Hurricane Hysteria Feeds the Global Warming Agenda


More predictions of apocalypse as the media hypes every weather event imaginable

The United States has had two major hurricane strikes in 2017. Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedies. But what The Corrupt Media didn’t tell you was the nation just went through the longest period since the Civil War without a major hurricane strike. Before 2017, the last major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) to hit the country was Wilma way back in 2005.

If people live along the coastline in Hurricane Alley, should they really be surprised when one of these storms comes around? It’s the equivalent of building a nice home at the foot of Kilauea in Hawaii and then acting surprised and upset when there’s lava in the living room.

Watching the talking heads on the alphabet channels, you’d think the end of humanity was here and it’s all caused by your Honda’s unbaptized tailpipe. (As an important side note, carbon is the foundation of all life on earth and carbon dioxide is a very weak greenhouse gas.) Once again, the dishonest US media are going into overdrive with their apocalyptic headlines as Hurricane Maria bears down on Puerto Rico, and spinning narratives as though humans are to blame for storms that have existed as long as there’s been a planet for them to form on.

AndersonYes, these storms are terrible. Yes, we hate to see the human tragedy (often falsely magnified by a sensation-hungry media as one can see with Anderson Blooper’s lies thus revealed in the meme left) playing out before our eyes.

Maria, like Harvey and Irma, is a dangerous storm. But, here’s something the drama queens in the lamestream media won’t tell you. Hurricane force winds only extend out 30 miles from the center! The 160 mph winds are in a smaller area than that…only a few miles from the center! The storm looks ominous and foreboding on computer graphic depictions of it, but the area of danger is actually confined to a very small area of the overall storm.

My Latin friends I talked to on Hispaniola are closely watching Maria, but Dominicans and Puerto Ricans have more common sense about weather than the US media, constantly trying to scare people for ratings and the global warming agenda. They will prepare, and if necessary get out of the way. But all the drama from ratings hungry empty heads in cheap suits really isn’t necessary. What ever happened to science and reason? Should people who live in areas where hurricanes have formed since time immemorial not expect them to come around for a visit once in a while?

Also, as an interesting and somewhat disturbing footnote…the question has been raised in some circles: Is the U.S. making these storms worse by beaming trillion watt lasers into them? It sounds far out. Crazy, even. But a noted physicist, Michio Kaku says it is possible to increase rainfall inside existing storms (and possibly even create rain under favorable circumstances) using existing technology. By firing trillion watt lasers into storm systems, the processes which make rainfall are intensified. Could it also intensify winds? He says the experiments have “so far” been limited to the lab. But, if the Establishment is admitting it’s possible to modify weather in the lab, does that mean they’re already doing it in reality?

There is reason to think weather modification would be high on the list of priorities for the American power structure. And while intensifying storms with laser beams sounds far-fetched, realize cosmic rays emanating from supernovae explosions are deeply tied in with the cycle of cloud production and temperature regulation on our planet. As Nikola Tesla famously quoted:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Does the U.S. have technology that’s far more advanced than the public knows? Are they using it to advance an agenda? Or all they just continuing to cry wolf every time there’s a storm?

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  • Media knows that people are addicted to fear


  • I seriously doubt that man-made weather events are actually being deployed in reality. We don’t really understand that much about complex real-world weather systems, which is why even short-term weather forecasts are filled with uncertainty.

    I take these statements about lab-made weather about as seriously as I take lab-made calculations on solar panel energy yields. That is to say, they have very little relation to reality.


  • What in the world are they spraying? it is as if the HAARP facility (and any like it across the globe), ubiquitous contrails in grid formation in the skies, US patents for weather control through dispersal of metals in the atmosphere and the statement that geo-engineering is used to fight global warming. Oh wait, that’s just a conspiracy. How many of those have we seen proven in time so far?


  • Checkout WeatherWar101 YT Channel……..great stuff on manmade hurricanes.


  • Isn’t there another hurricane now? Maria if I am not mistaken. Now, I am not sure whether it’s normal that so many hurricanes appear this time of the year (never paid much attention to it) but if not then it’s getting quite suspicious IMO.


  • Hurricane Matthew hit us last October, and there were evacuations along the east coast. Yes, the media does hype up these storms a bit. Partly because they aren’t sure where it’s going to do most of the time and they want everyone to be prepared anyway. But this isn’t new. That’s the way it’s always been. Still, there are going to be dumbasses who think it’s no big deal, don’t plan on an evacuation route, and get killed by these hurricanes. Natural selection.


  • Does the U.S. have technology that’s far more advanced than the public knows? Are they using it to advance an agenda? Or all they just continuing to cry wolf every time there’s a storm?

    Yes .. YES .. yes

    [Credentials .. 4 Airline Transport Pilot Cetificates .. A NUCLEAR Engineering degree and a Commercial Nuclear Power Operator .. but what do I know at almost 50?]


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