Reader Mailbag: Comments and an Email


Responding to TNMM readers

It’s time to do a Reader Mailbag segment. Some recent comments and an email have prompted some interesting thought, and I feel at least one clarification needs to be made as to why I enjoy traveling so much. We’ll start with some criticism of my recent Trading Places article. TNMM reader colddeadhandsdays left this comment:

It’s going to be interesting when you hit your mid 40’s and start to get bored of chasing pussy. These cunts you spend time fucking around with Down in DR and Asia aren’t worth anything more, same as the Anglo cunts up here. Think about what you might accomplish when you no longer need to waste time on the biggest empty time wasters on earth. Women.

Well, colddeadhandsdays I’m already tired of chasing pussy in many ways as I’ve previously elucidated. In fact, sexual encounters with young and nubile women have become so commonplace for me that I consider women to be nothing more than recreation. Enjoyable recreation, but not the focus of my life.

However, that said I derive much more pleasure from my socialization and sexy times with foreign women than I do Anglobitches. American women just don’t compare. They literally disgust me to the point I try to avoid them whenever possible. The juxtaposition of the two types of women is jarring, especially when a man uproots himself from a society where women still act like women then comes “home” to loudmouthed, tatted up, bleached hair travesties that think their anatomy is worth all the gold in Fort Knox.

As usual, Rookh Kshatriya clarifies the situation in eloquent terms:

While female character remains essential base in all regions and eras, only in the modern Anglosphere does the mainstream culture actually applaud and support their degenerate tendencies. Women are pliant creatures, like dogs – guided the right way they can become a little less monstrous.

He’s right. Once you’ve been around women who are indeed a little less monstrous due to a mixture of about 60% hypergamy and 40% patriarchal culture, there’s no going back to pale tail.

But, my adventures around the world are about much more than pussy. I would die wasting away every day of my life in a cubicle farm, chasing after “new and improved” consumer items the way everyday sheeple do. They competitively consume their entire lives away. And can’t figure out why they’re miserable.

Never in human history have people worked so many hours so much of the year. Even in agricultural societies there is down time during the winter months to enjoy family and friends, and develop other interests. But not in the Anglosphere and its more, more, more obsession as it pursues the Faustian illusion of infinite economic growth in vain, killing the very people who created the machine that’s now consuming them.

That kind of life is not for me. My adventures abroad are about escaping the utter insanity of this materialistic, work-obsessed society as much as they’re about escaping its frigid adversity to all things sexual. And, I plan on writing two books once I leave. The surfeit of casual sex will clear my mind up to pursue other, more noble causes.

So, in my case having readily available sex with hot chicks not only is a boon to my happiness, it allows me to be more productive.


Trucking is a tough gig, but it offers the chance to stay out of the teeth of the system

Trucking Question

TNMM reader Philip writes in with some curiousity about the specifics of my trucking plan for financial and lifestyle freedom:

Greetings brother. I have really enjoyed your articles, and surely relate to your views and opinions. I began trucking back in April, and am presently between companies about to go back to the grind. I wanted out of the matrix after having worked in various cubicles for a decade. Went to college like I was told and have a degree in finance with a huge price tag that sometimes feels insurmountable.

My plan somewhat falls in line with what you are doing, but I’m more or less using trucking to get out of this student debt. I was wondering if you could shed some light either in an article or in response to this, about how long you’ve been in trucking, and perhaps what your setup is presently.

Well, Philip, first of all thanks for the email and the support. And I totally sympathize with you when it comes to wanting to escape the human farm.

When it comes to student loans, I paid on my loans religiously for 10 years only to watch the balance never come down. Sure, I only made minimum payments, but that’s all I could afford on the meager salary I made as a television newscaster. Once the business I aspired to kicked me to the curb and replaced me with a female, I found myself in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

I paid off every last dime of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but student loans never die. (That was the plan of our masters in the corporate-government complex. Student loans are the new indentured servitude.) I was totally free of consumer debt for the first time in my adult life. I was determined not to waste that opportunity. I resolved to never get sucked into the teeth of the system again.

The simple fact is, there’s no way to win. As I frequently say, the only way to win is not to play.

