickly destroy everything it takes males centuries or millenia to build up. Cucking Western men is how women (who ALWAYS betray – remember that fact about them) repay men who built the most advanced, luxurious civilization the world has ever known. By breeding with masculine men after they emasculated their own men through feminism and legalism.

How can this be fixed? Could it even be fixed?

In essence, what we have is a very noble masculinity and an overtly predatory female nature. Women have refused the noble offerings of masculinity because their predatory instincts have led them astray. They think they can get more by doing the work themselves, when in fact they are getting much less.

It seems the only viable solution is to sit back and watch it all burn down. Trying to stop the juggernaut known as the Decline of the West is the equivalent of jumping out in front of a train and expecting to survive. Not gonna happen.

But, there is a way to balance the books in the never-ending war between the sexes. Since women displaced men in the workplace, and manipulated the state into robbing us of the fruit of our labor while simultaneously taking everything that made us men away, we should enjoy our reprieve from the plantation. Let women do all the work, and let’s sit back and enjoy lives of leisure.

What’s most astonishing to me is, after leaving the system and the fantasy of the “American Dream” behind, I’m now living a happier life on $20,000 a year than I waas when I made $50,000. (And, after paying off the bankruptcy brought on by being used by my former employers in mainstream media, my credit is better than ever. I just got approved for a high limit American Express this week.) As TNMM has stated before, men are natural minimalists and women are natural materialists. Getting rid of all the clutter allows a man to focus on what’s important. In my case, traveling, riding motorcycles, driving fast cars, drinking, sitting on the beach in paradise, and banging hot ethnic tail have brought me delights in life that credentialism and careerism never could.

And to think, I once wanted to be tied down with an Anglobitch, nobly working to placate her materialistic cravings while sacrificing my own life. And they collectively refused that deal to do the work themselves. (The fact women jumped on the chance to eliminate men from their lives when feminism came about lends credence to the claim women only see men as walking cash machines, utility objects, and sperm donors.) It was the blunder of all time. But women made their bed. Now, let’s let them lay in it.

We men can now be happier living lives of freedom, sexual variety, and financial independence than living inside The Gilded Cage women’s nesting instincts spur them to trap their bodies and minds inside of. In short, let women do all the work since they wanted to work so bad. We can now live the “oppressing” lives of rest and relaxation they desperately wanted to leave behind.

Men can cast off the burden of being noble, let women take on that role as they carry the weight of society, and we John Galts/MGTOWs/PUAs can start living the predatory lives women enjoyed for so long. Let’s call it Trading Places. Until a full collapse hits the reset button.

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  • Trading places ha, genius, and I mean what else should we do? Trying to fix this rotten piece of shit system? We can’t, and why save something that’s already broken AF? Makes no sense, so watch it all burn down, there is beauty in destruction and that’s what I am going to focus on. Just gotta make sure to live so far on the edge of this collapse that I don’t get sucked into it i.e. having “fuck you money” and the freedom to leave countries as I see fit. Great read, really enjoyed it!


  • It’s going to be interesting when you hit your mid 40’s and start to get bored of chasing pussy. These cunts you spend time fucking around with Down in DR and Asia aren’t worth anything more, same as the anglo cunts up here. Think about what you might accomplish when you no longer need to waste time on the biggest empty time wasters on earth. Women.


  • toxicmasculinityweb

    The homeless migrant putting the shoes to the chick in the trash pile and the chick herself are both garbage people. More than any commentary of – and subsequent dissection of female nature – a picture is truly worth a thousand words. It is a carnal glimpse into where human civilization has fallen. Much like rats, these two are literally fucking in a pile of garbage. This is becoming a truly disheartening Yuga period and hopefully we are at the absolute nadir of it.


  • I like that paragraph with the train analogy. But i wonder if these mystcal ethnic women you speak of arnt the same deep down as our Amerikunts are, just slowly catching up. I do however believe that humans are utilizing survival strategies equivalent to primitive neaderthals, yet implementing tactics much more elaborate and sophisticated. An extremely conviluted equation yet totally predictable. It must be hardwired into our brains to use others as disposable objects and call them freinds at the same time. A cannibalistic organism will eventually destroy itself. As long as we care only for ourselves and screw thy neighbor we are absolutely doomed. Any man, any philosophy is incapable of changing the current. A body in motion remains in motion untill a force greater than it acts upon it. Universal laws if implemented correctly have the power to shape the direction of the future, but it takes a critical mass and were already going the wrong direction and picking up speed fast. I forsee a resolution inevitably dawning somewhere in the distant experience, but not without massive and devistating events leading up to it. In the mean time im going to look for the positives in life and remember negativity begets negativity.
    Good work


    • I see what you mean. The cornucopia of sexy women I enjoy abroad is 60% driven by hypergamy and 40% patriarchal culture in my estimation. But it’s better than the 0% I get in America.


    • While female character remains essentially base in all regions and eras, only in the modern Anglosphere does the mainstream culture actually applaud and support their degenerate tendencies. Women are pliant creatures, like dogs – guided the right way they can become a little less monstrous.


    • What makes them different is that they live under control of the local men. Although I do have to add the globalists and anglobitches are hell bent on taking the sovereignty of these regimes away, forcing all nations to adopt feminist monstrosity into law. You see it with do-gooder busybody anglobitch and pussified male composed NGOs sticking their noses into every corner of the planet. The entire “human trafficking” hoax is a ploy to end male sexual access to hookers world wide.


  • Seeing that tropical paradise makes me want to JOIN you there. Plus, you have all those Latin lovelies down there too! What could be better than that? What could be better than living in a tropical paradise and surrounded by hot, Latin women? I can’t think of anything…


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