Be Desireless, Be Excellent, Be Gone

Young and beautiful savage girl in jungle

Learn these secrets to have women pursuing you

Most men are totally invisible to women. What most incels don’t know is women are extraordinarily simple creatures. They have short attention spans and are desensitized to men trying to put on heirs of being daring and original while, in reality, bowing down to their master, jumping in their Toyota and winging their way down to Office Space to lick the corporate boot 70 hours a week.

Guys like that are all hat, and no cattle. Chicks see right through these preening Beta males. In fact, they see so far through them they become totally invisible. Don’t be those guys.

Women don’t actually “see” a man unless there’s something they feel they can gain by association with him. There’s nothing women can gain by association with a hardworking Beta male in these days of Big Daddy Government looking after them. But, she can gain social status and feels by association with a vagabond, daredevil, or world-roaming charmer.

All women really want is a man who will be the envy of her frenemies, like a showpiece of jewelry.

That line is the heart of pick-up artistry. Once a man learns the art of PUA, it’s amazing to take this skill off the shelf once in a while, then stand back in bewilderment as he goes from being the invisible man to the man of the hour. It’s like permeating a membrane an entering a parallel universe.


It’s simpler than most men realize to charm the cobra

Charming the Cobra

If you are a regular reader of the humble outpost of sanity in an insane world, you know women behave like predators of male utility value.

How does a man charm the cobra long enough to get her out on a date or to invite him over for a NSA bang? It’s really quite simple to catch The Predatory Female‘s attention. Think of seducing women as being the equivalent of playing a figurative flute to raise the cobra from her wicker basket. Take this line from The Tao of Steve, a cult classic film about a fat slob named Dex who manages to bag primo pussy after learning the crimson arts. Here’s how the flute is played:

You have to do something excellent in her presence thus demonstrating your sexual worthiness.

Yes, it really is that simple. However, there are important corollaries when developing this skill, so one doesn’t come off looking emotionally needy. Dex also says:

Be desireless. Be excellent. Be gone.

Ergo, don’t have any ulterior motives in mind. Be excellent because that’s just who you are as a man since learning the lessons of masculinity and PUA here at TNMM. And then, do a disappearing act. As Dex knows:

We pursue that which retreats from us.

Then, create scarcity value.

Act like a woman can’t join your club and she’ll do almost anything to get in.

Master these simple steps and you’ll go from chasing women to women chasing you. Women will be relentless in chasing you if you pull this act off well.

There are many ways of following these general guidelines. In my case, I’ve noticed something simple that gets me instant female attention: Posting photos of me on social media from exotic locations, whether they be on an island, in a bar in Asia, or in a National Park stateside.

Immediately afterwards, I can expect at least half a dozen unsolicited messages on social media from women I already know who never paid me any mind before I posted the photos, and/or I’ll have strangers sending me friend requests and instant messages under the guise of “getting to know me.” Women can’t help themselves. They really are that superficial.

It’s amazing (and disappointing) to witness them going from totally ignoring me to practically throwing themselves me, like a predator in search of its next meal all because I did something they see as excellent. They don’t see me as a human being, they see me as something to consume. Dex continues:

Look chicks are like hunters, man. They want to bag a lion or a bear, something really hard to catch. And along comes Dave, you know, and you’re like this affectionate little puppy. You’re cute, but you’re way too easy to catch and that bores them and with chicks, boredom equals death, man. You can’t bore them.

Puppy dogs are an allusion to Beta males. Among the legions of boring Betas, catching a daring Alpha or Sigma is indeed like catching a lion or bear. You want to be the lion or bear – the challenging asshole. Not the puppy dog nice guy.

By merely accommodating these general guidelines into your behavioral repertoire, and practicing them until they become rote knowledge, you can vastly improve your notch count and potential with all kinds of chicks, from average-looking, flat-ass Anglo girls to hourglass ethnic hotties. But, be warned. To know women well is, in many ways a disappointment unto itself.

Once you know what makes the female psyche tick, you can never look at such a vain, shallow, solipsistic, if physically beautiful creature the same way ever again.

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  • In some old philosophies, gurus describe the nessecary mental alterations required to truely become that type of person. Certain steps to adopt in order to actually own such an outlook that isnt based on any goal. Surrendering all attachments within and without. Not just pretending superficially with alterior motives lying in wait. To never want to want. Desire doesnt exsist. To be so content & complete in the present moment not a single thing could make it better. To be unaffected against anything the universe throws your way. Good times, bad times are as the ebb and flow of the ocean. Able to pass through monumental obstacles obliviously. Dont women lust after an indifferent man? One who cares less about her or what she has than she does about you.

    Just some ideals ive read about, im nowhere near this level of initiation but its cool to know what could be.


  • This may be another of those situations where the more you learn, the more you wish that you did not know. Women have made it all too obvious that they desire men who don’t care and could care less about men who do. It is their choice and it will not end well for them.


  • Once you know what makes the female psyche tick, you can never look at such a vain, shallow, solipsistic, if physically beautiful creature the same way ever again.

    Absolutely true.

    Now that I’m almost 50 .. and these skills of attraction (re: BE DESIRELESS, BE EXCELLENT, BE GONE; it didn’t hurt I was a super fit airline pilot) are so automatic .. I find myself humming the song “I didn’t mean to turn you on” by Robert Palmer.


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