So, I found a way around the debt bondage disguised as “edumacation.” I got on income-based deferment. I have to re-certify annually, but as long as I make less than about $18,000 a year I don’t have to pay a dime. If I make $20,000 to $25,000 its only a percentage of my income above and beyond $18,000 a year. So, I’m using a 100% legal, ethical way to get out of paying my loans because they’ll go dead in another decade or so. (Student loans are “forgiven” after 20-25 years.) Remember, I didn’t create these rules, the system did. And corporate America exploits every legal avenue it can to exploit employees to the fullest. I figure turnabout is fair play.

The system may control many aspects of my life, but they can’t tell me how much money I have to make and what I have to spend it on. (Yet. They’re working on that for all of us, rest assured.)

Adopting a life of minimalism and ditching the carrot on a stick known as the “American Dream” (that you have to be asleep to believe) combined with lower living costs abroad mean I can come back to the States, work like a dog, live in a truck, save every dime (I eat sandwiches and canned spaghetti/chili/other cheap eats most days – only eat out once a week, if that…blasphemy in a food-obsessed culture, I know) and wait for the day my bank balance reaches “X” dollars to pick up and get the fuck outta dodge once again.

In the meantime, my credit has totally bounced back since my Chapter 13 discharged, and credit card companies are falling over themselves to extend me credit again. I now have about $10,000 in credit available to me on plastic (including an Amex – yes, a man can fully recover after bankruptcy) that I consider to be nothing more than deals with the devil. I’ll only use that credit if I need to transition into another plan. It’s a backup for my main emergency fund.

Meantime, trucking is very challenging and demanding, I won’t lie. I’ve only been doing it a year. It’s stressful. It’s sudden death, as it only takes a second to ruin your safety record. But if a man has enough grit and determination, he can succeed at it. Here’s why trucking is so valuable to me. It:

  1. Allows me to ghost when I’m in the States
  2. Allows me to stay out of the teeth of the system by not paying rent, utilities, and other costs that would eat up my savings
  3. Allows me to save large sums of money in a short period of time
  4. Lets me see the entire U.S. and parts of Canada and Mexico for free
  5. Allows me to avoid paying on student loans intended to do nothing but sell me into debt bondage
  6. Affords me a quality lifestyle when I take my money abroad
  7. Keeps me out of estrogen-filled offices full of Penis-Envying women

I hope that answers your question, Philip. I’ll be detailing much more about this “living well on $20,000 or less a year” idea in a forthcoming book due out sometime this winter.

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  • Regarding student loans. I am doing the same thing. Income based repayment plan and I only have to re certify every year. There is a catch however. After that 20 or 25 year thing, you will get a letter from the dept of ed saying congrats the remaining loans have been forgiven.

    Now here’s the catch…whatever the amount is that is forgiven, the dept of education will send that to the IRS. The IRS will then send you a letter saying the amount forgiven will be seen as income. So if you have 100,000 forgiven after 20 years and that were to be 2017…when you fill your taxes in 2018, you will have to declare that 100,000 as income and pay the IRS whatever amount.

    Still, not paying for the next 20 years is a good deal.


  • Hello; would you have a bit of time and of course inclination, to discuss the “Boomer Mentality”. I believe that as a whole, it is a very aggressive (Lead, follow, or get out of my way), arrogant (I got mine, you get yours) and general incompetent in dealing with reality. To wit: war-hawks, chicken-hawks, geniuses from an Ivy-League schools have plans for everyone without paying attention to karma, push-back, payback, and so forth. It has been stated on/in various mediums that a “Day of reckoning” is coming. We shall see.


  • *I wanted out of the matrix after having worked in various cubicles for a decade. Went to college like I was told and have a degree in finance with a huge price tag that sometimes feels insurmountable.*

    Buying into the Matrix and its associated cubicle are relevant only to men who want to marry and start a family. If you want no part of that (and because of the obvious risks, increasing numbers of Anglo-American men don’t) then the well-worn Boomer road of college, work and debt are essentially pointless. Of course the MSM and other Matrix authorities are still trying to flog it (more out of habit than anything) but with ever declining success. Like the War on Drugs, that path is just no longer part of the real-world Zeitgeist.


  • Good on you living life on your own terms. You’ve seen through the propaganda, the lies, the deliberate misinformation presented to us in a psychopathological country. In so many ways we are puppets, whether it’s DNA coding or Government/Corporation Perfected Propaganda, at least youre trying for freedom. Continued success.


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