Anglo Culture is Deadly for Both Sexes, But Media Only Focus on Female Suicide


MSM was stunned to learn how high suicide rates are among men

It seems Anglo culture doesn’t just drive people to drug addiction, it also drives them to off themselves at ever-increasing rates. While the male suicide rate is some 4 times higher than the female suicide rate, as one would expect in a gynocentric culture news headlines only focus on protecting the pussy.

Only after the suicide death of Soundgarden musician Chris Cornell did NBC News broach the subject of male suicide in America. Unsurprisingly, white male suicide is rising, since white males are being made into pariahs in their own culture. Their families, females, respect, and roles totally stripped from them while backbreaking labor and debt slavery are increased.

NBC News was shocked to learn men comprise the vast majority of suicide deaths. We here at TNMM aren’t surprised. From the NBC News report on Chris Cornell’s death:

Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that Cornell was one of scores of middle-aged American men who took their own lives on Wednesday: 121 Americans die by suicide each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control — and 93 of them are men.

Yep, 76% of all suicides are male. A similar number are white.

In fact, American men make up the bulk of suicides nationwide. Victims of death by suicide are overwhelmingly white (7 out of 10), male and — just like Cornell — between the ages of 45 and 65.

Of course, NBC News quickly went off the rails after publishing these statistics, making the astonishing claim that once men empty their wallets at the quack’s office, letting the medical-pharmaceutical establishment make money off their suffering by giving them dangerous SSRIs, the problem will magically resolve itself.

“Men notoriously don’t seek help,” said Julie Cerel, president of the American Association of Suicidology and a professor at the University of Kentucky School of Social Work. “And as people are aging and at a place in their lives where the world isn’t looking the way they want, men especially don’t know how to reach out and get help or express that they’re feeling pain.”

Translation: White men need to come to us for powerful psychoactive drugs and accept their new roles as personas non grata in Anglo America.

Oh, by the way, women “fake” more suicide attempts than men to get attention. When men make the move to commit suicide, more often than not its for real.

While women make more suicide attempts, using less-lethal methods like overdosing on medication, men are more likely to use a deadly firearm. And they are less likely to tell anyone that they are struggling, before taking actions that are often seen as sudden and unexpected.

The problem will only get worse as time goes on. In its insanity and its death throes, Faustian culture (referencing Decline of the West, a founding philosophy here at TNMM) is literally trying to turn people into machines. Profit-making machines. Their biology, their humanity, their mind, their possibilities all pushed aside so they can become profit-producing cash cows for a power-mad elite. Humanity will be expected to dedicate the entire course of its citizens’ lives to the almighty system in exchange for a pittance.

There are two possibilities if the horrifying world envisioned by the Anglo-American Matrix takes over:

1) Humanity will go extinct as absolute power corrupts absolutely. Moves are already being made to control men and women from cradle to grave, domesticating them into subjects of an evil cabal of 1% of the human population. Social engineering and the marginalization of sexuality and the human family are only the beginning.

2) Life as we have known it throughout human history is over and won’t be worth living. We will be assimilated into the “Borg” corporate collective with the masses never realizing what was taken from them.

Men who can see some aspects (if not the total picture) of this nightmare existence already impacting their lives and possibilities sometimes choose to off themselves rather than fighting back, since the situation seems so hopeless.

Meantime, the media continue to focus on the “what can we do about female suicide” narrative and completely ignore their best and brightest men disappearing in droves.

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  • Drugs are a way to temporarily escape this reality, but also brings one much closer to the brink of giving up. ‘Stare into the abyss too long and the abyss will stare into you.’ I prefer working out for that natural buzz and creating, innovating mechanical contraptions to consume the mind with a goal.
    Idle hands=devil workshop.


  • Glad you`re red-pilled on the dangers of SSRI`s.

    Has there been a school shooting in the US that has not been perpetrated by some poor drugged kid?
    I doubt it. And underlying those tragedies you find and iceberg of unnecessary suicides and lesser violence. Also things like the German wings crash and many other incidences of “out of character” violence. It shows up everywhere when you look for it.


    • Manhandling the Anglosphere

      “Oh, by the way, women “fake” more suicide attempts than men to get attention. When men make the move to commit suicide, more often than not its for real.”

      Proof enough that men are more efficient and competent than women.

      Best for men to just opt out.


  • “Asset division” somehow leaves men bankrupt and the women free to EPL. Luckily, many men can offer a short term, heavy cash payout and the woman will accept it. Still, most guys go bankrupt for awhile after their ‘equal split.’ I don’t how much more incentives guys need for MGTOW-WEA.. ‘WEA’ meaning “with escort access.” You have to thank Anglo women for their slovenliness and obesity. If they kept thin and beautiful, it would still be difficult to leave the misandry. Thanks to their obesity, it is SO easy to make the right choice. Thanks fat girls!


  • yep MGTOW all the way baby! Let the chumps who still believe in fairy tales get destroyed by the machine



    A. Get married, give a woman enormous legal and financial power over my life, become an indentured servant, get divorced, endure the life destruction of alimony, asset division, child support (alimony++), parental alienation & false accusations (leading to perma criminal record), get sent to prison when I can’t afford to make payments to my slave master, end up broke, potentially homeless and/or just another suicide statistic.

    B. Stay blissfully single & problem free, focus on my future, retire early to a life of sovereignty & adventure, refuse to give women & the state life destroying power over my future and never have to worry about some entitled she-beesh trying to destroy my very existance when she gets bored.

    The choice is simple. MGTOW baby. It’s a no brainer. Women turned their backs on men long, long ago. Leave them to their karma.

    Liked by 1 person

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